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The prophecy surrounding Elora played a big part in the 1988 film, which now has a follow-up series airing on Disney Plus.
For any Disney Plus viewers coming fresh to new series Willow, having not seen the 1988 film or not quite recalling what happened all those years ago, there is a fair amount of lore to catch up on.
The series gives viewers a quick recap of previous events at the very start of the first episode, and alongside references to Willow himself, Madmartigan, Bavmorda and Sorsha, one other name comes up a lot – Elora Danan.
But just who is Elora Danan and why is she so important in the mythology surrounding the original Willow film, and the world which is continued in the new series?
Read on for everything you need to know about Elora Danan in the Willow mythology.
In the 1988 film Willow, Elora Danan was a Daikini child who was prophesied to bring about the downfall of the powerful and evil Queen Bavmorda. She was to be distinguished by a specific mark on her arm, so Bavmorda seized all the pregnant women in the land and, when Elora was born, intended to kill her.
However, she was smuggled out by the midwife who sent her down a river on a makeshift raft. Both Elora's mother and the midwife were killed.
Elora arrived at the Nelwyn village, where she was found by Willow and his children. They took care of her for a time, but when the village was raided, Willow presented Elora to the High Aldwin of the village.
It's decided that Willow must take her to the Daikini crossroads, and thus begins a perilous quest. Along the way they meet Madmartigan, and then Willow, his friend Meegosh and Elora are eventually brought before Cherlindrea, a magic entity who tells them about the prophecy and sends them to Tir Asleen, which has been cursed by Bavmorda.
Madmartigan, Willow and Elora are pursued by Bavmorda's forces, including her daughter Sorsha, and are eventually captured.
When Bavmorda has hold of Elora, she attempts to destroy her using the Ritual of Obliteration, but Willow tricks and distracts her, with Bavmorda becoming consumed by her own powerful spell.
At the end of the film, with Bavmorda having been defeated and the kingdom of Tir Asleen freed, Willow said goodbye to Elora, leaving her in the care of the new Queen Sorsha, who switched allegiances, and Madmartigan.
He then returned to his village and as he rode away, Elora appeared to wave towards him.
It was never made clear what happened to Elora Danan after this point, and whether she truly would go on to be the saviour she had been prophesied to be. Until…
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In the new Disney Plus series Willow, we find out that soon after the end of the original film, Willow had a vision, which showed him a future in which Elora was destroyed by an "ancient evil".
Following this, Elora was hidden away with her true identity concealed – even from herself.
What follows is a guessing game for the viewers, as multiple characters are presented to us, each of whom could in theory be Elora Danan.
The most obvious candidate at first appears to be Erin Kellyman's Jade – however, at the end of the episode the group meets up with Willow, who reveals that Elora Danan is in fact… Dove!
Dove, played by Ellie Bamber, is a kitchen maid who has been in a relationship with Prince Airk, and therefore joins the rest of the group on their quest to rescue him (despite Kit's protestations).
She appears to be just as surprised as everyone else at her true identity, as Willow reveals that she is "the world's last, best hope against the evil coming to destroy us all".
Willow is available to stream on Disney Plus now. New episodes arrive weekly. Sign up to Disney Plus for £7.99 a month or £79.90 for a year.
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