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NOPE movie teaser one sheet – Courtesy of Universal Pictures
Jordan Peele’s Nope is finally out in theaters. Whether you’re going to see it or not, you’ll want to know where it’s streaming after theaters.
It’s time for another Jordan Peele horror movie. Jordan Peele’s Nope is out in theaters at the end of the week. If you loved the likes of Us and Get Out, this is going to be a movie for you. Once you’ve seen it in theaters, you’ll want to stream it at home.
What if you can’t get out to the theaters right now? It’s the summer, and your kids are at home. That’s limiting what you can go out to watch. So, you’ll need to wait for it to come to a stream service. Which one will this movie head to once it’s had its theatrical run?
Nope is a Universal Pictures movie. This studio’s movies used to head to HBO, but that’s not the case anymore. Peacock got the streaming rights for the 2022 movies, which means Jordan Peele’s Nope is heading to Peacock after its theatrical release.
There isn’t long to wait for the release, either. Peacock secured a 45-day turnaround time for the movie. That’s much shorter than the usual six months that we had to wait when Universal movies went to HBO. It matches the Warner Bros. movies heading to HBO Max this year.
With that in mind, we’re looking at Nope being available to stream on Peacock by Monday, Sept. 5. This is based on the July 22 release date in theaters, although you can usually catch the movie a day earlier for advance showings.
What do you think of Jordan Peele’s Nope? Are you waiting for it to head to streaming? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
Nope is coming to theaters this weekend.
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