US Trailer for Korean Serial Killer Thriller 'Midnight' with Wi Ha-Joon – First Showing

by Alex Billington
March 4, 2022
Source: YouTube

“You’re dead if you touch it.” Epic Pictures has revealed an official trailer a Korean serial killer thriller titled Midnight, marking the feature debut of a filmmaker named Oh-Seung Kwon. This played at the 2021 New York Asian Film Festival, Fantasia Film Festival, and Fantastic Fest last year, and also won Best Feature at Grimmfest in the UK. A deaf mother and daughter interrupt a serial psychopath as he attempts to claim his next victim, only to find his wrath redirected toward them instead. Now a witness to the killer’s latest brutal crime, Kyung-mi is being ruthlessly hunted down. Will she survive or become his victim? Starring Wi Ha-Joon (best known as Detective Hwang from “Squid Game”), Jin Ki-Joo, Gil Hae-Yeon, Park Hoon, and Kim Hye-Yoon. Korea really loves movies about killers, there have been so many of them over the last few decades. This looks like a good spin on the usual, involving a deaf witness as the one who will bring him in.
Here’s the official US trailer (+ poster) for Kwon Oh-Seung’s Midnight, direct from YouTube:

Midnight Poster
Fear grips the country of South Korea as a serial killer, (Squid Game star, Wi Ha-Jun), stalks its residents. Kyung-mi, a deaf woman, is out late with her mother when she stumbles upon a young woman bleeding out in a dark alley. Now a witness to the killer’s brutal crime, Kyung-mi is being ruthlessly hunted down. Will she survive or become his victim? Midnight, also known as Mideunaiteu, is both written and directed by Korean filmmaker Kwon Oh-Seung, making his feature directorial debut with this project after a few other short films previously. This initially premiered at the 2021 New York Asian Film Festival and Fantasia Film Festival last year. Epic Pictures + Dread will debut Kwon Oh-Seung’s Midnight direct-to-VOD in the US starting on April 5th, 2022 early this spring before it hits Blu-ray in May. Who’s curious? Look good?
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