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Horror thriller film Us is one of the best movies in 2019. There are many eerie moments in the movie but the one that stands out is the twist at the end of the film. In the end, it is shown that Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong’o) isn’t who we think she is. It turns out that when she was in 1986, she was kidnapped and had swapped places with the original back then and the one Adeliade audience sees in the film is actually the soulless double. Here is the ending of the film explained. 
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At the start of the movie, the viewers are told that the doubles cannot function as other humans. This is because the doubles do not have a soul as the government was not able to replicate it. It is also suggested that the doubles cannot replicate the soul as it is a luxury and it has to be earned. It is also suggested that Red replaced Adelaide at a young age and because of this, the double was able to become what she is seen in the film. Other doubles are not able to live like Red as they cannot kill and replace the original body. 
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It is also shown that Red has swapped with Adelaide but she did not get her soul back. This also means that Red cannot adapt to life above the ground as she was double. In the film, Red cannot express herself through dance, found love, or been a part of a family confirming that she is a double. And on the other hand, Adelaide has spent decades underground and has gone crazy. This craziness leads to her putting together the murderous uprising of the doubles. 
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The film also shows that there is nothing special or different between the clones and the original body. But the things is both of them cannot exist at the same time. The original family is living in fear of dying this is what makes them humans. And on the other hand, if the doubles want to live they have to replace the originals. 
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The movie tries to showcase that everyone has a unique dark side in their lives. And it is beautiful and special in its own way. But the audience shapes themselves in such a way that people do not see their own dark side. It's the choice of the audience on whether they would like Red or to be Adelaide.


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