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A very talented YouTuber that goes by Evil Imp has been creating some excellent Animal Crossing movie trailers for a variety of film genres. By using New Horizons and Photopia, they’ve made a terrifying horror movie trailer and even a creepy sci-fi one.
And guess what? Evil Imp is back at it again with yet another trailer. But this time it’s a trailer for a thrilling time-traveling film that’s called ‘New Leaf,‘ the same name as the 3DS Animal Crossing entry.
You can watch the video down below and just to get you in the mood, here’s the short synopsis of the soon-to-be (but not really) blockbuster film:
“A young boy and his partner (Lucky) travel through time to investigate unsolved disappearances.”
Evil Imp seems to be covering all types of different genres with three impressive videos, but I’m still waiting for a romantic comedy or a sitcom movie trailer. Where is it Evil Imp? We’re waiting for the Friends version of Animal Crossing and I don’t see it anywhere.
Since it’ll be a while until we get another one of these from Evil Imp, you might as well check out our humongous Guide Wiki for Animal Crossing: New Horizons; you can also read our review (spoilers: we liked it).
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