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The White Lotus season two has finally reached its conclusion, revealing to viewers who Daphne bumped into during her one last swim before travelling back to the US. While there were many potential victims – with Cameron, Ethan and Portia being on the top of many lists – but it was finally revealed that it was actually Tanya who was found off the coast of Sicily – and she didn’t go alone. 
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After growing increasingly suspicious of her new pal Quentin, Tanya discovers that she is in genuine danger after Portia tells her that Jack told her that Quentin is coming into some money, she confirmed that Quentin did indeed have a photograph of himself with her husband Greg – who was the one who insisted that they come to Sicily. She also realises that if they divorce, Greg won’t get any money but if she dies, it will be a very different story. 
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Her new group of pals had arranged for a member of the Mafia to take her back to shore after dinner on a yacht and – after grabbing his bag and locking herself in a bedroom, Tanya finds rope, masking tape and a gun. 

Tanya with her husband Greg
Meanwhile, Portia confronts Jack about having sex with his ‘uncle’. After apparently being rumbled, Jack drops her off close to an airport, telling her to go back to the US without returning to the White Lotus – and that she has been messing with powerful people – once again confirming that Quentin is up to no good and that Jack had been enlisted to be part of Quentin’s scheme. 
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Backed into a corner, Tanya kills almost everyone on the yacht – including Quentin. While you would have thought that she was out of danger, she then slips while attempting to climb into the dinghy back to shore, hitting her head and drowning. 

Tanya suspected that Greg arranged to have her murdered
Her fate was seemingly confirmed in an earlier episode after Tanya employed a tarot card reader. According to Reddit, the fortune teller told her: “Madness will drive you to suicide.” Spooky! 

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