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Some days the best thing for us is a bit of a cry. And then there are days like these, when we’d much prefer to crush our hearts with mallets and be left alone in sobbing pools of our own emotional devastation. When the world is burning, sometimes all we want is a movie to respectfully destroy us emotionally. So what better time than now for Redditor kingian12 to ask: what are the best depressing horror movies out there? Well Ian, seems like Reddit has come through yet again with a host of heartbreaking horror suggestions.
The film with the most overwhelming amount of upvotes isn’t really what I would call a horror film proper. But it sure as hell is both horrifying and deeply saddening. Threads is a 1984 British-Australian co-production about the fallout of a nuclear war between the United States and Russia. Terrifying realism at its most brutally honest, this low-budget production is still considered by some to be the closest representation of fictional nuclear war ever depicted on screen. Also likely one of the most disturbing films ever produced, Threads will unlock the floodgates in a way you may not anticipate. So be careful with this one. And don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Capping Reddit’s list off at number 10 is a modern horror must-view from last year. Saint Maud was the debut feature of filmmaker Rose Glass. Part psychological horror movie, part devastating drama, this critical darling concerns a hospice nurse named Maud who finds God and decides to make it everyone else’s problem. Specifically, one of her patients with whom she becomes obsessed with saving spiritually. After this brutal horror ballet saw its world premiere at the Toronto International Film festival it was released theatrically in the UK and became one of 2021’s most highly acclaimed horror titles.
Another completely devastating horror film that made Reddit’s list is the 2018 trauma-inducing indie title Possum. A two-hander between a disgraced puppeteer and his abusive uncle, this truly upsetting psychological horror film is sure to trigger your arachnophobia. Sean Harris and Alun Armstrong deliver take-your-breath-away performances and the fantastical element of Possum the puppet is Babadook-levels of layered psycho-family freaky. While Possum never got the acclaim I think it deserves, it’s great to see the horror community claiming it as a heartbreaking title worth revisiting.
Lastly, what do you think? Will to be setting aside some time to cry with any of these horror films recommended by Reddit? Let us know on Twitter via @DreadCentral. We’re always around to chat about all things devastating horror.
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