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Trevor Noah’s exit from The Daily Show came as a surprise to many, and his shoes will be hard to fill, but fans on Reddit have some interesting ideas.
Trevor Noah announcing his exit from The Daily Show came as a surprise to many fans as everything seemed to be going well for him since he won the MTV Best Host Award in 2017. He had only become more dominant on the show since joining in 2015 as he was also its writer. With everything looking perfect, most fans would say he picked a bad time to leave.
Trevor Noah already had fan-favorite cohosts in Roy Wood Jr., Ronny Chieng, and Desi Lydic, who were among the first proposed replacements for him. Fans on Reddit have proposed these potential replacements along with several others that they feel could add their own unique form of value to the show moving forward.
His time on FX's Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell made Bell one of the most famous stand-up comedians in the US with his approach to sensitive political and social topics being applauded. He has also appeared as a guest on The Daily Show multiple times with Trevor Noah including after he released his popular documentary, We Need To Talk About Cosby.
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"… I think W Kamau Bell would make an excellent Daily Show host," Zippydrum suggested on Reddit while discussing options to replace Trevor Noah. Bell is good at balancing opinions as he proved on FX a decade ago. His CNN show United Shades Of America has a bigger viewership than The Daily Show though, and he may not be willing to give it up for Trevor Noah's Job.
Many fans of The Daily Show would argue that Trevor Noah never took the show back to its Jon Stewart glory days. If anyone is going to sit up late at night to watch comedy about the news, then the comedy has to cover all sides of the divide and engage everyone with positive energy, while staying hilarious, and Jon Stewart did just that.
"It feels like they left a gap that's still missing," one lost_in_trepidation said while suggesting that the return of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert would be the perfect revival of The Daily Show and Comedy Central as a whole. Stewart's year with AppleTV+'s The Problem With Jon Stewart hasn't had the best numbers, and his return to Comedy Central would be welcomed by many fans.
The lack of female voices in The Daily Show's approach to politics under Trevor Noah was a big concern considering the fact that the show was started by Lizz Winstead and Madeleine Smithberg. "Samantha Bee?" Gradyspace proposed as a possible Trevor Noah replacement.
She was Jon Stewart's longest-serving regular correspondent until 2015 when she moved to TBS to start her own show. Her ability to switch between satire and an honest approach to a serious discussion was always amazing. Now that Full Frontal With Samantha Bee was canceled, it may be high time for her to reinvent The Daily Show.
"Hasan Minhaj,"Engrish_Major suggested in one of the most upvoted nominations in the thread. Hasan Minhaj seemed like an obvious pick because he was one of the most prominent correspondents on The Daily Show until 2018, when he moved on to work on The Homecoming King and later The Patriotic Act With Hasan Minhaj.
All of his projects away from The Daily Show have been successful, with The Patriotic Act winning multiple awards. He always finds a hilarious angle to the simplest of topics without being overly biased, and that is something that The Daily Show will benefit from. After his success since he left the show, the struggling Daily Show may not be a lucrative offer to him anymore.
Having been born in South Africa, Trevor Noah was supposed to bring a realitively unbiased view to The Daily Show, but he didn't. That is why some fans suggested that the Indian-born British-American comedian is the right man to bring the angle and attract a global audience to the show.
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"If not her, then Rob Riggle or Aasif Mandvi," one Redditor suggested the two as alternatives to Samantha Bee. He was a regular correspondent on the show until 2017, and he may make a funnier host than Trevor Noah. His work on Spider-Man 2 and The Last Airbender were big successes 9even if the latter wasn't successful overall), as is his current show, Would I Lie To You, which is why he may not be interested in The Daily Show.
The John Oliver effect is a wave taking over many political conversations around the US, which proves just how engaging Oliver is both as a host and a comedian. Many Redditors suggested him as a suitable replacement for Trevor Noah, although the success of his time on HBO's Last Week Tonight may be a big impediment.
"… John Oliver is great for the deep dives into American life…" one Reddit user said regarding the comedian's suitability as a host. His investigative approach to news topics made him one of the best guest hosts in The Daily Show's history, which is why his return would be welcomed by many fans.
Adlon is another comedian that would bring a different angle to how The Daily Show is done because she likes to be in charge of most shows she hosts, and that includes writing them. Adlon would also bring more experience with handling topics relating to daily life in America apart from just politics and race.
"Pamela Adlon," Zorromeansfox said without frills or elaboration. Better Things and other comedy films she has done recently have been big hits, which is why Aldon may not be willing to give up acting and directing for Trevor Noah's more demanding job.
"Klepper seems like an obvious choice for the new host, since his segments seemed to best understand how most people consume late-night TV now…" Avatarofbro said. Their comment is just one of many that asked for a change to how Late-Night TV is handled to suit the change in demographics better. Klepper is one of the correspondents that lasted the longest on The Daily Show after Jon Stewart's exit.
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Klepper's podcast with John Kasich became popular quickly after its launch because of the realistic angle he and the former governor take on political and social topics. His docuseries Klepper didn't do so well on Comedy Central though, which would suggest that his numbers as a host would also struggle. He may not hit the Jon Stewart heights, but he is still a suitable replacement for Trevor Noah.
Meyers is a comedian that never shies away from controversial topics, but he finds a way to make difficult discussions look easy with unending satire. "Seth Meyers does a good job," Realcooldad said while suggesting that Meyers would be the level up in both comedy and in-depth political discussion that The Daily Show needs after Trevor Noah's exit.
NBC's Late Nights With Seth Meyers is one of the most popular talk shows in the US, though, and its numbers have only grown since its launch in 2014. With more people flocking to NBC's late nights, The Daily Show may not be the best deal for Meyers anymore.
This was the surprise mention in the thread discussing what a true reinvention of The Daily Show would look like. "…Kristen Schaal, John Oliver, and more. That's such a massive pool of what today is a HUGE talent," one Reddit user said in the list of talented comedians that can take over from Trevor Noah.
From The Last Man On Earth's Carol to Bojack Horseman's Sarah Lynn, Kristen has proved herself as an excellent comedian and actress on the biggest stage. When she was a commentator on The Daily Show between 2008 and 2016, she proved that she was no rookie in political discussions and creating satire out of the most sensitive news topics.
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