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The first trailer for next year’s The Angry Birds Movie has been released, and it introduces a number of notable characters, including those villains, the Pigs!
The Angry Birds Movie is coming to theaters next summer, and today, its first trailer was released.
The trailer highlights a number of birds that we’ve come to know from playing various Angry Birds games.
Red, played by Jason Sudeikis, appears to be the angriest bird of the bunch, although it seems he’s trying his best to control his anger throughout the trailer. Chuck, played by Josh Gad, shows up briefly to introduce some bird yoga poses to Red, in which we assume it’s to help further control his anger. Bomb, played by Danny McBride, does what he does best: blow up.
Pigs are also introduced in the trailer as Leonard, played by Bill Hader, introduces himself and his colleagues to the Angry Birds shortly after docking onto their shore.

Daniel Perez posted a new article, The Angry Birds Movie trailer introduces us to Red, Chuck, Bomb, and Pigs
I have to admit: I laughed.
Needs more Terence
Yes!!!! But is there a slingshot?
Well that was pretty horrible
I’m with virus and rosewood, that was bad, and not in the Michael Jackson meaning of the term.
Not as bad as it could be.


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