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Haunted houses and summer camps have become popular location for horror movies but which settings do Reddit fans feel are underused within the genre?
Hulu's Prey, the latest movie in the horror franchise Predator, is predominantly set in the Great Plains of North America. While it is a perfect setting for the movie's hero Naru to face off the iconic monster, it is a setting not often used in horror movies.
While the success of a horror movie often hangs on its scares or its main villain, the location can be just as important. From haunted houses, cabins in the woods, and summer camps, some locations have become strongly linked to the genre. That being said, there are some locations that are underused and fans would like to see them used more within the genre.
Redditor MasterUnholyWar suggests that supermarkets and shopping malls are underused locations within the horror genre. They say, "I want more horror movies that take place in malls/supermarkets/department stores."
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The Mistlargely takes place in a grocery store but horror movies based in these locations are quite rare. As small and compact locations can be a great source of horror, it would be great to see more movies based here. Characters trapped in a shopping mall or supermarket as a killer or supernatural threat is on the loose could certainly make for a terrifying watch.
Redditor thisgirlnamedbree suggests theme parks should be used more in horror. On this, they say, "Even though there's been some movies there, I think amusement parks along with rest stops could definitely be utilized more." A horror movie based here could lead to some unique scenes on the rides, just like the roller-coaster crash from Final Destination 3.
The juxtaposition of the bright lights and happy atmosphere of a theme park blended with scares and terror could create an interesting atmosphere. A theme park would be the perfect location for a zombie apocalypse or killing spree horror movie due to this blend.
Redditor PhantonKitten73 puts forward museums as an underused horror movie location. This setting could go down the traditional slasher route or could go in a more supernatural direction with cursed artifacts and living exhibits.
A museum is certainly an underused setting within the genre, even with all the possibilities for horrifying situations. A museum-based horror film could become one of the best PG-13 horror movies and could even put a dark twist on the concept from the family movie, Night at the Museum. Exhibits could come to life in order to pick off the patrons of the museum in this type of movie.
Forests and woodland are popular horror locations but have become underused within the genre in recent years. Redditor cakeschmammert says, "More foggy forests please. Like The Ritual." The Ritual is one of the best horror movies set in the woods and has a strong focus on mythology, creating a chilling and tense atmosphere that slowly builds throughout.
The woods are a chilling landscape for a horror movie and there are plenty of possible threats that could be found lurking in the trees. While many horror movies have used this as a location, very few have used it as a focal point more recently.
Redditor rechan puts forward office buildings as an underused horror location. On this, they say, "office buildings, places that "feel safe" because of all the people around you."
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The twist element to The Cabin in the Woodsfeatures an unusual office set up, but few horror movies use an everyday office or workplace as their main setting. Mixing the mundane with the horrific is an effective tool within the genre and can make for an even more terrifying experience. Using relatable locations and scenarios in horror movies can chill the audience more than using heightened situations.
Redditor CactusDealer suggests that "ancient ruins" are an underused horror location. This feels like the perfect location for a claustrophobic haunted story, but it's a setting that has barely been touched upon. A movie like this could focus on one of the creepiest castles in cinematic history.
Although castles have been used as an effective horror setting in several classic stories, ancient ruins have been largely looked over in the horror genre. A castle ruin in an isolated location would be perfect for a terrifying movie, showing the characters lost in a stone maze with a killer threat chasing after them. Castle ruins could even be used to put a horror spin on a traditional family story, similarly to TheBrothers Grimm.
Coastal settings are another underused location within this genre. Redditor echelon1230 suggests this should be used more, saying, "I think it'd be a great setting too. Something about the vastness of the ocean can really evoke isolation, so the atmosphere would be amazing."
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The first half of American Horror Storyseason 10 takes place in a coastal town and has a powerful, foreboding atmosphere. There are several scenes set on the beach, with a particularly harrowing death sequence involving a character walking into the ocean. More horror movies should utilize the quiet and gloomy coastal setting to create terror.
Redditor AngryDrunkLeprechaun suggests that cruise liners are underused within the horror movie genre. Horror movies set on boats such as Triangle often create an isolated atmosphere. A luxury cruise liner could be effective to show characters of different ages and personality types trying to work together in order to survive.
Whether the threat comes from someone or something on the cruise liner itself or something lurking in the water, there are plenty of opportunities for horror in this type of setting. As many people have a fear of open water, this is certainly a location that should be used more within the genre.
The idea of a horror movie set at sea isn't a new one, like with the shark attack movie, The Shallows. However, very few movies actually take place beneath the ocean's surface. Redditor RabidOtterRodeo says, "I want a slasher on a submarine."
In a traditional slasher, the victims can run from the killer like with some of the best chase scenes in the Scream franchise, but a submarine setting would make it difficult to evade a killer. The enclosed setting would be the perfect setting for a slasher movie.
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