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Netflix has plenty of horror movies to give viewers the creeps, but Reddit says these are the spookiest films on the streamer.
Reddit is a place where anything can be found at any given time. Whatever a user is looking for, boom, it's right there on Reddit. It's a great place to share one's opinion, and therefore, it's a great place to look for suggestions. There are so many pages related to pop culture, specifically certain film genres.
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There are pages made for film recommendations, and the ones related to horror are some of the most popular. Netflix has a ton of horror movies, but with such a surplus of content, it can be hard to choose. Especially for someone who is looking for quality. Many Reddit users have voiced their opinions on the scariest movies on Netflix, and there are a few that everyone can agree on.
Editor's Note: This list has been updated on November 6, 2022, to reflect titles that have been removed from Netflix, and others that have appeared in their stead.
Based on true stories, The Conjuring series follows famous paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren as they work to help families being terrorized by things that go bump in the night. The first two films were directed by James Wan, who undeniably knows what he's doing in regard to horror. These movies have become increasingly famous and popular, and there is no denying how truly terrifying they are.
The Conjuring 2 takes place in England, where Ed and Lorraine are investigating a poltergeist occurrence in a family's home. Meanwhile, Lorraine is haunted by visions of a nun from a previous case. The second film ups the ante of the first, and James wan delivers on the horror spectacle.
It Follows is a criminally underrated horror movie about a girl named Jay who sleeps with her boyfriend, only to be drugged and woken up tied to a chair. Jay's boyfriend then explains that he just gave her a curse that is passed on through sexual intercourse.
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The hex entails that the person will be followed by an entity that will appear as a human, maybe someone they know, and it will always be coming for them. It walks, but the sense of urgency is still there. Some people say that the film is ridiculous because the victims have to have sex in order to be in danger, but others might realize that a sexually transmitted curse has a deeper meaning.
A Netflix Original movie, Gerald's Game is a psychological horror based on a story by the master of horror himself, Stephen King. The film is co-written for the screen and directed by Mike Flanagan, best known for his Netflix series Haunting of Hill House and Midnight Mass.
In Gerald's Game, a married couple tries to spice up their love life, but things go from sensual to scary when Jessie's husband, Gerald, has a heart attack and dies, leaving Jessie handcuffed to a bed in a remote cabin. As Jessie tries to escape, she flashes back to dire moments from her childhood and begins to see a strange man in the bedroom.
Based on the Stephen King novella of the same name, Patrick Wilson and the rest of the cast star in the lovely freakiness that is In The Tall Grass. The movie successfully instills fear and a lasting feeling of dread in the viewer. It follows Becky and Cal, a pair of siblings that reluctantly walk into a field of tall grass when they hear a child calling for help.
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This isn't an ordinary field, however. It's a mysterious landscape that doesn't follow the laws of time and space. Once they are in the field, it seems impossible that they will ever find the road again. The grass is always rearranging, and with no one coming to save them, they might be lost in the grass forever.
Before I Wake focuses on the home of Jessie and Mark, a couple who fosters children. The movie begins with the parents bringing Cody, an eight-year-old boy, home with them. Before I Wake is straightforward and has a good flow to it. It's mainly from the parent's point of view, but it's not that simple.
Before I Wake keeps the audience in the position of "parent," so we can feel concerned about Cody, who says he's afraid to go to sleep because his dreams and nightmares become real. It's a tad cliché because it's about parents grieving over a dead child, but it's very successful in the way that it keeps horror at the forefront.
The Ritual is about a group of old friends who get together in Sweden to go on a hiking trip. One of them almost immediately hurts their leg, forcing the group to take a shortcut. They need to get to the cabin quickly, and tensions between the men begin to rise.
They find a seemingly abandoned shack for the night, which gives them all a bad feeling. They discover unknown stains, creepy statues, and a mysterious force, causing the guys to fall into hysteria.
In 1905, Thomas Richardson, a former Christian, takes a boat to an island in order to rescue his sister, who has joined a cult. He tries to seamlessly blend into the culture to see just how dangerous this congregation is and quickly discovers he needs to earn their trust if he ever wants to leave.
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Some very dark secrets are being kept by the cult leaders, and Thomas is dead-set on revealing them to everyone on the island. Actor Dan Stevens does an excellent job in this film, and Michael Sheen's performance is a stand-out as well. The ending is impossible to see coming, and it's an absolutely chilling story.
A Classic Horror Story is one of the less well-known films on Netflix, but this Italian thriller is undeniably terrifying. It starts when five people carpooling in an RV crash into a tree, knocking everyone out. When they finally come to, they discover that their vehicle is in the middle of an empty field.
The road is completely gone, and the only thing in sight is a small spooy house. The travelers enter the house and find themselves at the mercy of a cult in need of some sacrifices. Fair warning: this movie is incredibly intense with its gore, and it would be a good idea to watch the trailer first.
Starring Mark Duplass as the main character, Creep and Creep 2 are terrifying explorations of what happens when someone finds a gig on the internet. The first film is a ludicrously low-budget setup that manages to instill a terror that many films with a larger budget fail to achieve. Duplass plays "Josef," allegedly, a man who wants a videographer to document his dying days. Awkward encounters go from bad to worse, leading to an expected, though no less harrowing, ending.
The sequel picks up sometime later when "Josef," now going by "Aaron," finds that the thrill of his crimes is no longer enough for him. Jaded and discontent, he reaches out to a young woman named Sara, trying to rekindle his love of being a creep.
What Hush lacks in new narrative devices, it entirely makes up for in pound-for-pound thrills. The 2016 film follows a deaf-mute (the result of a bacterial meningitis infection as a teen) named Maddie, who has become a successful, critically acclaimed author. Maddie then goes away to a remote cabin, where she becomes the personal project of a masked killer.
On its surface, Hush might seem like the sort of exploitative horror that uses disability as a plot, and it certainly is, but it's also effective in delivering chilling sequences. Audiences want Maddie to defeat her pursuant, and there are few films of its kind that feel as satisfying as this one.
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