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Was Smallville actor Michael Rosenbaum’s career over when he made Hit and Run? One critic seems to think so and Rosembaum has to laugh.
Smallville actor Michael Rosenbaum shares a hilarious review from the film Hit and Run. Hit and Run is a 2012 action-comedy co-directed by David Palmer and Dax Shepard. It stars Shepared as former getaway driver Charles Bronson who has to jeopardize his Witness Protection Plan identity in order to get his girlfriend to Los Angeles. The travels that ensue are not smooth, offering a good deal of action and laughs. In addition to Shepard, Hit and Run also stars Rosenbaum, Shepard’s real-life partner Kristen Bell playing his girlfriend, Tom Arnold, Bradley Cooper, and Kristin Chenoweth.
Rosenbaum now shares an amusingly scathing review of Hit and Run on his web series Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum. Though Rosenbaum thought Hit and Run was actually really funny,” and that Shepared “did a great job” as both director and lead actor, the reviewer thought otherwise. In a hilariously bad review of Hit and Run, this critic slammed what they felt was the un-funny nature of the lead cast, saying that “Dax Shepard isn’t funny. Tom Arnold has never been funny. And Michael Rosenbaum will never be funny .” Read Rosenbaum tell the full story below:
I had one review say something like — I did this movie, and it was actually really funny, it was a funny movie called Hit & Run, it’s a very funny movie, my friend Dax directed it, he did a great job, he was the lead, I thought he was great, and Tom Arnold, who I thought was great. Most of the reviews were good, and this one reviewer said, “Dax Shepard isn’t funny. Tom Arnold has never been funny. And Michael Rosenbaum will never be funny.” [Laughs] I just started laughing and go, “What the f—k is this guy doing? He’s got it out personally for me, for all of us!” This guy was going in wanting to hate the movie and not wanting to like us already.
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This critic was not the only one to dislike Hit and Run. While some praised the film’s humor and action sequences, Hit and Run was far from a critical darling. That being said, its reviews overall were mixed. The predominant opinion was not quite as cold and personal as this particular review. As Rosenbaum alludes to, it does seem like this particular critic had something against the acting team, especially Rosenbaum.
From this critic’s terrible review, one might think that Rosenbaum’s career went down the drain. Rosenbaum, however, clearly proved the critic wrong when looking at the trajectory of his career. While perhaps most known for playing Lex Luthor on the Superman series Smallville, Rosenbaum has gone on to act in a number of other TV shows and movies. He even has returned to the action-comedy genre with his work in the TV show Impastor. Rosenbaum plays the lead role of Buddy Dobbs, who, when faced with legal trouble, goes on the run and has to impersonate the identity of a small-town’s new gay pastor. Not only did Rosenbaum go on to get a lead role after Hit and Run, but the actor was quite funny in Impastor as he navigated playing a man of two identities who was balancing his impersonated life with the fear of being found by the loan sharks who were after him.
Perhaps the difference between how Rosenbaum’s work was received in Hit and Run as compared with Impastor stems down to content type. While Rosenbaum has been in films other than Hit and Run, the bulk of his notable career roles have been on TV, especially in Smallville. Breaking out into film comedy may not have been Rosenbaum’s forte. Rosenbaum’s upcoming work includes a film role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, where he will reprise his role as Martinex.
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Source: Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum
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