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Release Date : January 26, 2023 Rating : 2.5/5
Starring: Brigida Saga, Dharma, Siva Balaji, Adduri Ravi Varma, Dayanand Reddy, Keshav Deepak
Director: Shyam Tummalapalli
Producer: Praveen Reddy Janga
Music Director: Gowra Hari
Cinematography: Kesav
Editor: Jesvin Prabu
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Tamil actress Brigida Saga, well known as Pavi Teacher, and debutant actor Dharma starrer Telugu movie Sindhooram hit the screens today. Let’s see how the movie is.
Story :
Ravi (Dharma) is a tea seller in Sriramagiri village, Khammam. His classmate Sirisha (Brigida Saga), sister of the village head Eeshwar Reddy, becomes MRO and sorts out many issues. Singanna (Siva Balaji) revolts against Eeshwar Reddy and other politicians and decides to stop the ZPTC elections. In the process, Sirisha decides to eradicate Naxalism in her village. Did Sirisha succeed in her mission? What is the connection between Ravi and Singanna? Did Ravi support Sirisha? The answers will be known by watching the main movie.
Plus Points :
Many of us have seen plenty of movies that dealt with the concept of Naxalism but Sindhooram is a different movie that talks about what exactly Naxalism is in the modern days and the facts behind it.
Director Shyam Tummalapalli needs to be appreciated for considering an interesting subject for his debut film and narrating it in his finest way. This is the debut Telugu film for the actress Brigida Saga. Her subtle performance as Sirisha is impressive.
Though it’s a debut film for Dharma, he acted well, especially in the climax portions. In a particular scene in the second half, the young hero showcased various emotions like love, pain and empathy very well. He has a long way to go in the industry.
The scenes between Ravi (Dharma) and Sirisha (Brigida Saga) are showcased in a good manner, thanks to the finest cinematography and background score for elevating them. The other actors are okay in their respective roles.
Minus Points :
Shyam Tummalapalli tries to explain how the Naxals, their revolutions and their ideology changed over the years. The point is fine but writing a better screenplay and casting some notable actors might have changed the result of the film.
The slow-paced screenplay in the first half weakens the story and makes one feel boredom. Many scenes could have been trimmed off to make Sindhooram an interesting watch. Singanna played by Siva Balaji is the key character in the film. The director should have chosen another actor to justify the role as the character needs an actor who can perform with more intensity.
The film has a few unnecessary characters like Josh Ravi. He has no connection with the story and in the meantime, the director makes no use of his comedy. Except for the song that comes in the climax, the film has no impressive songs.
Technical Aspect :
Being a debutant Shyam Tummalapalli handled the socio-political drama well but he failed to rope in artists who will justify the key characters. He could have chosen notable actors to make Sindhooram a better film.
The finest work of DOP Kesav and music director Gowra Hari need to be praised. They both made the film a good experience with rich visuals and impressive music. So many laggy scenes in the first half should have been chopped off to make the film a better one. Production values are okay.
Verdict :
On the whole, Sindhooram is a movie with a good concept that engages partially. Performances by the leads, Dharma and Brigida Saga, are quite impressive. A few scenes and sluggish narration in the first half tests your patience. If you like serious socio-political dramas, you can give it a watch this weekend. Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewed by 123telugu Team
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