Reddit Comes for Nicolas Cage, Chris Hemsworth, and Bruce Willis for Their Consistently Bad Movies – We Got This Covered


Look, everyone has bad days at work where they just don’t perform like they usually do, or like they should. But when your bad days outnumber your good days, it’s worth assessing how much you actually want the job at all.
In the world of cinema, however, actors can build entire careers worth of bad work, to a point where it can actually become good. A recent Reddit post has been outing actors who seemingly only star in terrible movies, with Nicolas Cage floating to the top of the list. Of course, everyone has that one actor who pops into their head when they think of bad movies, even if the actor themselves are entertaining.
One user sums Nicolas Cage up perfectly, saying “Nic Cage for sure! But I go into any Nic Cage movie knowing exactly what to expect.”
The actor has been in over 100 projects, with some being outlandishly worse than others. But. even if a Nicolas Cage movie is bad, he is probably going to be the best thing about it. On the other hand, there are actors who sometimes star in movies who make their films worse, and there is nobody more guilty of this than the tough action star (and occasional singer) Bruce Willis. However, most Willis fans seem to be in agreement that his early catalog is brilliant up until he got older around 2010, and his performances were probably due to side effects from his aphasia
The real culprit should be Bruce Willis’s co-star from Pulp Fiction, John Travolta. One Redditor writes “The vast, vast majority of John Travolta’s movies following his Pulp Fiction comeback have been crap.”
Hard to argue with that as Travolta has been nominated for over 10 Golden Raspberry Awards, a celebration of such bad craft that he should almost be proud of it.
The post itself takes aim at two Marvel stars, claiming that Ryan Reynolds and Chris Hemsworth have a string of bad films. Although it is arguable that Ryan Reynolds has not been a part of as many bad films as you’d think, and that most of Chris Hemsworth’s filmography is made up of Marvel movies. 
In fact, come to think of it, Nicolas Cage did play Ghost Rider, and John Travolta was in The Punisher — what if Marvel was the kiss of death for these actors?
Although it could be said that the reason some of these actors make bad movies is that they simply refuse to turn down offers for roles. User WatchMoreMovies points out that “Nobody has made more bad films than Danny Trejo. Because Danny simply never says ‘no’ to anything.”
Of course, Danny Trejo is usually just playing some version of the character he always plays.
Other actors on the hit list include Gerard Butler, Sean Connery, Matthew Broderick, Angelina Jolie, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and Michael Fassbender. We have to wonder whether it was all about the money.
With all that being said, who doesn’t love a bad movie every now and then? What else would you throw your popcorn at?


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