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Starring Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans, Red One is an upcoming action-packed Christmas movie. Here’s what to know.
The holidays are gearing up as the weather gets colder, and Christmas movies are beginning to come back to the top of our watch lists. With so many cheery, romantic, scary, and genre-bending holiday films set to release this season, we are especially excited to see what Red One brings to the table.
With a star-studded cast featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Chris Evans, Lucy Liu, and many more, Red One is already gearing up to be an exciting action-adventure film. While this movie won’t see the big screen, we’re eagerly awaiting its release on Amazon Prime Video in the near future! So, let’s take a look at what Red One is all about.
Little has been released about Red One’s plot so far, but there are certainly hints from producer Hiram Garcia.
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In an interview with Deadline, Garcia teased a Christmas adventure:

“Red One is incredibly special to me and a story I've wanted to tell for years. An epic, edge-of- your seat, action-adventure that takes beloved holiday mythology and turns it on its head. I'm thrilled to have our Seven Bucks team join forces with Amazon to bring this fun Holiday tale to life for a global audience."
The film is the first in what is supposed to be a franchise of holiday films. Jennifer Salke, Head of Amazon Studios, shared some details about Red One back when the film was announced:

“Hiram’s concept and the world he’s envisioned are uniquely original and we are so excited to team with Seven Bucks Productions and Chris Morgan to help bring it to life. Red One is just the first step in what we know will be a successful, collaborative venture.”
What is obvious from the Instagram posts and media surrounding Red One is that it has an incredible cast. Teaser images show pictures of lead Dwayne Johnson in a red and black superhero-reminiscent costume, standing beside J.K. Simmons as Santa Claus. More press photos feature Johnson beside Chris Evans, co-starring in Red One after his fame as Marvel’s Captain America.
Bonnie Hunt is set to play Mrs. Claus, and while those are only the known roles, it is far from the end of the stars cast in this film. Kiernan Shipka from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Nick Kroll from Big Mouth, Lucy Liu of Charlie’s Angels fame, and Mary Elizabeth Ellis from New Girl are all set to appear in Red One.
Many of these actors have been nominated for or won Academy Awards! Seeing so much talent in the first film in the Red One series may certainly set it up for success and a franchise.
The crew behind Red One is just as talented. Writer Chris Morgan was brought on board to create the screenplay. Not to mention, director Jake Kasdan, producer and creator Kiram Garcia, and writer Chris Morgan have all worked with star Dwayne Johnson before in the Jumanji: The Next Level and the Fast and Furious films. With all three lead creators behind the film having worked on action-adventure franchises in the past, there is a lot of anticipation surrounding Red One as the next Christmas epic series. And with so many talented actors in Red One, we can’t wait to see what this action-adventure Christmas film has in store!
Red One is an action-adventure Christmas film based on mythology and is being made by Seven Bucks Productions for Amazon Prime Video. Set to release in 2023 with a plot that is still under wraps, there has been a lot of speculation about what this Christmas movie will be about. Most of this speculation has been driven by press releases and photographs shared on the stars’ social media pages.
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In a video posted by Dwayne Johnson on his Instagram page, the actor shared a caption with details announcing Red One.

“Our @sevenbucksprod is partnering with @AmazonStudios to deliver to you and your families an original global event movie called RED ONE. A new twist on our CHRISTMAS MYTHOLOGY and creating the most fun HOLIDAY UNIVERSE to enjoy. Imagine HOBBS meets MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET… Christmas is my favorite time of year and I can’t for us to make this movie for you and your families.”
With little official information released about the film, Johnson’s Instagram posts sure give a lot of insight into the making of the film.
As Red One has just begun shooting, there is no set release date yet. We know it is set to come out in 2023 on Amazon Prime Video streaming. We expect more updates next year about this Christmas action film.
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