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When game night turns lethal.
Not to be confused with Rian Johnson’s eponymous upcoming series (or Lady Gaga’s hit single), Poker Face is a thriller movie directed by Russell Crowe. The Gladiator star co-writes the script for the film and stars in it as well, further upping the ante. Poker Face follows a tech billionaire, played by Crowe himself, who invites his friends to his plush estate for a high-stakes poker game. But a thrilling gambling game turns deadly when a killer is found lurking around the house.
There’s a long list of popular poker-based movies including classics like Sydney Pollack’s Havana, Richard Donner’s Maverick, and Molly’s Game. Crowe’s new thriller drama could also join that list, looking at the exciting and high-tension plot it boasts. But that’s something we’ll have to find out when it arrives.
The movie is set to hit the theaters this November, and while you wait for it, let’s go all in with this handy guide into the plot, release date, trailer, cast and characters, and everything we know so far about Poker Face.
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Poker Face is getting its world premiere at the 17th Rome Film Festival on October 16, 2022, followed by a theatrical release on November 16, 2022. The drama thriller film is also set to arrive on VOD within a week of its theatrical release, on November 22, 2022.
The official trailer of Poker Face just released and it definitely looks quite thrilling. The two-minute clip shows that you can expect a lot of hidden plot twists and surprising reveals, revolving around a bunch of sneaky characters, who might not be who they appear to be, including the host himself. We are introduced to the game's host, Jake Foley, and his friends and guests, including characters played by Liam Hemsworth, RZA, and Elsa Pataky, among others. It’s obvious from the clip that Jake is not your average gambler, rather, he does his due diligence (thanks to his tech empire) on his opponents quite well, including learning all their secrets and moves that can be used as bait.
The trailer is packed with a lot of suspense and gambling drama, but it’s clear that there’s more to the story than a twisted gamer and an intense game of poker. Or so we can speculate from what we see. There’s definitely going to be a lot of action involved, as is obvious from the trailer when the invaders sneak in and start attacking the players.
Besides Crowe headlining, the ensemble cast of Poker Face also includes, Liam Hemsworth, Brooke Satchwell, Aden Young, Steve Bastoni, Matt Nable, Daniel MacPherson, Paul Tassone, Elsa Pataky, RZA, and Jack Thompson, in various roles. Lynn Gilmartin, Addam Bramich, Jemima Quinn, Zack Grech, Oscar Mitchell, Dan Matteucci, Daniel Hardie, Molly Grace, and K Callan, are also on the cast list.
Crowe, as you would expect, plays Jake Foley, the tech billionaire who invites his friends to play the high-stakes poker game at his estate. McKenzie features as an actress, MacPherson as Sam Levine, Nable as Billy, Bastoni as Paul, Gilmartin as Allison, Tassone as Victor, Hardie as Styx, and Grace as Rebecca.
Poker Face is written and directed by Russell Crowe. The celebrated actor and filmmaker (and also a singer) doesn’t need an introduction. He is best known for his acting history and is recognized for his award-winning films like Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind, State of Play, etc. Crowe made his directorial debut in 2014 with the period drama film The Water Diviner, featuring himself in the lead. Poker Face is his second directorial project. While the earlier movie might not have been a box office or critical success, his performance, as usual, slayed the audience. Considering the genre is completely different from what he has explored before, it’ll be interesting to see how it all comes together.
Stephen M. Coates co-writes the script for Poker Face along with Crowe. He has previously written the story and screenplay for John Doe: Vigilante.
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“Maximize your wins, minimize your losses, and stay in the game as long as you can”. This closing dialogue from the trailer somewhat summarizes the story of Poker Face, drawing parallels between the game of life and poker. The story follows Jake Foley, a 57-year-old tech billionaire and gambler who hosts a poker night at his luxurious Miami estate. To attend his game, he has invited his old friends and acquaintances, each of whom, as we can guess, has some history with Jake. He wants his friends to have the night of their lives, and win big money, in numbers they have never imagined.
As per the official synopsis and trailer, Jake Foley is not just randomly hosting a poker night. There’s a certain agenda to it, and it seems like that agenda has more to do with his personal life or past. Each of them has wronged him in some way (which is the real secret). The players are forced to reveal their secrets in order to play. To make sure his guests fulfill the condition, Jake poisons them, in exchange for truth. That’s not just to cut off his opponents but also to bring justice. But why he's doing this, is something that will be revealed in the actual movie. And thus, as the game unfolds, the players realize that their stakes are constantly rising, both in terms of money and their lives.
While the players are dealing with this disturbing turn of events, a home intrusion makes the night go awry. The sudden home invasion throws the guests and Jake off their game, and they try to use their poker strategies to confront and slay the intruders. But is it as simple as it looks? Or is it that Jake has something much more important at stake and has a lot more to lose than what he presents to his friends? Could the home invasion be related to whatever secrets all these people share? We’ll soon find out.
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