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The Arconia has another killer in its midst…
Only Murders In The Building spoilers follow.
We’re officially at the halfway point of Only Murders in the Building season two and the big question still remains… who killed Bunny Folger and why are they trying to frame Oliver, Charles and Mabel?
The trio certainly sparked a lot of attention after their podcast solved the murder of Tim Kono back in season one, but with New York becoming addicted to their tale, could one of them have seriously taken their fame to the next level and killed someone?
It seems unlikely, particularly given there’s a third season of the comedy on the way, but you never know.
Bunny was a bit of an old battleaxe, but stabbing her to death for complaining about policy breaches one too many times seems a bit harsh.
In this fake world of true crime podcasting, it seems everyone is a suspect at the moment… but some are giving off more red flags than others.
Here are the main suspects so far and why they could be the killer.
As the episodes have gone on, it has become increasingly likely that this new addition to Mabel’s life may actually have more sinister motives than initially thought.
Charles and Oliver are definitely suspicious of her – something that seemed to backfire when she was cornered in the middle of the Son of Sam game, revealing herself not to be the well-educated eloquent British artist she had previously claimed to be, rather an Essex plumber’s daughter who dreamed of a better life.
But as she went to bed with Mabel that evening, a shot into a bag revealed that, despite her protests, it looked like she was the Son of Sam after all.
There is definitely more to this girl than meets the eye, and taking photographs around Mabel’s murder scene apartment after convincing her to throw a party for artistic elites definitely added to that.
She’s up to something and has more of an attachment to the case than initially thought. The question is, how much of one?
Was killer Jan right and is she getting involved in Mabel’s life as a means to keep close to the investigation?
While she is one of the main stars of the show, there is an ever-growing possibility that Mabel may actually be the culprit.
In the latest episode, ‘The Tell’, she seemed pretty adept at avoiding suspicion in the Son of Sam game, immediately throwing the scent off her and over to Charles until it was just her and Alice remaining.
Seeing as she and Alice were sleeping in her apartment, there is every chance that the bag bearing the Son of Sam card is actually hers. Like she said to Alice, “Everyone lies a little”.
Bunny’s successor as the board president of The Arconia had a lot riding on her keeping that position, and so she has the most obvious motive for killing Bunny off.
It’s been revealed that she is planning to make changes to the Arconia that will change it forever (namely – according to plan designs at least – a massive bubble thing on the top of it. Hardly fitting with the aesthetic.)
Alongside her partner Jared, Bunny deciding to remain as board president shook her, and the pair got in a row shortly before Bunny was murdered.
However, she does seem to have had an affection for the long-reigning Arconia resident, with the pair bonding before the argument took place.
Suspicion was thrown off her when she went into labour and demanded Charles and Oliver find out who killed Bunny in between contractions. But was that a distraction technique and is she actually the person behind it all?
Uma Heller was a close friend of Bunny’s and knew all about that particularly pricey painting she had hanging in her home.
No-one alive knows the Arconia and its intricacies more than Uma, especially now Bunny has shuffled off this mortal coil.
She also seems to be in the know for quite a lot of things… definitely suspicious.
We know she’s an older woman but maybe she couldn’t stand the idea of losing her friend as Bunny planned to move away, and she lashed out in anger?
We feel like there’s something up with Howard. The minute-taker of the Arconia’s board always seems to have his finger on the pulse with things.
Shortly after Bunny’s death, he was seen sporting a black eye, something he tried to pin on Nina saying she had anger issues. But while she’s definitely not the easiest person to get along with, we’ve not really seen her be majorly violent. In fact, she’s actually been quite nice, if a little direct.
Could Bunny have got a swipe in as he attempted to kill her, and he used that excuse as a cover up?
Howard is getting more involved this season too – it seems like he would be in the know about more things than he’s letting on, and can slip by undetected.
We have our eye on you, sir.
Rival podcaster Cinda Canning is a mean and manipulative woman who seems intent on turning Mabel into a cold-hearted killer for the sake of a good story.
But this could be the perfect way to hide her own guilt. After all, she was immediately on the scene ready with her recording equipment after Bunny’s death, and has been relentless on trying to take down the group for weeks.
After all, they’re the biggest competition when it comes to true crime podcasting in this world.
She’s disappeared recently, but as the new owner of the penthouse, why wouldn’t you make the most of Amy Schumer if she’s about anyway?
Seeing as she was desperate to tell Jan’s story, rather than that of how she became a murderer, she seems like a bit of a live wire.
Doing everything from taking Bunny’s painting after the team tried to bin it, to having quite a lot of demands that are annoying the Arconia board, would Amy be a killer?
It’s unlikely but… don’t rule her out just yet.
Only Murders in the Building airs Tuesdays on Hulu in the US and Disney+ in the UK.


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