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Following the recent release of its first teaser, Hulu is giving viewers another first look at Only Murders in the Building ahead of its August arrival with newly unveiled photos.
Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez feature in the comedic murder mystery as three strangers who have a shared obsession with true crime. When a grisly crime takes place in their Upper West Side apartment building, they’ll come together to try and crack the case.
Through the medium of a podcast, the unlikely trio will document their findings and unravel a complex web of secrets from within the building that spans years. Even more shocking are the lies they tell each other throughout their time together.
It isn’t long before the trio becomes endangered by their actions, realizing that the killer might be living among them. Can they collect enough clues to solve the case and save the day before it’s too late? Viewers will have to tune in to find out.

Only Murders in the Building is created by Steve Martin and John Hoffman, who executive produce the series with This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman, Martin Short, Selena Gomez, Jamie Babbitt, and Jess Rosenthal. The series also features costars Aaron Dominguez and Amy Ryan. Check out the first look images, below, and don’t miss the show when it arrives on Hulu.
Only Murders in the Building, Series Premiere, Tuesday, August 31, Hulu
Selena Gomez’s plays Mabel, a stylish woman in her twenties who is living alone in a large apartment she shouldn’t be able to afford. While her past is vague, Mabel’s keen instincts make her a promising civilian detective.
Steve Martin portrays Charles, a man who is best known for his role as America’s favorite ’90s TV Detective Brazzos. Despite having lived in the Arconia apartment building for nearly 30 years, he knows next to no one inside it. With his acting prospects having dried up, Charles will turn to real-life crime solving to fill the void.
Martin Short plays a notorious theater director who has created Broadways hits and flops. Once a salon to New York’s theater crowd, Oliver’s apartment serves as a time capsule to his stories past. While searching for his next triumph, Oliver dotes on his bulldog, Winnie, and works on reconnecting with his estranged family.
Mabel, Oliver, and Charles make an unlikely trio for crime-solving, but will their own special talents lead them to a breakthrough?
Mabel, Oliver, and Charles are on the case with the help of a pampered pooch. What will their team-up uncover?
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