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Hulu’s comedy has already been renewed and has a Marvel star in its new cast.
Warning: This article contains spoilers for Only Murders in the Building Season 2.
Considering all the true crime documentaries and

scripted crime dramas out there, you’d think audiences would get bored of murder mysteries. But if anything, Only Murders in the Building proves we love a good whodunit. Hulu’s hit series is in its second season, and much like Season 1, the show has the comedy, the intrigue, and the drama to make it one of the best shows to binge.
Starring Martin Short, Steve Martin, and Selena Gomez, the show is meta in its play on true crime podcasts and the obsessed fans of the medium who think they too can solve a murder. Except in the case of the Only Murders’ tenants, they really can close the case, mostly because the murder happened right in their building. At the end of Season 1 (spoiler), the trio discovered the murderer was none other than Charles’ (Martin) girlfriend Jan, a bassoon player who liked to kill off her boyfriends.
The second season kicked off right after the first, with the building manager, Bunny, murdered right after the group celebrated Jan’s arrest. Much like Season 1, there’s a host of unanswered questions (How did Bunny get into Mabel’s apartment? How does an expensive painting of Charles’ father connect to her death?) and a few celebrity guest stars (Cara Delevigne, Amy Schumer) to shake things up. Only Murders knew its strengths from the first season, and managed to stick to it and make yet another successful mystery.
It turns out (MAJOR spoiler alert) the real killer all along was Cinda’s assistant, Poppy. Her real name was Becky, and she’s the woman who disappeared in Cinda’s hit podcast "All Is Not Okay in Oklahoma." Poppy wanted to run away from her previous life, while also giving her favorite podcast host a career boost. Bunny’s murder, similarly, was a way for Poppy to boost her own career, get a famous painting, help out her cop boyfriend (Detective Kreps), and finally, to take down the beloved Only Murders trio. Thankfully for us, none of that came to fruition, and we have another season of crime-solving for our favorite Arconia residents.
So what about Season 3? Once Season 2 wraps, when can we expect more from the residents of the Arconia? Well, we’ve got your answer for you below.
Yes! According to Variety, Only Murders in the Building is already renewed for Season 3. The show got yet another green light only a week into its second season, which means the show has once again been a rousing success for Hulu.
We don’t have an official date yet, since the show is still airing its second season. But, if the first two seasons are any indication, we can expect Season 3 to drop on Hulu sometime in the summer of 2023.
We can also expect to have 10 episodes of the new season, much like Season 1 and 2.
Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez can be expected to reprise their roles for Season 3, as well as most of the other characters in the Arconia. And after the Season 2 finale, Vulture reports Paul Rudd will appear in Season 3! Ant-Man himself!
Rudd appears briefly in the Season 2 finale, where we see a one year time jump after Becky’s arrest. Oliver is now directing a Broadway production starring Charles and another actor named Ben (played by Rudd). As Ben takes the stage, Charles gives him a harsh talking to, the curtain rises, and…Ben collapses, blood leaking from his mouth. So we’re bound to see a lot of flashbacks with Rudd as the trio unravels everything leading up to the star’s untimely end.
We’ll update this space as soon as we learn more. Check back here for the latest information on Only Murders in the Building Season 3.

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