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Or should we say, “Only Murderers in the Building”?
Only Murders in the Building spoilers follow.

If you’re reading this now, it’s because you’re a fan of Only Murders in the Building and you’ve decided to start your own investigation into the circumstances surrounding season two.
Well, you’re in luck, because Hulu has already renewed the murder-mystery-podcast comedy for a second season.

We can’t wait either, but wait we must. So while we pine for new episodes, here’s everything you need to know about Only Murders in the Building season two on Disney+.
Unfortunately, there is no release date just yet for Only Murders in the Building.
However, filming is already underway, starting at the beginning of December 2021.
Season one launched on Hulu in the US on August 31, 2021, with Disney Plus releasing it in the UK the next day.
It seems likely that the release date will be similar in 2022, especially when the final episode teased that something was “coming this fall”.
In a statement shared by Variety, series co-creator and executive producer John Hoffman said at the announcement: “Everyone in our amazing ‘Building’ worked with such love and expertise through extraordinary times – and with incredible support from Disney, Hulu and 20th TV – to create a first season that might live up to our legendary cast, our beloved New York City, and to make a show about connection.
“To feel we’ve connected with our audience and hit the mark enough already to have the chance to continue – and to carry on our show’s wild ride of mystery-comedy-empathy – is too exciting for words. So I’ll shut up now – and just say a huge thanks to all and I can’t wait for more!”

You can’t have Only Murders in the Building without its central trio – Steve Martin (who plays Charles-Haden Savage), Martin Short (Oliver Putnam) and Selena Gomez (Mabel Mora). Gomez loved making the first season so much, it changed her style!
“It’s cool because personally in my life, since I started season one to doing season two, I changed so much,” Gomez said (via Variety). “I know that it’s a small amount of time, but I think it kind of carried on into [her character] Mabel. If anything, there’s just more of a sophistication to her. Her style gets better. She’s like super cool. I cut my hair. So it’s a whole fresh start for Mabel.”
Tina Fey also seems likely to return as Cinda Canning, the Sarah Koenig-like true-crime podcaster who has taken a suspiciously eager interest in the three wannabe detectives.
It’s also likely to see more bizarre celebrity cameos popping up, like Sting, who also happens to live in their complex.
We’re sure whoever turns up will be a riot.

Well, the second season promises to see Mabel, Charles and Oliver in quite the tricky predicament. Instead of trying to figure out someone’s guilt, they now need to prove their innocence.
In the season-one finale, after discovering the true killer of Tim Kono, the trio’s celebrations are ruined by the discovery of Bunny, the rude President of the Residents’ Association, who’s been stabbed with one of Mabel’s knitting needles.
With a new dead body on their hands, things go from bad to worse when the police arrive and find Mabel covered in Bunny’s blood and Charles and Oliver standing next to her. All three are immediately arrested and frogmarched out of The Arconia, with their neighbours watching.
But in suspiciously perfect timing, rival true-crime podcaster Cinda Canning is already outside with her assistant. She then utters the ominous line: “Coming this fall. Only Murderers in the Building…”
The odds are stacked against Mabel, Charles and Oliver, particularly considering the murder weapon belonged to Mabel. Bunny also happens to be wearing one of their podcast’s trademark tie-dye sweatshirts.
But will the amateur sofa sleuths actually figure out a way to prove their innocence before it’s too late?
One thing’s certain, season two has a solid foundation.
“Another season was casually thrown around but then John started spewing these ideas out and sure enough they have come into fruition,” Gomez said. “When I was reading it, I was really really shocked because this is so different but it’s what makes the show so great. They did such a great job creating another story.”
“We do have a good solid track for season two,” Hoffman said (via Elle). “We actually start shooting in a month. It’s going to be very exciting as the actors start arriving and everything else. We have been working with the writers for a few months now.”
“With this show, you have to sort of build the mystery backwards to forward and twist our way to the resolve. So you have to know everything at the end first and hide things and twist your way there. That’s what we’ve been doing, and now we’re speeding our way through the scripts, and we’re about halfway through.”
And the show may even go beyond season two.
“I think everybody involved is so happy doing it. We have three stars in this show who have big lives, so it feels like it’s a nice pocket of work and time commitment that allows more of a life. I think all would love it to continue.”
“I think what’s going to be interesting in season two – not to tip off too much – but there’s a bit of an expansion to all their stories. In New York, it doesn’t take long for an interesting story to take headlines. So there is an expansion happening around everything in their lives and in the podcast. I think there’s something in there that might help us expand the show, maybe beyond the building, in future seasons.”
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Unfortunately, as of December 2021, filming had only just started on season two. However, if you keep checking in we will update you as soon as we know more.
In the meantime, enjoy this cheeky behind-the-scenes clip filmed by Gomez in between takes filming the new episodes.
Only Murders in the Building season two started filming at the end of 2021, so new trailer footage could arrive as soon as spring or summer 2022.
Only Murders in the Building is available now on Disney+ in the UK and Hulu in the US.


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