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Detective Kreps narrates while boxing at the gym.
He laments that with his low wage as a cop in New York City, he can barely afford to live there. He has taken extra jobs — working security in Coney Island, helping out small-town police departments with multiple homicides.
Kreps is shown getting a hair sample from an evidence locker. Kreps sits at a bar, then turns around and sees someone that will change his life.
Mabel pins Kreps to the board — he's Glitter Guy. Mabel and Charles wonder if he's actually the killer, but they are both dubious. Neither believes Kreps is smart enough to be the mastermind or that he would be interested in art.
Mabel and Charles agree there must be a criminal mastermind, and they wonder why Kreps has a weird chicken logo on his bag.
Oliver enters in his nightclothes and announces to Charles and Mabel that he is Will's biological father. They congratulate him.
Oliver pushes Mrs. Gambolini (in her cage) into the room, hoping to give her to Charles. Charles refuses her. They push the cage back and forth until a secret compartment in the bottom opens, revealing a hidden painting — the original "Savage."
Mabel heads back to her apartment to find Alice waiting outside her door. Alice has a gift and also has to go to the bathroom. Mabel reluctantly lets her in.
Mabel asks Alice what she wants. Alice says she doesn't want anything, only to give Mabel the gift — a puzzle she made herself. Mabel thanks her but says she can't be with someone she doesn't trust. Sad but understanding, Alice leaves.
Charles calls the assisted living home where Leonora Folger resides. He is confused when they tell him that Leonora is non-verbal and hasn't left the home in a long time.
They direct him to a photo on the website of the elder Mrs. Folger. When he sees it, he realizes this is not the same woman who came to visit them, claiming to be Leonora.
Oliver visits Will, who is still worried that his production of The Wizard Of Oz will be a disaster. Oliver reassures will, telling him the DNA results that prove they are related.
Will is relieved, as he was unaware of how heavily it had weighed on him. They hug, strengthening Will's resolve.
Charles studies the "Savage" paintings. He looks at his watch, which once belonged to his father, and pulls the back off. There is an address in Lake Placid engraved on the inside.
Mabel looks through Kreps's employment file from Coney Island and finds an address in the Bronx.
Charles calls the number associated with the address in Lake Placid. An older woman answers.
Mabel finds the address in the Bronx is a boxing gym. Mabel heads to the gym, where she finds Kreps sparring.
She says she just wants to ask him a few questions. Kreps refuses. Mabel asks how his arm is — the one she stabbed after he attacked her.
He says she can ask questions if she spars with him.
"Leonora" shows up at Charles's apartment. Charles reveals that he knows she is Rose Cooper. She comes in.
While Detective Kreps punches the bag, Mabel tells him she saw glitter on his neck. She asks him how he knew about the dropoff at Morningside Park, but he denies knowledge.
Mabel mentions the matchbook with his fingerprints. He says it's gone, and it wasn't his fingerprints. She tells him to get in the ring.
Oliver is on the elevator with Winnie when Teddy enters. They greet each other coldly. Once Teddy is on the elevator, and the doors close, Oliver attacks Teddy.
In the ring, Mabel punches against Kreps's hand pads. Mabel asks why he killed Bunny and tried to frame her. Kreps denies it.
Mabel says she can't figure out how he could pull off such an intricate plan, as he's so stupid. Kreps insists that Mabel will not get him to slip — he's smarter than she thinks he is.
Oliver throttles Teddy. The elevator dings open, revealing Howard. Howard declares he will take the next one. Oliver insists. Howard gets on, and Oliver continues attacking Teddy. Howard gets nervous and presses the elevator buttons. He quickly vacates the elevator.
Teddy fights back, asking why Oliver is doing this, and Oliver realizes that Teddy doesn't know the truth. Oliver tells Teddy that he is Will's biological father.
Charles makes Rose a cocotini. She admits to playing Leonora for a day trip into the city. Rose notes that Charles loves solving "little mysteries," but he tells her that her disappearance is big.
Charles asks if she went into hiding because his father was threatening her. She asks for her painting.
Mabel accuses Kreps of being crooked. She threatens to nail him for Bunny's murder and for framing her.
Kreps accuses her generation of being too full of themselves. He says he was able to land "the smartest woman in the world" and that the original true crime podcasts, like All Is Not OK In Oklahoma, are much better than hers.
Mabel says she's not afraid of him, and he says she should be –he's the lead detective in the murder investigation for which she's being framed. Mabel smiles. Kreps tells her to get out of his gym. She notices the chicken logo on his towel.
Charles presents Rose with the original "Savage." She tells him to pull the nails out.
Mabel does her puzzle from Alice and finds the pieces that read All Is Not OK In Oklahoma. Mabel starts re-listening to Cinda's podcast.
Oliver and Teddy get to Oliver's apartment. Oliver tells Teddy that Roberta has already told him everything. Teddy assures Oliver that they only slept together once.
Teddy is about to leave, and Oliver tells him that Will means everything to him. Oliver feels like the worst father in the world, and Teddy responds with what he's done to his son.
As Mabel continues working on her puzzle, she reaches Episode 6 of All Is Not OK in Oklahoma. Cinda speaks of the Chicken Chug, the  local Chickasha bar, where she met out-of-town cops. Mabel realizes the Chicken Chug logo is one on Kreps's bag and towel.
Charles pulls the painting off the canvas, revealing another painting underneath — one of him as a boy, with his father, standing together in front of the Arconia.
Rose tells Charles that his father always just wanted to be a good father. She tells Charles that his father helped her escape from her abusive husband and that she had to disappear to keep them safe.
Teddy and Oliver share a bottle of wine, discussing the difficulty of father-son relationships. Oliver mentions his door-to-door traveling salesman father, who wasn't around much but for whom he'd do anything. Teddy notes his father was killed in the back room of a Chinese restaurant.
Teddy always wanted a good relationship with his own son, Theo, like the one Oliver has with Will. Oliver asks Teddy to never tells Will about his true parentage and that he has asked the same of Roberta. Teddy agrees.
Mabel shows up at Cinda's studio. Only Poppy is there. Poppy retracts her offer to help and asks Mabel to leave her in peace.
Mabel says she knows that Bunny's murder and Kreps have something to do with All Is Not OK, but she can't figure out how. Poppy urges her to drop it and to leave.
Rose says Charles deserves to have the painting, more so than that woman who asked about it a few months ago.
Mabel asks Poppy why she's scared. Poppy says Mabel has no idea what Cinda is capable of.
Rose describes the woman as a brunette with glasses, pushy. Charles guesses Cinda Canning.
Kreps is shown removing the evidence of Becky Butler's hair from the Chickasha Police Department, narrating that everyone has secrets. He is shown burying the hair in the woods and then heading to the Chicken Chug for a beer.
Mabel asks why Poppy is so afraid. Poppy confesses that she is Becky Butler.
Mabel runs to Charles's apartment.
Kreps sees Cinda in the Chicken Chug, and she smiles at him.
Mabel pins a photo of Cinda under the words "Criminal Mastermind." Oliver and Charles are shocked.
I don’t want my life to be all about the worst parts of it. I have more to offer than that.

Every once in a while, you meet someone, and everything changes. You see a gal in a bar, or a guy, if that’s your thing, and you toss out some Cary Grant BS, like, “What brings someone like you to a joint like this?” And she, or he, if that’s your thing, they smile at you, and your whole goddamn universe turns upside down.

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