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Oliver tries to get Mrs. Gambolini to reveal who killed Bunny, but she tells him to fuck off.
Charles tries to defend Bunny, explaining that she could be his half-sister. He confesses that he once shared a drunken kiss with her.
Oliver keeps pleading with Mrs. Gambolini to no avail.
Mabel suggests talking to Mrs. Gambolini as if he were Bunny. Oliver does a terrible impression of Bunny. Charles tries, also failing. Mabel snaps them out of it and gets them back on track.
They review the facts — Bunny was killed with a knitting needle and a still-missing knife. Her last words were "fourteen" and "savage." She got threatening notes to give up her painting of Charles's father.
In amongst Bunny's papers, Mabel finds receipts from the day Bunny died — March 12. Oliver records, recounting and recreating Bunny's last day.
Flashback: Bunny lies in bed. Mrs. Gambolini wakes her up. Bunny gets up, remarking to the bird that it is her last day as board president.
Bunny listens to the radio. She looks through a brochure of Florida. She makes herself a cup of tea. She reads the paper, with Jan's arrest on the front and the Knicks' recent loss on the back.
Bunny practices her stepping-down speech while doing some weight lifting.
Bunny gets made up and dressed, then heads out down her secret elevator.
Bunny gets food and coffee at a hot food cart, where the seller asks her if she watched the game. She tells him that's why she's grumpy. He says they should watch the game together sometime.
Bunny heads down the street. Her shopping cart carries two large bouquets.
She returns home, picking up garbage in front of Lester and Ursula. Lester is eating cake. Bunny threatens to replace him in her final hours as president.
Ursula tells Bunny the place will fall apart without her. Ursula asks what she's going to do with her free time. Bunny says she's considering moving to Boca Raton.
Bunny walks through the courtyard, where Mabel, Charles, and Oliver are recounting their takedown of Jan one week earlier to residents and fans. They are enjoying an Arconia-shaped cake.
Bunny tells them the building rules prohibit gatherings of over twelve people without board approval, which she immediately denies them. Bunny also calls out Marv and Sam for selling Only Murders merch without a license.
Nina shows up and recites some of the rules, which were written in 1912. Bunny and Nina walk together and then sit together privately in the courtyard.
Bunny explains that the flowers are for outside the elevator. Bunny points out many things Nina will need to do, but Nina anticipates them all, telling Bunny it will be okay. Nina rubs her ankles, saying her midwife has told her acupressure could help induce labor.
Bunny warns Nina about Mark, a resident who is a compulsive liar. He says he toured Iraq, but he was just in a band. Bunny points out Sonya, who always mentions the many men in her life, and warns Nina not to take the bait.
Nina rubs her other foot. Bunny starts to tell her what to do when her water breaks, and Nina finishes her sentence, anticipating where the mop is.
Nina takes the flowers.
Bunny and Uma go for a walk, discussing Bunny's plans for Florida. Uma mentions a cousin in Tallahassee. Bunny suggests Uma doesn't want her to go, but Uma deflects and goes off her way.
Bunny gets a phone call from someone unknown, who asks about buying the painting. Bunny angrily tells the caller she is not interested in selling.
Bunny goes to the Pickle Diner for lunch. The waiter, Ivan, brings her a plate and asks if she'll be having her usual. He asks if her friend from yesterday will be joining her. Bunny says no, insisting it wasn't a friend.
Bunny eats her sandwich and looks at her Florida brochure. She sees Oliver and his son Will in the diner as well. Will is telling Oliver how he's directing a play at his son's school, and Oliver is thrilled to hear how Will is following in his footsteps.
On the way out, Oliver spots Bunny and introduces her to Will. Bunny remembers Will having broken a window at the Arconia when he was ten.
Will remarks on the Florida brochure, but Oliver assures Will that he and Bunny will live in the Arconia until they die.
Ivan brings Bunny her bill. She gives Ivan an envelope full of money. He says it's too much, but she insists he takes it. He offers to get her more iced tea.
Bunny gets home and into the elevator. Charles and Mabel get into the elevator, too. The elevator lights flash, go dark, and it shudders to a stop. Charles and Mabel begin to panic, but Bunny remains calm, fixing the wires in the control panel.
The lights go on, and the elevator starts to work again. Bunny gets off on her floor and realizes that she hates the heat.
She gets to her apartment. The board members (including Howard and Nina) are throwing her a surprise retirement party.
Howard tries to get Mrs. Gambolini to say his name. Dr. Stanley remarks on how lonely Howard must be.
Bunny notes that Amy Schumer has started doing renos without any permits. The board members insist that she stop with the business talk. Bunny mentions Tim Kono's apartment as well as Jan's.
They tell her to stop as it's her last day. Bunny asks them to stop saying that, declaring that she has changed her mind and no longer wants to step down from the position.
Nina asks Howard to read from the minutes of the November meeting when Bunny stated she couldn't do this forever. She had said there should be a new board president, and Nina would be the best option.
Bunny says she still believes that just not yet. Nina insists that the Arconia needs a fresh, modern touch. Bunny feels betrayed by Nina after everything they have discussed. Nina says Bunny needs to step aside.
Bunny calls Nina a bitch. Howard takes minutes. Nina takes off her party hat, calls Bunny a relic, and says the only reason Bunny is board president is because her mother was board president.
Bunny says she won't let Nina get away with it. Nina insists that she won't let Bunny stop her.
Mabel pins Howard's minutes to the murder board.
They consider the people who disliked Bunny — the Arconiac fans, Lester (whom she threatened to fire though he thought it was a joke). Mabel asks Oliver about seeing Bunny at the Pickle Diner that day.
Bunny didn't concede to Nina. They decide they need to investigate Nina.
Bunny cleans up from the party alone. She hears music coming from Mabel's apartment. She goes to check on them. Mabel answers, worried they are being too loud. Bunny has brought them a bottle of real champagne. She thanks the three of them for solving Tim's murder.
Oliver gives her a tie-dye merch hoodie. After some insistence, Bunny puts on the hoodie. They close the door on her.
Charles wonders if she wanted to come in. Mabel and Oliver aren't sure, but then Mabel looks out the peephole, and Bunny is still there. They ponder what to do and hear Bunny crying loudly. Mabel insists they invite her in.
Finally, they open the door, but she's already gone. Oliver, Mabel, and Charles head to the roof.
Charles worries that they could have saved Bunny's life by inviting her in.
An unidentified person walks down the hallway.
Bunny sits down and watches TV with Mrs. Gambolini. It's an old detective film. Mrs. Gambolini parrots the film, saying, "I know who did it."
Mabel, Charles, and Oliver drink champagne on the roof, discussing the events.
There is a knock at Bunny's door. She yells that she doesn't want to hang out.
Mabel heads back downstairs to get more champagne.
There is another knock. Bunny gets up to answer it. She opens the door and says, "What the fuck do you want?"
The person at the door attacks her, and they struggle. Mrs. Gambolini squawks.
Mabel enters her apartment and gasps.
Mabel Mora: Bunny, you’re a badass.
Bunny Folger: And I thought I was a cranky old bitch.

Did the pregnant protégé make a pernicious power play?

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