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Becky Butler describes her ordinary life, listening to Cinda Canning's podcasts, trying to take care of her alcoholic father, and working for the Mayor of Chickasha.
One night, late, Mayor Tippen tries to get her to stay and have some wine. As she leaves, he tells her that she won't always be able to refuse him.
Becky continues listening to Cinda's podcasts and searches online for ways to disappear. She heads to the bathroom and cuts her hair.
A news report details the disappearance of the missing woman.
Poppy White — formerly Becky Butler — shows up at Cinda's studio. Poppy tells Cinda about the disappearance of Becky Butler and how she thinks it would make a great podcast, suggesting the title "All Is Not OK In Oklahoma." Cinda is intrigued. She asks Poppy what she wants. Poppy asks for a job.
Cinda gets interviewed about the success of "All Is Not OK In Oklahoma." She never gives Poppy credit, instead giving her trivial tasks.
Poppy and Cinda listen to the "Only Murders In The Building" podcast together. Cinda worries that she is losing her edge and needs a new story to cover.
Poppy suggests the story of missing artist Rose Cooper, but Cinda shoots it down, saying she needs a murder to solve.
Charles, Oliver, and Mabel discuss the revelation that Poppy is Becky. Cinda got the Mayor of Chickasha sent to prison for the murder of someone she knew was still alive.
Now, they believe Cinda is trying to frame them for a murder she committed. Oliver is impressed. Charles says it won't be easy, but he has a plan. He pauses — he doesn't actually have a plan.
They re-assess the facts. They know Cinda is working with Kreps, but they don't know how "14 Savage" relates to Cinda. Charles suggests that Cinda's DNA might be on the murder weapon.
Mabel texts Detective Williams. The trio discusses how they might be able to get Cinda to confess. Mabel suggests talking to Poppy.
Mabel, Charles, and Oliver meet up with Poppy at the Pickle Diner. They ask for suggestions on ways they could get Cinda to crack. Poppy doesn't think Cinda would confess.
Poppy informs them that Cinda does not like the inside of a tomato, and she's afraid of slow motion.
Poppy gets a call from Cinda. Ivan arrives, asking for their orders. Poppy requests a liverwurst and marmalade sandwich to go and gets up to take her call. The trio thinks it sounds disgusting.
Ivan explains that it was the owner's sister's favorite sandwich, but Bunny called it "freak food."
Mabel gets a call from Detective Williams. Oliver and Charles try to figure out how they can get Cinda today, as Poppy indicated the "Only Murderers In The Building" finale would be dropping shortly.
Mabel returns, looking disturbed. Oliver and Charles ask her if Williams got anything from the knife. Mabel confirms it and also tells them she thinks she knows the meaning of "14 Savage."
In Bunny's apartment, Uma, Ursula, Marv, Howard, Jonathan, Mrs. Gambolini, Liam, and Lester are gathered after receiving emails about a killer reveal party. Charles, Oliver, and Mabel enter with supplies, letting everyone know they have solved Bunny's murder.
Oliver asks who has had any theatre training. Jonathan notes that he is currently on Broadway. Howard tells them that he once auditioned for the lead in a production of Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.
Lester informs them he did some stage acting when he was younger — he went to Julliard then worked Off-Broadway, but developed a drinking problem and had to take a job as a doorman.
Oliver explains that everyone here is to play a part in getting the killer to confess on a live stream. Uma asks them where the cake is. When they say it's on its way, Uma gets up to leave, but the trio begs them to stay and help so that they can bring Bunny's killer to justice.
They set everything up for the live stream. In one hour, Cinda and Poppy arrive. Mabel lets them in. They enter the living room, greeted by Charles and Oliver. Cinda orders Poppy to record.
As Charles and Oliver welcome Cinda theatrically, Alice enters subtly. Charles recounts Bunny's last day and how they rejected her, even though she was looking for companionship.
Mabel then explains that the killer was waiting for Bunny and dragged her into Mabel's apartment, hoping to frame them by stabbing Bunny with Oliver's knife and Mabel's knitting needle, then escaping via the secret passageways to plant the evidence in Charles's apartment.
They accuse Cinda, who did it with the help of Detective Kreps, who she met back in Oklahoma. Cinda, confused, asks how they knew about Kreps. They call her a hack who makes up podcasts and packages them.
Cinda asks them why she would kill an old woman she had never met. Lester says Cinda had been in the Arconia many times, and Cinda says she was keeping tabs on the Tim Kono case.
Lester launches into a tearful rant. Howard tries to stay relevant by singing "Joseph's Coat."
Cinda insists there was no motive. Charles and Oliver start approaching her and speaking in slow motion. Everyone else in the room joins in. Cinda is distressed and gets up to leave.
They stop, and Charles reveals a tomato, which he cuts in half while accusing her of framing them — her competition — and getting a "killer" podcast story in the process. Cinda says she will never confess, and Mabel announces, concerned, that Cinda didn't do it.
Mabel turns around and accuses Alice. She pulls out the Son Of Sam card, citing that Alice was an artist who recently came into the picture, and she's a killer.
She accuses Alice of being the one at the Pickle Diner with Bunny, trying to purchase the Rose Cooper painting, but $14 million for "Savage" was too much, so Alice killed her for it.
Alice grabs the cake knife and goes to stab Mabel, but Charles steps in and gets a knife to the stomach. Blood starts to seep from the wound, and he falls to the ground.
Ursula restrains Alice. Mabel and Oliver remain by Charles's side. Howard faints. Uma calls 911. Oliver clutches Charles's hand tearfully as Charles's eyes close.
Liam and Ursula duct tape Alice to a chair. Howard gets Mrs. Gambolini out of her cage. Charles lies under a sheet. Cinda, Oliver, and Mabel sit together on the couch. Cinda praises Mabel for her detective work and offers her a job.
Poppy gets annoyed, telling Cinda that there is nothing connecting Alice to Bunny's murder, and Mabel just got lucky. Poppy sneezes.
Poppy finally lays into Cinda for her shabby treatment, how Poppy does everything for Cinda and even gave her the Rose Cooper suggestion. Poppy sneezes again.
Mabel asks Poppy why she told Cinda about Rose Cooper. Poppy says it was an idea for a podcast, but Cinda wasn't interested. Mabel notes that Poppy was interested in Rose Cooper. Poppy sneezes again.
Oliver asks if Poppy has an allergy — to Mrs. Gambolini, perhaps — and tells her the killer sneezed when leaving the crime scene.
Poppy says the word of a young girl hiding in the walls is not to be believed, but they inform her that only the killer would know a young girl was hiding in the walls.
Cinda then announces that she knows Poppy is Becky Butler. Poppy asks how she knew that, and Charles bursts out from under the sheet, saying they told Cinda. He reveals that he wasn't stabbed — it was all theatre!
The trio tells Poppy they have been onto her since the afternoon. Poppy says she just wanted Cinda to notice her, and she wanted to make a good podcast, and she was the one who texted them to get out of the building. Poppy asks how they figured it out.
Back in the Pickle Diner that afternoon, Mabel is on the phone with Detective Williams, who tells her the murder weapon had DNA on it from a dead girl from out of state. Mabel guesses Oklahoma, which Williams confirms.
Mabel sits down with Charles and Oliver and points out the "#14 Sandwich — Liverwurst & Marmalade." They watch Poppy leave with her sandwich.
The cops arrive, led by Williams. The other officers are restraining Kreps. Williams cuffs Poppy. Cinda shakes hands with Charles and Oliver. Alice and Mabel clean up the "art supplies."
Charles and Cinda narrate their respective podcasts, describing how Kreps met Poppy in the Chicken Chug, and they fell in love.
In a small apartment, Kreps and Poppy plan the murder, telling each other how they deserve all the good things that will come of it.
The podcasts conclude with Oliver and Mabel joining Charles.
Charles returns to the Brazzos set with Lucy by his side. The director informs him that his character's dementia is in remission, and he will no longer require a wheelchair.
Joy touches up his makeup. Charles tries to ask her out, but he can't find the words. Joy finishes his thoughts and kisses him, then wipes the lipstick off.
Mabel and Alice paint over the mural as Mabel finally renovates the apartment.
Will visits Oliver to check on Mrs. Gambolini (a.ka. Mama G). Oliver is about to tell Will his true parentage, but Will speaks first, saying it doesn't matter to him. They hug. Oliver gets a phone call offering him a directing opportunity on Broadway.
One year later, Oliver tries to get his star Ben Glenroy out of his dressing room. Ben bursts out and heads to the stage. Ben says he's going to be okay, but Oliver needs to talk to the other guy. Ben has some harsh words for his co-star.
Oliver suggests using the tension for his performance. Ben says he just might kill his co-star. The stage manager calls places. Ben takes his place behind the curtain.
Charles joins his co-star onstage and wishes him "good luck" (which is bad luck in the theatre, as he points out). Charles warns Ben to "Be smart, stay away from her" and tells Ben that he knows what he did.
Mabel joins Lucy and Joy in the audience. Oliver sits beside them. The lights dim, and the curtain rises on Ben Glenroy. Ben gets two lines out before collapsing, dead.
Oliver rises. Charles rushes to the stage along with some stagehands. Blood pours from Ben's mouth. Mabel is exasperated.
God! This is really not feeling like a finale yet, is it?
Howard Morris: Am I dressed appropriately? It’s really hard to know what to wear to a killer reveal party.
Jonathan: Killer reveal party — meaning a party where a killer is revealed or a reveal party that is killer in nature?
Howard Morris: I don’t know, Jonathan. Just be hot, okay?

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