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Just who went after the devoted Arconia resident?
Only Murders in the Building season 2 spoilers follow.
It’s taken 10 weeks, a lot of red herrings and even a Marvel star cameo, but we’ve finally got our answers over who killed Bunny Folger… and who the next victim is.
Mabel (Selena Gomez), Charles (Steve Martin) and Oliver (Martin Short) had to get their thinking caps on fast to figure out who killed Arconia’s board president and resident busybody, considering rival podcaster Cinda Canning (Tina Fey) was breathing down their necks in an attempt to pin it on them.
So, who could it have been?
Was it Alice (Cara Delevingne), the art curator with a quick and undeniable bond to Mabel, and a penchant for the macabre and true crime? How about Uma, who had been living at the Arconia and already knew about Bunny’s extremely expensive painting hanging in her house (with a key to the apartment to boot)? Or, was it someone else?
Well, it turns out not one mystery was solved in the season two finale, but two… including a case everyone had long assumed was already closed. Here’s how the killer was finally unmasked.

Becky Butler – Cinda’s first big cracked podcast case – was an Oklahoma office worker who was seemingly murdered by the town’s mayor in a lustful rage. He was even in prison for it.
Well… it turns out that Becky wasn’t as murdered – or even missing – as many would first assume. She’s actually Poppy White, Cinda’s long-tortured producer.
Miserable in her life as a Mayor’s aide, Becky decided to make a break for it and start a new life. Disappearing from her Oklahoma town, she cut her hair, started wearing glasses and waited for her vanishing to pick up steam.
Eventually, she brought “Becky’s disappearance” to the attention of Cinda, giving her the idea for hit true crime podcast, All Is Not OK in Oklahoma, and leveraging a job out of it.
The podcast is such a smash that Cinda’s “investigative efforts” resulted in the lechy Mayor being sent to prison for a murder that didn’t even happen.
But Cinda gave the newly renamed Poppy zero credit, and started getting angry when the Only Murders gang started getting the attention of the true crime crowd.
Desperate for a successful second outing, she leaned on Poppy for ideas. Snubbing the idea of finding Rose Cooper, the missing artist, Cinda declared she was going to sort it out herself – because she wanted a murder and if one wasn’t going to fall into her lap… she’ll seek one out.
With Bunny’s death being investigated, Poppy/Becky decided to come clean to Mabel, which gives her an idea.

With the ever-present threat of Cinda’s final episode of Only Murderers in the Building ready to pin the murder of Bunny on “Bloody Mabel”, the trio had to think fast to figure out how to get the killer to confess.
Thankfully, they had a team of wannabe actors at the Arconia as back-up for their big ‘killer reveal party’ – because the gang are nothing if not tasteful.
Inviting Cinda and Poppy along to the event, the group use everything they had against Cinda to confess that she had orchestrated the murder in order to advance her own podcast career, taking out the competition as she did so.
However, Cinda will not say she did it… which is when Mabel turns around and says it’s because she didn’t do it.
In a big unveiling, Mabel then pins the blame on Alice, who had come into their lives shortly after Bunny’s death. Believing she was after the expensive Rose Cooper painting Bunny had, and Bunny wanting nothing short of $14 million for it, Alice killed her out of spite in a bit to get hold of it.
In a rage, Alice stabs Charles, and he is left to bleed out on the floor while the police are called.
Impressed, Cinda in an uncharacteristic show of sweetness praised Mabel for figuring out the culprit, apologising for thinking it was her and even offering her the opportunity for her own podcast.
With that, Poppy absolutely loses it at her boss, fed up of being ignored. As she sneezes her way through a rant about how she deserved one over Mabel, the truth finally comes out… she was the killer.
After seducing Detective Kreps (Michael Rapaport), the pair had orchestrated a murder plan to kill someone off, pin it on Cinda, and both reap the benefits of catching her. Kreps would be promoted, and Poppy would finally get the podcast she desperately wanted.
Cinda didn’t even realise she was actually Becky Butler, and realised she had been used in order to give Poppy a new life and a clean break.
Only it didn’t quite work that way – and Poppy was busted as it was revealed the entire party was a ruse, everyone involved at the event acting things up. Even Charles isn’t dead, using theatrical blood in order to rig a murder scene.
With that, Kreps and Poppy are arrested and taken away.
End scene, Arconia! Emmys for you all.

With the murders in their building officially solved, the trio begin to go their separate ways, wrapping up their podcast. Charles returns to his hit show Brazzos with a more regular role, and even finally asks out crew member Joy who delightfully accepts.
Mabel starts renovations on her apartment for a fresh start, even saying goodbye to the window mural with the help of Alice as they paint over it together.
Oliver comes clean about not being Will’s real father, and the proud son tells him, “If you’re not my father then I don’t know what a father is.” On top of that, he’s given his dream career opportunity – directing a show on Broadway.
A happy ending for everyone right? Well… not quite.
A year later, Charles, Oliver and Mabel are reunited on opening night of Oliver’s show – with Charles landing a leading role opposite Ben Glenroy (played by guest star Paul Rudd).
Ben and Charles do not get on at all, and in a not-so-thinly veiled threat before the curtains come up, he warns Ben to “stay away from her”. An unshaken Ben tells him, “Why? What are you going to do?” to which Charles responds, “I know what you did”.
As the show starts, Ben is left standing alone on stage in a trench coat and trilby hat. Barely saying his first line, he suddenly keels over, coughing up blood and dying right there on the stage.
Charles and Oliver rush to him but it’s too late, and Mabel is left realising after a year of living a normal life, the trio are back with a new murder to solve.
Looking horrified (and a little mad), Mabel explains it best as she utters, “You’ve got to be f**king kidding me”.
See you next season, podcasters.
Only Murders in the Building is available now on Hulu in the US and Disney+ in the UK.


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