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Flashback: Teddy listens to the soundtrack of the musical "Carousel." He puts headphones on his son, Theo, who is deaf. Teddy signs the lyrics, but Theo cannot hear the music. Teddy signs more forcefully until he realizes he is upsetting Theo. Teddy apologizes and comforts his son.
In the present, Theo uses binoculars to spy on Charles, Oliver, and Mabel and read their lips. Charles, Mabel, and Oliver are planning to sneak into Teddy's apartment. Charles mentions that he has a date later.
Theo watches Oliver and Teddy leave the apartment for a coffee date.
Theo heads down to the front desk, where Dr. Stanley is complaining to Lester, the doorman. Lester signs something nonsensical about cheese to Theo. Theo realizes what Lester is trying to say, and corrects his hand gestures. Theo steals the master key from Lester's desk.
Using the key, Theo sneaks into Charles's apartment. He looks at the board of clues and theories, realizing they consider his father as a suspect in Tim's death. He takes some photos of the board. 
With Charles's help, Mabel sneaks into Teddy's apartment. She remembers sneaking in with Zoe at one point. 
Charles gets a text from Oliver, saying he is on his way back with Teddy. Uma, a neighbor, sees Charles acting suspiciously. 
Teddy and Oliver head up.
Charles joins Mabel in the apartment — both wearing yellow rubber gloves. They find a secret room behind a shelf filled with urns from "Shine On Funeral Home." Charles gets another text from Oliver. Charles and Mabel try to get out, but just then Theo enters. Mabel and Charles hide behind a door. They manage to sneak out when Theo goes to another room. 
Teddy returns to his apartment to find Theo there. Theo informs his father that the podcasters are onto them. Theo shows Teddy the photos of their board of clues and theories, mentions the jewels and "Angel." Teddy reassures Theo that he will fix any problem that comes up. 
Teddy goes into the secret room and fills one of the urns with jewelry. He tells Theo to "get on" the shipment coming in tonight.
Flashback: Theo putting things away in the secret room. Mabel, Tim, Oscar, and Zoe break in. Theo hides in the secret room, watching through a peephole. Zoe says she thinks Theo is hot. She finds a beautiful green ring. Zoe spots Theo looking through the peephole. He moves out of her sightline, but when he looks back, she meets his gaze. She subtly signs to him, saying she meant it when she said he was hot, and she takes the ring.
In Teddy's apartment, Theo notices a yellow rubber glove on the floor.
Mabel and Oliver head to the Shine On Funeral Home. 
Charles gets ready for his date with Jan. Jan shows up at his apartment.
Flashback: New Year's Eve. Teddy and Theo are in the elevator when Oscar and Zoe enter. Unseen by Oscar or Teddy, Zoe caresses Theo. Zoe signs "Happy New Year" as she leaves, and Teddy stops her, impressed that she knows ASL. As the elevator doors close, Teddy lays into Theo — he noticed the ring on Zoe's finger and blames Theo.
Mabel and Oliver arrive at the funeral home and see a porter with a cart of urns go by — exactly like the urns in Teddy's secret room. They head downstairs and investigate. They find another secret room.
Charles puts on some music. Charles and Jan dance. 
Mabel and Oliver explore the secret room.
Charles and Jan play Scrabble and it gets very flirtatious.
Mabel and Charles are in the basement of the funeral parlor when Theo shows up. They hide and witness Theo taking jewelry off of one of the corpses. Mabel texts Oliver that Teddy is a graverobber. Theo notices a shadow behind him. He turns and sees Mabel and Oliver. Oliver pushes a gurney into Theo, then he and Mabel try to make a break for it. The exit is locked.
Flashback: Theo sees Mabel at the New Year's party, then witnesses Zoe and Oscar fighting. Oscar leaves. Theo approaches Zoe, asking if she and Oscar broke up. He tells her Oscar is no good for her. Theo asks for the ring back, and Zoe complies. He tells her he will get her a real ring someday. She laughs in his face, then apologizes for being cruel. Zoe is clearly upset, and Theo offers her some guidance. This angers Zoe, and she shoves Theo. Theo fights her off, and she is accidentally thrown from the ledge.
Theo turns to see that Tim Kono has witnessed the altercation. Theo rushes to his father's apartment and throws up, sobbing, clutching the ring. Teddy assures Theo that he can fix it. He asks if Theo is responsible and if anyone saw what happened.
Teddy finds Tim Kono and tells him that Theo had nothing to do with what happened — that it was Oscar. Teddy tells Tim he just has to keep his mouth shut, threatening his life as well as Mabel's, if Tim should ever tell anyone what really happened.
In the present, Charles awakens in bed with a still-sleeping Jan. He checks his phone, only to find 78 messages and 11 missed calls from Charles and Mabel. The last one tells him to try 'THEO' as Time Kono's password.
Theo texts Teddy, telling him that "they know." Theo drives away in a van, with Mabel and Oliver bound and gagged in the back. 
Charles puts 'THEO' in as the password for Tim's phone. It unlocks.
Oliver is so deep in my pocket it’s tingling my balls.
Theo: He’s not good for you.
Zoe: Oh, I wasn’t aware boys were supposed to be good for you.
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