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Steve Martin and Martin Short’s great series with Selena Gomez, the true crime comedy Only Murders in the Building, continues with a second season.
Only Murders In The Building, the comedy-drama about podcasts and a modern murder mystery, quickly won the audience's heart when the first season aired last year. The fans won't have to wait much longer because the first three episodes of the second season of Only Murders In The Building drop on June 28th. With the incredible main trio back, Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez will have to work even harder to solve this murder. And, of course, produce another season of their acclaimed podcast.
Steve Martin, just like Martin Short, had an extensive career before the show. However, in 2009 Steve Martin made various comedy fans sad by retiring because he wanted to focus on other things, such as his music. Over a decade later, the former stand-up comedian came back with full steam to deliver a character that represents everything he is brilliant at, the intricate personal drama and comedic timing that only a few people have. Only Murders In The Building was created by Steve Martin and John Hoffmann (producer of Grace and Frankie) and tackles a modern obsession that only seems to increase over time: true crime series, especially in podcast form.
Selena Gomez is an executive producer alongside her two leads on the show. Steve Martin said, "True crime is one of my favorite genres,” which makes sense regarding how he was able to create such a compelling show around the subject. This is not the first series to revolve around this genre, there are a lot of fiction tv series and docuseries that tell (or are based on) real life criminal cases, really too many to count. But the only other shows that mine true crime for humor are the canceled American Vandal and Trial & Justice, but Only Murders in the Building brings a polished, smooth, almost jazzy mystery to the genre.
The series tells the story of three strangers who live in the same building, the Arconia, and have one thing in common: they are obsessed with a true-crime podcast. They are suddenly brought together to solve a murder that happens inside their building, fueled by their love of murder mysteries and desire to make their own podcast. Here is why if the two comedians decided to officially retire after this show, it would be a perfect ending to such incredible careers.
One of the main elements that really great elements of the show is the easygoing chemistry between Martin Short and Steve Martin. They have been friends for over 35 years and have worked with each other on different projects, such as the 1986 movie Three Amigos! and the iconic Father of the Bride, which HBO recently remade. They also have toured together on the Netflix comedy special Steve Martin and Martin Short: An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest of Your Life. They worked together on another live show last year, called The Funniest Show in Town at the Moment. There is nothing like being able to work on projects you like alongside people you consider close friends for so long. The actors themselves mention in interviews that they wouldn't do it any other way, especially during the long months of traveling to promote the show.
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Steve and Martin (Martin and Short?) having great chemistry wasn't a surprise to anyone. However, a great revelation that solidifies the narrative and makes the show stand out is how well they work with their co-star Selena Gomez, at her best here. The pair of comedy legends, both in their 70s (and Steve Martin having already 'retired'), shine alongside Gomez, and the trio captures the audience's attention with witty remarks and poor attempts at following clues. Her comedic timing and modern banter blend nicely with the other actors' approach to the story and their characters.
The first season was certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. The criminal case and the characters' arcs are incredibly well-structured and engaging. The tone of the show was unique: the comedic elements and the drama these characters go through blended well together. The comedy present in the series is fantastic (often highlighting the age of Martin and Short, another aspect which feels like a swan song), the timing and pace of the story couldn't be better. Even though there is an easiness in the overall mood of the show, the sense of urgency and tense moments are well-developed. The jokes and impossibly funny ways the characters solve their investigative problems only enhance the more serious moments.
Each character grow a lot over the first season, making them feel complex and appealing to the audience. The fact that Martin Short (playing a former director) and Steve Martin (playing a former actor) inhabit characters whose careers are long behind them and who aren't well remembered, but who get an opportunity to do one last big thing, really makes Only Murders in the Building feel like a swan song. The structure of each episode, as if they were an installment on the podcast, is great, and the titles are always funny. This makes it easy to follow along with a seemingly uncomplicated case that turns out to be much bigger than the trio expected.
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The quality present in the show is expected from such huge Hollywood legends, and Hulu did not disappoint with its production; the show looks and sounds great, and is handled very professionally. As the case progresses, so does the relationship between these characters. As the trio start to care for one another in a very kind way, the audience also begins to care for them – especially when their traumas and dilemmas are shown.
The second season is a few days away, and fans can't wait to continue this crime comedy journey. This great show encapsulates the best parts of these actors and their careers. With incredible guest stars on the first season (and some appearances in the second season like Amy Schumer and Shirley MacLaine being confirmed), such as Sting playing himself (who was one of the main suspects in the murder), it's obvious that Steve Martin and Martin Short have fun doing the show. If the comedian legends decide to retire after this project, they will certainly be missed, but the show would be a perfect goodbye.
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