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Season 2 of Only Murders In The Building brings another murder case while dropping some shocking plot twists.
This article contains spoilers for Season 2 of Only Murders In The Building.
The recent finale of Only Murders In The Building has season 2 wrap up on a high note. The series unfolded after successfully solving the murder of Tim Kono and the highly anticipated season 2 featured a new murder on the plate of TV's favorite mystery-solving trio. With new characters' introductions and plot twists, Only Murder In The Building gives a mysterious twist to classic murder mysteries.
Season 2 revolved around the death of Bunny Folger, while the trio was wrongly framed for her murder. The story faintly throws out hidden clues and smaller plot reveals, yet a few scenes reveal shocking climaxes.
One of the most gripping theories in the season was the introduction of secret passageways in the Arconia. The series introduced and delved into the backstory of the building and the hidden mysteries of the Arconia itself.
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These secret passageways became the only means for the murderer to move. By midseason, it's clear that the murderer seemed to know too much about these passages, and so did Lucy, Charles' ex-girlfriend's daughter. Albeit how the murderer knows about these passageways was unclear and left a possible plot hole.
While the team usually is on their feet, this was one mistake that they couldn't avoid. After multiple murderers' weapons and clues are dropped in their apartments, they contact Detective Williams (or at least they thought they were), inadvertently alerting the "killer."
The twist of the protagonist leading the killer to their whereabouts and plans seemed implausible. Upon realizing that they were texting the killer, Oliver, Mabel and Charles design an elaborate plan to foil their plan.
​​​​​​The series opens with the trio framed for Bunny's murder. As they navigate and search for the true killer, they stumble upon a series of clues and reasons for the crime.
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The infamous painting by Rose Cooper was with Bunny, and the then-missing painting added to the mystery, especially when the artwork later popped up in Charles' apartment. But the bigger shock was the trio finding out that the painting was a fake while the true one was hidden, unbeknownst to anyone. In episode 9, however, the actual painting was discovered underneath Bunny's pet parrot's cage.
The murder starts with the painting fiasco, which is estimated to be worth millions. At the start of the series, the audience is introduced to Bunny's mother, who is in the building to claim the painting, although the identity of this "mother" soon becomes the center of one of the major plot twists. Episode 9 is hard-hitting, with every person facing some uncertainty: while Mabel confronts Mr. Kreps, Oliver comes to terms with his son's true lineage. But one of the main twists was the real identity of Rose Cooper.
As Charles finds that Bunny's mother was not the person he met, it is finally revealed that Rose Cooper was the one who posed as Bunny's mother. Along with this revelation comes another personal truth for Charles: she shows the hidden painting of him and his father and how much he meant to his father.
The identity of the murderer was an unanswered question until late into the season. While none of the main characters knew or even met the killer, in a surprising turn of events, it was Lucy who was the first witness to the crime.
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Lucy was in town to meet Charles and in her "rendezvous passage experience," she unwittingly became the first witness. Lucy's encounter revealed minor details about the killer's personality, like the type of sneeze they have, although this did put her in a more vulnerable spot.
The new character addition to the Only Murders In The Building cast included the bossy and bashful Mr. Kreps, who, unfortunately, was in charge of Bunny Folger's murder case. Mr. Kreps' relationship with the trio seemed bitter from their very first encounter.
With the hidden clues leading to the team's elaborate plan of catching the murderer, Mabel discovers that the "glitter guy," whom they had tricked, was indeed Mr. Kreps. The identity reveal leaves the audience wondering if Mr. Kreps was the murderer or an accomplice. This reveal was an unexpected twist that further led to the bigger twist of the real murderer, Cinda Canning.
One of the most significant Only Murders In The Building plot twists of the season was the clue surrounding "14 Savage." Over the season, many hidden details left the viewers with a few options as to what this could mean.
While initially, Mabel thinks she hears Savage as Bunny's last word and believes it to be related to the painting, it is only revealed in the end that she said "14 Sandwich," which was Poppy's regular order.
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