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The latest episode of Only Murders in the Building was merely a long-winded way to deliver one reveal by the end of the episode and maybe another though it is more likely to be a misdirect. Also, Nina may have a heart after all. Meanwhile the premise of the episode, a blackout occurring at the end of the last episode, presented an interesting wrinkle for our characters but in reality, it did not play a factor which was a shame. It essentially saw Charles, Oliver, and Mabel run around in the dark and riff off of one another which isn’t quite nothing as the chemistry of Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez can help viewers get through almost anything. However, one can’t help but want more at this point in the season.
Marv (Daniel Oreskes) of the podcast fan group got an opening narration for the episode as the others in the group grew restless with the progress on this season of the OMITB podcast but he was the only one keeping the faith and still had theories. They were in the same restaurant at the same time as the blackout. As far as Charles, Oliver, and Mabel were concerned, the focus was Lucy who appeared to be in danger.
The blackout caused plenty of dysfunction in the Arconia as the elevators were out, keeping many of the residents in the lobby. The prospect of climbing flights of stairs presented a predictable set of challenges, especially for Charles and Oliver but particularly the latter. Lucy, on the other hand, fled from presumably glitter guy in the tunnels. However, by the time they got there, Marv scared him off. He had experience working in the building. Meanwhile, Howard (Michael Cyril Creighton) also found a potential love interest in the form of a new subletter. The blackout presented him an opportunity to engage him. Doing so, he learned that the subletter was allergic to cats.
That last discovery was a notable one as Lucy revealed that she saw Bunny’s killer sneeze which may be a misdirect. The real reveal is how Detective Kreps, who just happened to be in the neighborhood, was glitter guy based on the red glitter on his neck.
Hopefully the season picks up the pace as the back half has slowed down which is the opposite of what it should be doing.
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The EIC of the coincidentally-named A Canadian who prefers to get out of the cold and into the warmth of a movie theatre.

The EIC of the coincidentally-named A Canadian who prefers to get out of the cold and into the warmth of a movie theatre.
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