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Only Murders in the Building features an excellent new mystery, and every major character is a suspect. So which of them killed Bunny?
Only Murders in the Building is nearing the end of its critically acclaimed second season, upping the ante with each new episode. Featuring a new mystery and a parade of potential suspects, the beloved show keeps redefining the crime comedy genre thanks to its mix of thrills and humor.
Almost every character is a suspect, maybe even the main trio of Mabel, Oliver, and Charles. However, some figures are far more suspicious than others, making audiences second guess everything and doubt everyone. With the season finale fast approaching, it’s time to take a closer look at all the potential suspects and determine who is the most likely murderer.
Steve Martin and Martin Short are at the top of their game in Only Murders in the Building. The veteran comedians are giving two of the best performances of their careers, filling the show with plenty of charm, humor, and experience.
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As two-thirds of the show’s stars, Charles and Oliver are a crucial part of the plot. They are also crime enthusiasts with enough knowledge to commit a crime and possibly get away with it. However, their involvement in the murder is highly unlikely; they are too unassuming and, in all honesty, clumsy to be the culprits. Most importantly, they were at the Arconia’s rooftop when Bunny got stabbed, meaning they couldn’t have possibly done it.
Teddy Dimas — played by Broadway and television veteran Nathan Lane — is one of the most cunning characters in the show. The reveal that he covered his son’s accidental killing of Zoe was one of the best plot twists in Only Murders in the Building season 1.
Although Teddy has dubious moral boundaries and is perfectly capable of killing, he couldn’t have been responsible for Bunny’s murder. He wasn’t at the Arconia at the time of her stabbing, although he could’ve sent someone to do it to frame Oliver, Charles, and Mabel. Still, the plan seems a tad too farfetched, even for Teddy, who seems like the kind who would rather put a hit on Oliver rather than frame him for murder.
Selena Gomez is giving a career-best performance in Only Murders in the Building. Combining dry humor with emotional vulnerability, the actress is the straight woman to Martin and Short’s antics, creating the perfect balance. Unlike her two co-stars, Gomez didn’t receive an Emmy nomination this year, and her omission is one of the worst snubs of 2022.
Mabel is more mysterious and volatile than her two fellow sleuths. She often allows her emotions to get the best of her; it could be conceivable that she stabbed Bunny in a moment of fear. The most recent episode reveals Mabel also suffers from memory lapses, meaning audiences should not entirely trust her. Even so, it’s highly unlikely that she did it, mainly because she had no reason to kill Bunny. Mabel would be capable of killing someone in self-defense, but she’s not a cold-blooded murderer.
Academy Award winner Shirley MacLaine plays Leonora, Bunny’s mother, who knows more than she reveals. She appears in the season’s first two episodes, wanting to recover Bunny’s valuable painting of Charles’ father. Leonora talks about the artist, Rose Cooper, revealing she had an affair with Charles’ father.
Leonora will surely return before the season ends, revealing more secrets about Bunny. Perhaps she ordered the hit on Bunny to recover her painting, but it’s unlikely. After all, Bunny was her daughter; furthermore, Leonora doesn’t seem in any hurry to recover the piece of art when she first shows up. Still, one of the most enduring tropes in mystery shows is to never discard any suspect, and Leonora has a strong motive to want her daughter dead.
No offense to Amy Schumer, but there was no point to her two-episode guest-stint on the show. Unless there was, and the series is playing it close to the chest. It wouldn’t be surprising to see her story continue, because Schumer is a big star and her role was somewhat forgettable.
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Within the show’s context, Schumer has a considerable obsession with Charles. Could her desire to meet him drive her to commit a crime? It seems highly unlikely. And yet, there’s got to be a reason for the show to include her. Maybe she didn’t kill Bunny, but she might have helped the one who did.
The hilarious Jackie Hoffman plays Uma Heller, one of the Arconia’s rudest and most unpleasant residents. She was the closest thing Bunny had to a friend, although the two shared a mostly dry relationship.
Uma doesn’t like Charles, Oliver, and Mabel; perhaps she planned Bunny’s death to frame the trio and rid the building of the meddlesome squad. Uma could’ve also had a score to settle with Bunny; their relationship seemed civil enough, but as two of the oldest residents in the building, who knows how many skeletons they have hiding in their closets? Bunny knew the secret passageways of the Arconia; perhaps Uma too.
Played by Cara Delevigne, Alice is one of the best new characters in Only Murders in the Building. She poses as a cool and experienced gallery owner, but it’s just an act to fit in among the art world’s snobby crowd. Alice is also planning on profiting from Mabel’s distress, seemingly making a documentary about Bunny’s murder.
There’s something about Alice that doesn’t quite fit. She is an experienced liar, and her arrival after Bunny’s murder is too convenient. The one thing that doesn’t check out is her connection to Bunny. There’s no clear reason Alice would want Bunny dead other than to profit off the “Bloody Mabel” persona, which sounds like a compelling enough reason.
Rule number one of a good mystery: never discard a suspect. Rule number two: suspects who get discarded too soon often come back with a vengeance. Nina is the Arconia’s new manager who shared a close but slightly contentious relationship with Bunny. She is one of the trio’s first suspects, but they become convinced of her innocence after she expresses her seemingly genuine concern for Bunny.
Nina fits the profile of a potential killer with a real reason to kill Bunny and more than enough resources to do it. She could’ve easily hired a Coney Island guard to kill Bunny. Nina might know where the real painting is; after all, she is the Arconia’s new manager and should know most of its secrets.
Charles’ ex-girlfriend’s daughter, Lucy, is one of the show’s most likable characters. However, she’s also one of the most suspicious. She returns to reconnect with Charles and clearly cares for him, treating him as a father. Their bond seems strong, meaning she would do anything to protect him.
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Lucy knows the secrets of the Arconia, including the tunnels that connect the floors and apartments. While it’s unlikely she’d kill anyone in cold blood, she might’ve stabbed Bunny by accident. Lucy also seemingly saw the killer while hiding in the tunnels; however, there’s a chance the hooded figure was there searching for Lucy and not to escape the crime scene. Lucy isn’t evil, but that doesn’t mean she’s not the killer.
Ivan is Bunny’s waiter at the deli she frequents. He makes small talk with her, and she seems fond of him. She overtips him and even gives him a large sum of money to help his struggling DJ career. All in all, Ivan and Bunny seemed to be on friendly terms.
However, things are never what they seem in mystery shows. Ivan returned the money he received from Bunny out of fear of being connected to her murder, perhaps because he actually is. He might’ve asked for more money from Bunny or even extorted it from her. The man who attacked Mabel on the subway was tall and somewhat lanky, which fits Ivan’s frame. Ivan could also easily work in Coney Island, making him the prime suspect in the case.
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