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After binging season 1 of Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building, fans on Reddit are finding more hints and clues that help land the show’s murderer.
After wrapping up in October 2021, Only Murders in the Building has concluded season 1 and is gearing up for a second season. Viewers have become obsessed with Charles, Oliver, and Mabel and were busy solving the murder of Tim Kono with them and their podcast, Only Murders in the Building. 
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With the famous trio, viewers narrowed down suspects as the real killer was named in the final episode. However, after a shocking twist in the season’s finale, there is now another killer in the building. Fans have begun rewatching the series to pick up on any clues or hints they missed and are collaborating with other fans on Reddit to share what they found — just like Charles, Oliver, and Mabel.
Note: Spoilers Below
In one of Mabel’s first scenes, she’s walking down the streets of New York in one of Selena Gomez’s best outfits on Only Murders. She’s listening to music as a voice-over comes on screen.
Mabel told viewers that New York was a hard place to live and that the only thing that calmed her down was binging Dateline so that she didn’t end up on Dateline. Ironically, a fan pointed out a connection between this quote and the murderer, Jan. Rapzel79 wrote, “Jan is a Dateline-style serial killer! And Charles, being a guy, didn’t watch Dateline to learn to avoid being on Dateline, so he was almost a Dateline-style victim.” As fans know, Jan tried killing Charles by poisoning his drink and gassing his apartment.
One of the burning questions fans have after the first season finale was who killed Bunny? It wasn’t until the first season ended that Redditor Rapzel79 realized a small hint. They wrote, “Omit B is the way the acronym for the show was pronounced, and I think it is a clue. The trio Omitted B…Bunny.'”
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If Only Murders in the Building is short for OMITB aka omit B, this could mean that the threesome shouldn’t have discounted Bunny. They continued writing, “It’s omitting her from their radar, that they didn’t see her murder coming.”
In the introductory scene for Charles in episode 1, Charles is strolling through New York City as he gives a little background about himself and the city. In the background, a song called “Manhattan” by Jan & Dean is playing.
Those who finished the series know that the biggest Only Murders in the Building plot twist was revealed when the audience discovers the murderer is actually Charles’s girlfriend, Jan. But LilGarage-Sneeze told Reddit that they think the connection between the opening song and the killer was not an accident. “The opening song in episode one is by a group called Jan,” they wrote. Was this a subtle hint from the producers?
There are amazing guest stars throughout OMITB, and one of them is Nathan Lane (Teddy). In the series, Teddy is a deli chain owner and one of Oliver’s oldest friends. He also went by the name Angel as a black market jewelry dealer.
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The trio didn’t know Teddy and Angel were the same people until they got further in their investigation. Nevertheless, in the episode where Angel is being dissected, there’s an Easter egg in the intro. Fourbits noticed there’s “a shadow of an angel in episode 6’s opening credits,” hinting that Angel was a resident of the Arconia.
As likable as the characters in Only Murders in the Building are as individuals, the residents of the Arconia don’t always like each other — especially when it comes to Bunny.
At the end of the opening credits in the first episode, Bunny is seen walking her dog in front of the Arconia, but fans noticed something about the arches. Foeindrome shared an article from Salon that shared some hints in the series. In the scene above, there’s a literal Easter egg above the entryway in between the angels. The Redditor loved “the thought that went into the Easter eggs.”
It seems that every apartment in the Arconia had a grand fireplace, but when Tim died, it was noted that the entire apartment wasn’t allowed to use their fireplaces because of Tim’s asthma. Now with him gone, everyone was able to use them yet again.
Cncpmartinez told Reddit that there was a small continuity issue because “Oliver’s fireplace was on before” viewers heard about Tim’s asthma. Could this mean that there’s a connection between Oliver and Tim due to his fireplace working?
Fans love the behind-the-scenes moments in Only Murders in the Building because it’s more information that could assist in solving yet another murder.
Some savvy viewers pointed out that episode 1 was full of hints and clues. One of the biggest was that Mabel might not be as innocent as she alludes in her opening scene. TransformU1 wrote, “Mabel’s dream: the intruder + knitting needles” is the biggest giveaway that she killed Bunny. Bunny was killed with a knitting needle episodes after Mabel said she envisioned killing a burglar with her knitting needle.
In one scene, Charles and Oliver are recording an episode in Oliver’s closet. Mabel strolled into Oliver’s to meet the two, but WhoIsTimeKono mentioned that she seemed far too comfortable there.
They wrote, “Mabel walks right into Oliver’s apartment on her supposed first visit there. She doesn’t even knock first. She’s been there before…” Mabel’s comfortability should be explored in a season 2 storyline because it’s almost as if she’s hiding things from Oliver and Charles or she’s teamed up with Oliver before, leaving Charles on the outs.
In a flashback, it’s shown that Mabel and Zoe had matching black whale tattoos. The meaning of the whale wasn’t dissected, but the tattoo was shown nonetheless.
It’s clear by the tattoos that Zoe and Mabel had a deep connection and would have been one of the best duos on the show if Zoe lived. But putting their friendship to the side and focusing on the tattoo, GalinDay noted, “The Mystery of the Whale Tattoo is literally a Hardy Boys book, there’s definitely a connection there.” The actual Hardy Boys book is eventually shown in episode 2, leaving fans curious about what The Mystery of the Whale Tattoo focused on.
It’s not just the literal Easter egg and the angel that fans noticed in the opening sequence. Redditor Twisted-Rush found a Twitter thread that broke down some of the hints in the opening credits. The small additions to the artwork were hints throughout that particular episode.
In the one episode where the singer Sting is shown, a small bumblebee is seen buzzing by Charles’s window. Likewise, on the night of “Tie-Dye Guy,” the moon changes from red to the tie-dye shown on the Tie-Dye Guy’s hoodie. These small hints alluded to what was to come in the episode.
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