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The shock ending of season 1 left everyone wondering what would be coming next. Here are some theories about the plot for One of Us is Lying Season 2.
Spoiler Warning: One of Us is Lying Season 1
One of Us Is Lying began with five students getting detention and only four of them coming out alive. The four that were framed, Bronwyn, Nate, Cooper, and Addy, became known as the Murder Club, meeting in secret to uncover who killed Simon. Through a series of twists, turns, and secrets, they discovered the killer was none other than Jake, Addy's ex-boyfriend. After finding out about Addy's affair, Jake schemed with Simon to place peanut oil in his water cup, which would cause him to go into anaphylactic shock, but Simon believed the group would be able to retrieve an EpiPen to save him. Little did Simon know that Jake intentionally sabotaged their plan.
Season 1 concluded with Murder Club living up to their name and killing Jake. After attempting to go back to normal and put the incident behind them, the group receives an ominous text message from a sender called "Simon Says." With this cliffhanger wrapping up the first season, it begs the questions, who is behind the "Simon Says" text message, and what is in store for Murder Club in season 2 of One of Us is Lying?
Prior to Murder Club receiving the text message at the very end of episode 8, only one person received a message from this user: Janae. The first time when she got locked out of About That and the second time telling her to look in a specific locker where Simon's missing EpiPen had been planted. These messages, according to Janae, appeared only for a few seconds before they disappeared. Since the group had discovered Jake to be behind Simon's murder, it would make sense to conclude that he was behind these messages.
However, the text message appearing after his death leaves you wondering, could someone else be behind the mysterious "Simon Says" messages? Many characters likely hold a grudge against Murder Club for ruining their lives or reputations. The most likely candidates include Ms. Avery, Vanessa, and TJ. Ms. Avery's career and reputation were ruined after the group exposed what she did for Vanessa, assisting her in an abortion.
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Vanessa, of course, shared this information with Addy and pleaded with her not to tell anyone else so that Ms. Avery wouldn't get in trouble. Addy broke her trust, and the secret about Ms. Avery and Vanessa got out, resulting in Ms. Avery being fired. While Vanessa certainly seems vindictive enough to blackmail the group, it seems less likely that Ms. Avery could be capable of doing such a thing to her former students.
On the other hand, TJ was exposed to being involved in an affair with Addy while she was dating Jake. He confessed his feeling for her, but Addy betrayed him and lied, which got him suspended from school. When TJ returned, she attempted to manipulate him in order to steal his phone, suspecting him to be behind Simon's death. It seems more likely that he would want nothing to do with the group moving forward, but if he discovered they killed his friend, he might be motivated enough to blackmail them.
Another likely culprit could be Maeve. Besides Janae, she is the only one to witness a "Simon Says" message. During homecoming, she sees the message over Janae's shoulder. Perhaps Maeve was in on the scheme between Jake and Simon, or maybe she was inspired to mimic the messages and blackmail the group after witnessing what happened in the woods. Since she was previously involved with Simon, it is possible that she believed in his mission to expose people's secrets and lies and force them to face their own hypocrisy.
One of Us is Lying season 2 will pick up right where it left off from season one and present a whole new challenge for Murder Club. Instead of trying to prove their innocence, they will be forced to work together to protect their deadly secret at all costs. Covering up the murder of Jake is the ultimate secret that could change their lives forever if it got out, and unfortunately for Murder Club, someone else knows what happened in the woods. The new "Simon Says" character will certainly blackmail them, but how far will the group be willing to go to protect their secret?
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A new character being introduced is Jake's older brother, who will return to Bayview to investigate his brother's death. He will pose one of the biggest threats to the group as he actively works to uncover what happened to Jake. And it is likely that the group will go to great lengths to mislead him. The group's solidarity and relationships will be put to the test between the blackmail from "Simon Says" and trying to keep Jake's brother from discovering the truth.
To make matters worse, the characters will also be dealing with the consequences of their exposed secrets from season 1. Bronwyn has confessed to cheating on her chemistry exam, and the matter may continue to be scrutinized during season 2. She would then have to deal with losing scholarships and acceptance into college. Cooper expressed his desire to publicly come out as gay, which may impact his baseball prospects. Nate was outed as selling drugs to a girl who overdosed, and he continued to sell while on parole. If he is caught dealing, he could face legal troubles or possibly attempt to flee once again. As for Addy, her affair with TJ was revealed, thus destroying her reputation, and she will have to find a way to recover socially. Mentally and emotionally, she will also have to come to terms with the toxic relationship she had with Jake and her role in his death.
Facing several threats from "Simon Says" and Jake's brother, in addition to dealing with the consequences of their previously exposed secrets, Murder Club's dark secret is at great risk of being revealed in season 2. Watch it on Netflix on October 20, 2022, to find out what happens.


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