null – Worcester Telegram

$319,000, 25 Wagg Hill Rd, Bell, Nancy, to Symes, Susan.
$308,000, 9 Sunset Ave, Progin, Stephen M, to Oconnell, Barry M, and Oconnell, Susan A.
$280,000, 161 Old Ashby Rd, Ham, Allan S, and Ham, Wendy B, to Racicot, Zachary J, and Shimmel, Alyssa.
$232,500, 105 Sherbert Rd, Slocum, Heather L, to Tejada, Mercedes.
$179,000, 13 Browns Lake Rd, Kopley, Nicholas, to Pixa, Kelli.
$305,000, 136 Turnpike Rd, Philbrick, Roy W, and Philbrick, Rebecca H, to Quin, Daniel B, and Quin, Sara B.
$268,500, 155 Lakewood Dr, Wood, Paula, and Leblanc, Marc, to Smith, Daniel R.
$245,000, 402 W Royalston Rd, Facey, Todd D, and Facey, Rainee J, to Rogers, Patrick.
$240,000, 181 Main St, RRJ T, and Godin, Frances, to Horizon T Co.
$237,000, 73 Cobb Rd, Phillips, Pamela J, to Cadran, Jennifer.
$210,000, 683 Partridgeville Rd, Soucie, Ann, to Boudreau, Daron L, and Roberts, Christina M.
$173,000, 43 Emerald St, Gauvin, Steven, to Erazo, Oscar, and Erazo, Jorge.
$151,400, 121 Pleasant St, Eunsu-Hong, Samuel, to Obrien, Rosemary.
$150,000, 930 Templeton Rd #2, Raniolo, Melina M, to Gavin, Duane.
$7,500,000, 33 Sword St, Ram Construction LLC, to F W Webb Co.
$2,500,000, 33 Sword St, Ram Contruction LLC, to Eleven Cousins LP.
$2,500,000, 43 Sword St, Eleven Cousins LP, to RAM Construction LLC.
$375,000, 14 Robert Ave, Fullen, David J, and Fullen, Elaine M, to Mena, Kerolos, and Attia, Soheir G.
$328,000, 6 Old Farm Rd, Stidsen, Gisele M, to Delarosa, Dorka M, and Ramirez-Soriano, Jose R.
$305,000, 43 Stone St, Koza, Walter, to Cobane, Stacey E.
$300,000, 10 Jefferson Dr, Marilyn E Plue LT, and Leclaire, Stephen E, to Kennen, James A.
$273,000, 770 Oxford St S, Belair, Paul W, to Krumsiek, Kelly M.
$240,000, 29 Pinehurst Ave, Chouinard, Bernard, and Keith, Kevin, to Curran, Nathan A, and Brown, Roseanne.
$200,000, 175 Prospect St, Racki Joseph M Est, and Delagorgendiere, Karen J, to Delagorgendiere, Dana P, and Delagorgendiere, Rebecca.
$167,000, 76 Bancroft St #C1, Davis, Karen E, to Chenard, David M, and Chenard, Lorraine M.
$230,000, 2 Debra Ln, Condrate, Raymond K, to Santiago, Edward R, and Glavin-Santiago, Kasey.
$180,000, Williamsville Rd, Madsen Walter E Jr Est, and Madsen-Mckenzie, Juliet K, to Bullard Farm RT, and Wolfe, Scott.
$122,884, 196 Worcester Rd, Snyder FT, and Snyder, Max J, to Turning Point Investments.
$439,000, 313 Lincoln St, Webster, William A, and Ahlin, Diana J, to Benson, Michael J.
$252,900, 34 Carter Ave, Camire, Jonathan, and Camire, Jenna, to Hussey, Kevin L, and Grant, Pamela.
$152,500, 7 Devlin Cir #7, Canestrari, Roger W, and Canestrari, Carol A, to Fekkes, Joy M.
$850,000, 46 Meadow Rd, Jafry, Syed, and Jafry, Brynn B, to Lichwell, Jacqueline, and Lichwell, Ryan.
$569,900, 14 Village Ln #14, Weston Development Group, to John W Scobo T, and Scobo, John W.
$540,000, 360 S Bolton Rd, Lichwell, Ryan J, and Lichwell, Jacqueline D, to Kisuk-Kim, Timothy.
$881,343, 1250 Main St, Marios, Jeffrey N, and HSBC Bank USA NA Tr, to HSBC Bank USA NA Tr.
$400,000, 11 6th St, Stavros-Beatrix, Kenney, to Rice, Daniel, and Rice, Alicia.
$249,000, 390 Brookfield Rd, Croke, Nathanial W, to Garfield, Justin D, and Garfield, Cayla L.
$75,000, 17 2nd St, Cazzetta, John, and Cazzetta, Pauline M, to Nelson, Robert.
$240,000, 47 Webber Rd, Peloquin, Beth A, and Peloquin, Michael E, to Gaspie, Daniel.
$50,000, 43 Lake Rd, Evans, David M, to Gaudreau, Michael G.
$1,175,000, Sturbridge Rd, Kaszoski FT, and Kaszowski, Kenneth P, to Landreau Realty LLC.
$505,000, 49 Sunset Dr, Lloyd, Joseph, to Render, Tina I, and Dacey, Susan A.
$393,000, 20 Colicum Dr, Fryklund Shaylene A Est, and Vincent, Carole A, to Nix, Steven, and Nix, Lisa.
$250,000, 92 A F Putnam Rd, Ellis, Milton R, and Ellis, Betty A, to Artuso, Michael J, and Artuso, Ann M.
$218,000, 12 Griffin Rd, Burlingame Richard W Est, and Burlingame, Steven J, to Stevens, Joshua H, and Joslyn, Holly M.
$190,000, 60 Brookfield Rd, Luoma, Ronald, and Luoma, Audrey, to Luoma, Antonio, and Luoma, Brianna N.
$50,000, 4 Liberty Way, Dagilis, Michael J, and Dagilis, Kristin M, to Dagilis, Michael J.
$418,750, 260 Main St, Pender, Peter M, and Pender, Claire, to Suhr, Ragnar H, and Suhr, Anique C.
$418,000, 6 Lydia Ln, Brunetti, Michael C, and Brunetti, Janelle, to Souza-Deoliveira, Daniell, and Deoliveira, Enderson.
$366,000, 14 Lancaster Rd, Fitzgerald, Mary A, to Seymour, Justine L, and Nash, Jared E.
$355,000, 19 Boynton St, Fournier, Shawn, and Noun, Norie, to Jose-Dacosta, Hernandes, and DeFatima-Almeida, Januari.
$320,000, 24 Ross St, Opritova, Olga M, to Maslowski, Annette, and Maslowski, Francis.
$212,000, 146 Main St #2B, Berthiaume, Guy, to Fleming, Adam P, and Fleming, Peter A.
$434,900, 2 Laurel Glades, Stockwell, Stephanie L, to Ryan, David, and Ryan, Candice.
$400,000, 14 Pleasant St, Iadarola FT, and Iadarola, Frank A, to Sunway Properties LLC.
$323,000, 6 Colonial Rd, Ryan, David A, and Ryan, Candace, to Lewia, Samuel P, and Lewia, Allison R.
$285,000, 135 Main St, Thibault, Lusiya, to Depasquale, Michael R.
$120,000, 1 Yew St, Tetreault, Veronica A, to Orbison Corp.
$80,000, 8 Perry St, Tetreault, Veronica A, to Orbison Corp.
$413,900, 71 Eagle Dr, Para, Brian M, to Gorski, Marcin, and Gorski, Lisa A.
East Brookfield
$255,000, 113 Draper Rd, Belanger William Ernest, and Belanger, Mckenzie R, to Nault, Richard H, and Lebeau, Amy I.
$205,000, 101 Cove St, Fairshare Investments Inc, to Colbath, Kevin D, and Colbath, Emily J.
$1,408,000, 650 Water St, Arden Mills LLC, to Arden Ventures LLC.
$385,000, 69 Macintosh Ln, Burgwinkel, Edwin H, and Burgwinkel, Garda M, to Amin-Mbapngong, Stephen, and Epse-Mbapngong, E N.
$364,900, 62 Bilotta Way, Giusto, Mark P, to Szarek, Sandra A, and Pollock, David J.
$350,000, 227 Pearl Hill Rd, Davis, John M, and Davis, Joan C, to Celestin, Kara M.
$350,000, 625 Shea St, Rousseau, Thomas E, and Hamilton-Rousseau, Diana, to Nario, Jorge, and Nario, Lauren E.
$320,000, 29 3rd St, Pav RT, and Vellucci, Peter, to Brown, James M, and Brown, Davina G.
$315,000, 71 Forest St, Rosado, Edna, to Otukoya, Olanrewaju, and Obuekwe, Adaolisa.
$312,000, 37 Parker St, Gail R Bubon RET, and Bubon, Gail M, to Pomales-Feliciano, E J.
$290,000, 74 Ellis St, Richards IRT, and Richards, Donald, to Loepere-Smith, Jared, and Loepere-Smith, Gabrielle.
$280,000, 47-49 Cascade St, Patrikis, Daniel, and Patrikis, Tarin, to Santiago, Gerardo.
$269,400, 152 Highland Ave, Ramirez-Ruiz, Jonathan, and Sepulveda-Rivera, Carol, to Santana, Diosmar J.
$269,000, 5 Rogers Ave, Lacoy, Brandon T, to Powell, Debra J, and Powell, Douglas L.
$250,000, 117 Caspian Way #117, Boghigian, Jonathan A, to Hall-Ethridge, Timothy, and Ethridge, Bonny B.
$245,000, 10 Fulton St, Gelinas, Daniel, to Obrien, Patrick W, and Obrien, Stefanie.
$245,000, 520 Old South St, Rey, Victor A, and Rey, Silvia M, to Bomengen, Christopher L.
$242,000, 44 Belgian Way #44, Mcguinness, Amber L, to Stephano, Susan H.
$235,000, 17 A St, Benson, John P, and Howell, Ellen E, to Blake, Laura.
$230,000, 558 Milk St, Szarek, Sandra A, to Rodriguez, Victor.
$225,000, 268 Milk St, Tancrell, Brian K, and Tancrell, Jerrilynn S, to Searles, Shelby R.
$220,000, 32 Rogers Ave, Johnston, Kelsey A, to Morales, Kourtnie N.
$220,000, 74 Jane Ave, Nurnberger, Richard G, and Nurnberger, James, to Siciliano, Amanda R.
$210,000, 15 Maverick St, Quin, Daniel, and Quin, Sara, to Pereira-Hernandez, L.
$200,000, 17 Boylston St, Corcoran, Ryan J, and Corcoran, Brian P, to Baker, David A.
$195,000, 60 Constitution Dr #60, Leger, Donna M, and Leger, Ronald J, to Hamilton-Rousseau, Diana.
$194,300, 95 Pacific St, Martin, Sonia M, to Wang, John Y, and Cheng, Jeanne.
$194,000, 8 Brigham St, Vasquez-Sanchez, Genaro, to Rivero, Silvia, and Rotela, Florencia.
$187,000, 293 Rollstone St, Raisanen Ida S Est, and Mcmahon, Kim M, to Jaiman, Maricel.
$163,000, 134-136 High St, Eskola, Ellen M, to Toribio, Annel.
$161,500, 156 Sanborn St, Reliable Property Dev LLC, to Santiago, Luis A, and Chanthapamouk, Chim.
$150,000, 74 Warren St, Lee Joan Est, and Lee, John, to Hillman, Patrick, and Hillman, Alice.
$135,000, 63 Sanborn St, Martinez, Jose, and Ulloa, Iris, to Varno, Sarah.
$120,000, 875 John Fitch Hwy #57, Lamoureux Dorothy G Est, and Hofer, Beverly G, to Richards, Donald.
$300,000, 418 Stone St, Jamison, Seth M, and Jamison, Darcie J, to StJean, Timothy E, and Marlene-StJean, Patricia.
$261,000, 222 Chapel St, Celestin, Kara M, to Bailey, Eric A, and Bailey, Amanda L.
$256,000, 29 W End Ave, Wagner, Michael J, and Burton, James, to Cutler, Shawn T.
$215,000, 33 Barthel Ave, Garcia, Sara, to Macdonald, Audrey, and Harrison, Brian.
$211,000, 351 Pine St, Moran T, and Moran, John C, to Murphy, Daniel R, and Ziemke, Kirsten L.
$194,000, 175 Baker St, Jalbert, Barthy, to Moran, Kendra.
$180,000, 42 Racette Ave, Boudreau, Gary A, and Boudreau, Stephen J, to Swedberg, Jonathan, and Swedberg, Denise.
$175,500, 93 Ash St, Phillips, Brian, and Phillips, Shuo, to Burns-Robichaud, A M, and Burns, Sydney B.
$131,200, 4 Clark St, Fitzgerald, Kevin J, and Nationstar Mortgage LLC, to Nationstar Mortgage LLC.
$25,000, 17 Nichols St, Linnan, Erin A, to Lin, Hui.
$25,000, 21-27 Nichols St, Linnan, Erin A, to Lin, Hui.
$789,900, 373 Providence Rd, Brookmeadow Village LLC, to Mcghee, Jason A, and Mcghee, Randa.
$730,000, 33 Bridle Ridge Dr, Deacon, David, and Deacon, Claire, to Gardner, Ronald F, and Sullivan, Katherine.
$600,000, 18 Brookmeadow Ln, Conway, Scott M, and Conway, Ellen J, to Lyver, Brendon M, and Gambini, Michelle A.
$560,000, 34 George Hill Rd, Gardner, Ronald F, to Donohue-Zwicker, Sara.
$550,000, 24 Christopher Dr, Menhall, Dalton W, and Menhall, Kristen Q, to Giguere, Jason J, and Peters-Giguere, Lauren.
$510,000, 87 George Hill Rd, Caldwell, Robert, and Caldwell, Elizabeth A, to Blessing, Christopher M, and Blessing, Jocelyn L.
$445,000, 2 Rittenhouse Rd, Sotiropoulos, Theodore D, and Strauss-Sotiropoulos, C, to Duarte, Carissa, and Berthelette, Christopher.
$369,550, 13 Craftsman Ct #7, Weston Development Group, to Corbett, Kristin M.
$362,000, 59 Providence Rd #1, Holleran, Paul R, and Holleran, Erica A, to Rodrigues, Alex M, and Picardo, Brenda B.
$328,000, 41 John Dr #41, Sosny, Sharon, and Sosny, Richard, to Godberson, Kari-Ann.
$322,000, 268 Magill Dr #268, Bean, Eric J, to Smith, Jacqueline M, and Colangelo, Anthony R.
$265,000, 25 Nottingham Rd #25, Smith, Jacqueline M, and Colangelo, Anthony R, to Leach, Kathryn T.
$240,000, 3 Pleasant St, Cote, Gisele M, to Cote, Matthew D, and Maffei, Tracey C.
$40,000, 5 Hill Rd, Arcure, Justin J, and Arcure, Keegan, to Arcure, Justin J.
$385,000, 1130 Turkey St, Rossignol, Claude, and Rossignol, Linda J, to Lombardi, Richard, and Talbot, Michelle.
$224,000, 142 Barre Rd, Craig, Richard N, to Chernov, Craig E, and Santram-Chernov, Melizza.
$25,000, Barre Rd, Markowski, Jared, and Markowski, Mary A, to Keddy, Ronald C, and Keddy, Linda A.
$900,000, 232 Still River Rd, Shives, Raymond L, to Banks, James V, and Banks, Paula J.
$747,500, Shaker Rd #1, Homescout LLC, to Shaker NT, and Aho, Daniel.
$747,500, Shaker Rd #2, Homescout LLC, to Shaker NT, and Aho, Daniel.
$747,500, Shaker Rd #4, Homescout LLC, to Shaker NT, and Aho, Daniel.
$747,500, Shaker Rd #5, Homescout LLC, to Shaker NT, and Aho, Daniel.
$747,500, Shaker Rd #6, Homescout LLC, to Shaker NT, and Aho, Daniel.
$700,000, 262 Ayer Rd, Callahan RT, and Callahan, Dennis J, to DKMP Realty LLC.
$605,000, 13 Bolton Rd #13, Granville, Jeffrey S, and Granville, Lori M, to Stubbs, Helen C.
$610,000, 76 Jordan Rd, Tesfay, Isaac D, and Tesfay, Abraham, to Stamas, Christopher H, and Stamas, Penelope S.
$589,900, 406 Sterling Rd, Wishart, Neil, and Wishart, Clare, to Ferrante, Anthony L, and Ferrante, Aimee.
$480,000, 106 Shrewsbury St, Goodnow, Steven G, and Goodnow, Janna B, to Fisher, Christie, and Hendrickson, Brian.
$480,000, 260 Sycamore Dr, Dwelley, Joseph, and Dwelley, Sharon M, to Shea, Mark.
$465,000, 297 Flagler Dr, Miller, Thomas M, and Miller, Rebecca L, to Khan, Mujeeb M, and Khan, Sumbul.
$422,000, 7 Vista Cir, Nadeau, Joyce, to Laplante, Kathleen.
$375,000, 1 Wendover Rd, Tracy M Negararian RET, and Nergararian, Tracy M, to Aldridge, Sharon.
$323,000, 13 Pinecroft Ave, Gargolinski, Steven P, and Hulick-Gargolinsk, Kathry, to Phan, Jeffrey T, and Nguyen, Kim T.
$290,000, 1200 Wachusett St, 28 Kitchen Cabinet LLC, to Wright, Cynthia J, and Wright, William G.
$265,000, 226 Brattle St, Smith, Clifford I, to Smith, Joshua.
$212,675, 41 Village Way #41, Lipson, Marc J, to Lorusso, Tina A.
$160,000, 969 Main St #5, Barrett, Ralph, and Barrett, Ann, to Kurt, Peter G.
$255,000, 15 Chaffee Rd, Marinelli, Benjamin C, to Canty, Nathan J, and Caliri, Stephanie K.
$220,000, 261 Mashapaug Rd, Dix, Joyce A, to Dautcher, Judith A.
$173,000, 302 Mashapaug Rd, Sullivan, Nakita M, to Greer, Glenn R.
$420,000, 11 Westcott Rd, Plouffe, Guy K, and Plouffe, Judy E, to Masotta, Christopher J, and Masotta, Amanda A.
$230,000, 12 Maple St, Murphy, Christopher J, and Murphy, Julie A, to Webb, Robert M, and Webb, Lauren A.
$205,000, 54 Dutcher St #6, Peacock, Beth, and Apicella, Susan, to Burke, Eleanor.
$615,000, 5 Elaine Cir, Kodis, John C, and Parillo, Richard L, to Coppolino FT, and Coppolino, Michael J.
$532,000, 65 Bennett St, Wiley, Susan C, to Tower, Kenneth W, and Shalkhauser-Tower, Ruth.
$460,000, 35 Richardson Rd, Figueiredo, Antonio B, and Figueiredo, Maria F, to James, Matthew M, and James, Victoria L.
$386,214, 2 Edith Rd, Pereira, Natalya S, and Gomes-Pereira, Maximilian, to Frost, Sara, and Frost, Constantine.
$382,000, 70 High St, Loura, Antonio J, and Loura, Zaira M, to Palma, Edyn.
$359,800, 143 Broad St #25, Fabbri, Maureen E, to Mcnamara RT 2017, and Mcnamara, Kevin E.
$352,000, 143 Broad St #4, Harvey, Christie, to Forys, Lindsay.
$315,000, 30 Shawmut Ave, Almada Cynthia A Est, and Calvao, Clifford P, to Haslam, Meghan J.
$261,000, 51 Lakeshore Dr, REO Acquisition 1 LLC, to Souza, Eliza, and Souza, Plinio.
$235,000, 425 Main St #11C, Whispering Pnes Est, Siqueira, Valdemar L, and Rezende-Siqueira, Silvana, to Simpson, Patricia A.
$182,500, 200 Manning St #27A, Petukhov, Vladimir, to Dasilva, Rudimar C, and Dasilva, Fabia O.
$1,250,000, 43 Cleverly Cove Rd, Catino, Brian G, to Mathew, Sanjay A, and George, Mareen E.
$430,000, 9 Perry Rd, Balducci, Louis M, and Balducci, Tamera A, to Keegan, Leanne, and Keegan, Patrick.
$428,750, 71 S Meadow Rd, 19 Jacobs Point T, and Ackerman, Brian, to Lacoy, Brandon.
$267,000, 651 Sterling Rd, Whitney, Jillian J, to Alphen, Amanda.
$178,000, 709 Blue Heron Dr #709, Wayland, Gregory G, and Harrison, Diane M, to Finlay, Patricia A.
$335,000, 7-11 Denny Pl, Valenti, Timothy E, and Valenti, Brenda, to Ficarra, Matthew.
$320,000, 32 Green St, Zwicker, Sara, to Belanger, Mckenzie R, and Belanger, William E.
$305,000, 9 Warren St, MK 3 Properties LLC, to Carey, Renee, and Carey, Kevin.
$280,000, 17 Crestwood Rd, Potvin, Nicholas B, to Bean, Christopher D, and Mceleney, Jena M.
$275,000, 19 King Street Ext, Barton, James P, to Lovejoy, Steven R, and DeLosAngeles-Lovejoy, R.
$235,000, 316 Pleasant St, Gerardi, Meghan, and Gerardi, Brian P, to Obrien, Shauna.
$179,000, 41 Lake Sargent Dr, Artuso, Michael J, and Artuso, Ann M, to Green, Adam.
$135,300, 19 South St, Shea, Chester V, and Pennymac Loan Services, to Pennymac Loan Services.
$132,500, 868 Pleasant St, Joseph&Marie Robidoux IRT, and Pare, Rose, to Smith, Gary.
$430,000, 3 Powder House Ln, Alera, David F, and Alera, Catherine E, to Dodd, Robby R, and Dodd, Barbara J.
$429,900, 29 Lexington Cir, Adley, John, and Fam, Sara, to Whittenburg, Gary W, and Whittenburg, Anne D.
$399,900, 8 Campbell Ave, Lewin, Michael, to Parker, Allan M.
$322,500, 60 Biscuit Hill Dr, 60 Biscuit Hill Drive RT, and Liucci, Midori J, to Nader, Joseph, and Cicero, Jessica L.
$320,000, 192 Hamilton St, Vam RT, and Morrisey, Scott P, to Dragonfly RT, and Witt-Henderson, Donna.
$320,000, 70 Princeton St, Ahern, Thomas, to Bej, Stefan, and Bej, Pranvera.
$309,900, 58 Dudley St, Ristuben, Gregg E, and Ristuben, Julie A, to Jackson, Denzel, and Jackson, Lisa.
$300,000, 32 Stearns Ave, Nygard, Eric, and Wells-Nygard, Patricia, to Letellier, Maureen, and Letellier, David.
$300,000, 352 Main St, EKJ RT, and Zephir, Edward W, to Ceckowski, Stephen, and Maguy, Kristina.
$296,000, 68 Highland Ave, Earley, William, to Lepore, Nicholas C.
$283,000, 60 North St, Costello, Janet C, to Etienne, Renaud P, and Etienne, Feda M.
$279,000, 49 Sargent Ave, Kerbert, Jaimie L, to Hume, Caitlin.
$259,000, 173 6th St, Martin, Diane J, and Miranda, Angel, to Silverman, Robert, and Silverman, Anne.
$250,000, 13 Cullen Ave, Rouleau, Lawrence, to Missel, Noah, and Brooks, Hannah E.
$248,000, 37 Haskell Ave, Rafique, Saim, and Joyal, Caitlin, to Colon-Lopez, Emanuel, and Velazquez, Noemi.
$246,000, 283 Water St, Richard, Robert, to Gallo, Alvaro, and Gomez, Elsa.
$225,420, 10 Cullen Ave, PNC Bank NA, to EF Realty LLC.
$199,000, 367 Water St, Champagne, Evonne M, to Nieves, Gloria.
$195,000, 36 Park Ave, Mosher Charlotte F Est, and Mosher, Todd F, to Tripp, Sandra, and Tripp, Susan.
$185,000, 11 Fernwood Dr #B, Ambrose Lawrence K Est, and Ambrose, Lawrence K, to Finnell, Brett M, and Relacion-Finnell, C D.
$180,000, 29 Willow St, Lane RT, and Zamora, Kristine A, to Pare, Jason, and Pare, Nicole C.
$175,000, 119 Sycamore Dr #119, Dion, Faith, to Morrison, James P.
$164,950, 27 Ash St, Lerza, Franca, and Lerza, Antonio, to Corley, Gregory J.
$160,000, 17 Fernwood Dr #B, 17B Fernwood Drive RT, and Alzapiedi, Laura J, to Grant, Andrew F, and Grant, Lori G.
$155,000, 224 West St, Lafrance Leo O Est, and Lafrance, Elissa N, to Gomez, Cody A.
$144,500, 51 Fox Meadow Rd #H, Etheridge, Constance L, to Dischler, Richard, and Dischler, Lynn.
$144,000, 302 Union St, Lapointe, Deborah, and Lapointe, Roger, to Murphy, Linda F.
$30,000, 123 Grant St, Otoole, Justin, to Otoole, Christine.
$1,200,000, 400 Howard St, Aro, John E, and Aro, Judith, to Homes At Aro Estates LLC.
$700,000, 329 Sunset Ln, Beard, Anna M, to Tower, Karen E, and Tower, Brian C.
$459,900, 56 Woodland Dr, Cunha, Cynthia L, to Kerbert, Jaimie L, and Kerbert, Kevin M.
$391,900, 141 Beal St, Pier 3 Builders LLC, to Groark, William J, and Groark, Donna M.
$384,000, 284 Highland St, Bingham, Gregory, and Bingham, Kristen, to Evans, Katherine G.
$369,900, 281 Pleasant St, RJC RT, and Lemay, Linda I, to Dabney, Louis, and Dabney, Sara.
$350,000, 168 Chase Rd, Bowers, Ingrid M, to Shumski, Christopher C, and Langley, Alexandra E.
$150,000, 118 White St, Burchfield, Terese M, and Cassidy, Kathleen A, to Cassidy, Kathleen A.
$110,000, 5 Dana St, Sieger, Keith A, and Sieger, Sonia, to Khampilavanh, Phisamay, and Khampilavanh, Soukjai.
$17,476,500, 447 Boston Post Rd E, Harrison Arms Inc, to Wayside Apartments LLC.
$660,000, 31 Oleary Rd, Demedeiros, Luis G, and Demedeiros, Gustavo A, to Collins, Michael F, and Collins, Amanda K.
$650,000, 297 Desimone Dr, Connor, Filomena M, and Connor, Paul M, to Adams, Ryan J, and Adams, Jeanne L.
$559,000, 53 Forbes Ave, Terwedow, Henry A, and Terwedow, Catherine C, to Moreno, Alejandro.
$437,000, 56 Warren Ave, Dunne&Kamp Management LLC, to Westcott, Michael J.
$427,000, 11 Paquin Dr, Berte Richard C Est, and Gosselin, John T, to Bai, Xiao, and Kong, Jing.
$335,000, 406 Lincoln St #210, Silva, Anna P, to Richard, Nathan.
$334,000, 110 Pleasant St #207, Stokes, Gregory E, and Thomas, Piroschka Z, to Laubacher, Mary A.
$330,000, 14 Saint Marys Way #14, Gambini, Michelle A, to Anderson, Kristin D.
$324,000, 80 Lincoln St, Dirico, Dennis F, and Dirico, Karen E, to Cheng, Corey I, and Cheng, Magaly R.
$299,900, 160 Wilson St, MTGLQ Investors LP, to Deoliveira, Jairo, and Desousa, Kiene.
$260,000, 86 W Main St, Serio, Sarah, to Pavoas, Nayara B.
$188,700, 25 Hosmer St #6, Defranca, Helio, and Franca, Nelia O, to Colixto, Isaac, and Gualberto-Colixto, C M.
$640,400, 9 Puffer Dr, Field Pond Road LLC, to Macchi, Jeffrey P, and Macchi, Chelsea A.
$442,500, 8 Megan Ct, Elicone, Stephen J, and Elicone, Catherine H, to Sanches, David O, and Sanches, Shannon.
$80,000, 17 Kelley Rd, Fahy, Joseph W, to MR RT, and Tetreault, Michael A.
$426,500, 44 Depot St, Cashel Properties LLC, to Cupertino, Edgar, and Nery, Sarah.
$415,000, 5 Whitney St, Larkin Edward D Est, and Larkin, Dana M, to Ruggiero, Michael A, and Ruggiero, Lisa E.
$399,900, 102 Purchase St, Golder, Seth, and Golder, Jaclyn, to Garrote, Walter, and Medina, Maria R.
$380,000, 72 Mount Pleasant St, Goneau, Maria M, to Dacruz, Daniel G.
$376,000, 14 Janock Rd, Labonte, Daniel, to Orabana, Michael, and Ellis, Christine.
$350,000, 46 Claflin St, Demko, Stanislav, and Demko, Kathleen, to Fagone, Stephen A, and Fagone, Erin M.
$341,000, 119 Congress St, Ostrander, Doris, and Nichols, Adrianne, to Pereira-DosSantos, Airton, and Rodrigues-Santos, Lionar.
$330,000, 11 Iadarola Ave, Veneziano, Donna J, and Veneziano-Korzec, Ann T, to Crowninshield, Marcia A, and Crowninshield, Shawn P.
$325,000, 87 S Main St, Makepar Corp, to Ferruco Inc.
$300,000, 57 Grant St, Jameson, Gilbert E, and Jameson, Deborah A, to Soares, Jandira A, and Soares, Michael S.
$300,000, 59 High St, Sanches, David O, to Sanches, Celeste.
$280,000, 1 Lavoie Ave, Deluca Christine M Est, and Riordan, Steven, to Bacchiocchi, Shawn R, and Bacchiocchi, Laureen.
$240,000, 74 S Main St, Barrows, Melissa P, and Barrows, John T, to Smith, Fletcher C, and Smith, Kelly D.
$957,000, 51 Davis Rd, Switzer, Carol L, and Switzer, Larry K, to Rockwell, Sherburne B, and Rockwell, Mary B.
$490,000, 37-39 Main St, Elias, Salim, to Mllbury Owner LLC.
$465,028, 1 Mogren Dr, TPR Homes LLC, to Organtini, Karen L.
$399,000, 3 Mayfair Ln, Wolters, Charmaine, to Cerrati, Jenna L, and Cerrati, Brett M.
$340,000, 42 Gover Rd, Lindsey, James E, to Carota, Matthew, and Carota, Ashley.
$325,000, 149 Riverlin St, Cerrati, Brett M, to Cerrati, Jenna L, and Russell, Patrick J.
$309,410, 10 Lt William S Haynes Memor, Desouza, Rosevarte, and US Bank NA Tr, to US Bank NA Tr.
$171,000, 210 Wheelock Ave, Griggs, John J, and US Bank NA Tr, to Diep, Larry.
$100,000, Stowe Rd, Peterson, Amy E, to Young, Gary M, and Young, Lauri A.
$370,000, 149 Grove St, Leplante, Ronald R, and Laplante, Kathleen M, to Zeigler, Jason T, and Zeigler, Tara.
$337,750, 10 Albion St, Reliance Property Mgmt, to Partlow, John R, and Partlow, Jennifer K.
$337,750, 15 Miller St, Reliance Property Mgmt, to Partlow, John R, and Partlow, Jennifer K.
$216,000, 51 Ironstone St, Pfeiffer, Andrew F, and Pfeiffer, Amanda L, to Parody, Benjamin.
$120,000, 604 Chestnut Hill Rd, Grimes, Francis, and Grimes, Donna M, to Murphy, Sean P.
North Brookfield
$324,000, 50 Barnes Rd, Tuttle, Patrick G, and Tuttle, Diane M, to Berard, Kevin F, and Berard, Nicole M.
$291,500, 10 Mill Rd, Moran, Michael J, and Moran, Robin J, to Falkowski, Carol.
$240,000, 67 S Main St, Moran, Margaret F, to Moran, Dustin.
$180,000, 99 School St, Slauenwhite, Frederick G, and Slauenwhite, Carol J, to Peloquin, Michael E.
$145,000, 26 Ryan Rd #3, JLP RT, and Poulin, Elizabeth C, to Robinson, Sarah L.
$98,000, Hillsville Rd, Nykiel Richard Frank Est, and Nykiel, Nancy J, to Moschini, Robert H, and Moschini, Margaret E.
$80,000, Mad Brook Rd #1, Foisy, Rodney L, to Wheeler, Richard H, and Wheeler, Linda C.
$55,000, 62 Hillsville Rd, Gurgone, Antonio, and Gurgone, Nancy, to Hill, James H, and Hill, Sharol J.
$500,000, 21 Lydias Way #21, Sacco, Kathleen, to Morin, Paul A, and Morin, Ann L.
$472,500, 4 Elizabeth Dr #4, Pavlik, James W, and Pavlik, Maryanne E, to Weaver, Dale H, and Weaver, Marsha H.
$449,100, 155 School St, Owen, Jonathan M, and Owen, Kristine, to Waters, Asa K, and Waters, Emily B.
$420,000, 36 Valentine Rd, Karioki, James S, to Hardy, Edward.
$365,000, 33 Lawrence St, Khan, Mohammad, and Akter, Homayara, to Sousa, Edson A, and Sousa, Michelle K.
$363,000, 40 Crestwood Dr, Straight, Paul, and Straight, Lisa, to Ouellette, Joseph D, and Derouen, Rachel C.
$314,000, 6 Jay Ave, Pardee, Linda S, to Dupill, Nancy M, and Dupill, Stephen A.
$297,000, 11 Allison Rd #11, Morrell, Kenneth E, to Lundy, Richard, and Lundy, Nancy.
$280,000, 19 Crestwood Dr #19, Henriquez, Adrianna, and Olmsted, Kyle, to Lindsey, James E.
$460,000, 172 Benson Rd, Szabo, William, and Gold, Magdalena, to Waddell, Corwin, and Waddell, Edesa.
$418,000, 471 Moon Hill Rd, Willoughby, Linda M, to Barton, James P, and Barton, Kerri L.
$415,000, 1646-1652 Quaker St, Knott James M Sr Est, and Milne-Knott, James, to Americo Properties LLC.
$378,000, 13-15 Pine St, Valois, Constance M, to Alexander, Antea V.
$340,000, 139 School St, Callahan, Brian D, and Callahan-Seitzinger, D M, to Oppenheim, Isbella M.
$324,900, 61 Hillview Ln #61, Lemelin Linda C Est, and Legere, Judith A, to Erickson, Linda D.
$319,000, 47 Sean Dr, Nu Start LLC, to Carlo, Joseph.
$266,900, 98 S Tessier St, Route 85 Realty Group, to Schricker, Brett.
$245,000, 25 Cottage St, Aldrich Elizabeth Est, and Aldrich, Rebecca A, to Leclerc, David.
$240,000, 116 Sheryl Dr, Soto, Ana M, to Matmanivong, Phet, and Volaboud, Vilayvanh.
$190,000, 2112 Providence Rd, Superior Roofing Inc, to Monahan, Joel C.
$60,000, Dennis Whitney Rd, Slavitsko, Jennifer E, to Schroeder, Jon E, and Schroeder, Brenda T.
$272,000, 51 East Rd, Cullen, Earl W, and Cullen, Caroline J, to Whitney, Jillian, and Talbot, Michael.
$203,000, 112 Winter St, Bushee, Daniel, to Olsen, Selma.
$95,000, 23 Burrill Ave, Gage, Allen B, to Carlyle, David.
$23,000, 49 W Main St, US Bank NA Tr, to Smith, Ryan, and Omar, Almas.
$20,000, Marjorie St, Mailloux, Patricia A, and Vaughn, Charlotte M, to Morales, Miguel.
$320,000, 171 Old Webster Rd, Patricia A Bracewell RET, and Raymond, Patricia A, to Ditommaso, Nathaniel, and Ditommaso, Jesse.
$315,000, 14 Heritage Dr, Mccaffrey, John H, and Mccaffrey, Joan M, to Dagilis, Kristin M.
$299,000, 11 Millbury Blvd, Caissie, Robert J, to Funari, Joshua E, and Ramos, Ariel.
$275,000, 4 Conlin Rd, Lipnickas, Edward F, to Kacevich, Christopher L.
$265,000, 7 West St, Pappas, Colleen M, to Stowe, Christopher L.
$255,000, 3 Daniel Dr #3, Leo J&F J Parker RET, and Mielinski, Susan P, to Carol J Pepka IRT, and Pepka, Carol J.
$212,500, 17 Waite St, Smith, Lindsay P, to Manyak, Gary R.
$177,000, 32 Plantation Rd #32, Meneguzzo, Michael F, and Meneguzzo, Julie M, to Sussenguth, Peter, and Schatz, Julie.
$170,000, 10 Corey Dr, Morello, Valerie A, to Przelomski, Bernard S.
$165,000, 4 Howarth Rd, Blessington, Mark W, and Blessington, Rachel A, to Collins, Sean, and Reyes, Katherine.
$142,000, 14 Thayer Pond Dr #17, Kasik, Chad, and Kasik, Amy, to Wade, Sarah A.
$137,000, 10 Woodland Dr, Belvery, Beverly A, and US Bank NA Tr, to Scribner Development LLC.
$135,000, 3 Wheelock St, Pearman, James E, and Pearman, Christina R, to Callahan, Michael N, and Callahan, Jennifer M.
$126,000, 16 Thayer Pond Dr #12, Mckendrick-Arvizu, Erin, and Arvizu, Felipe, to Mcfarland, Bryan.
$116,000, 32 Thayer Pond Dr #16, White, Aaron, to Flanagan, Christina M.
$415,000, 62 Marshall St, Noponen, Matthew J, and Noponen, Jennifer, to Le, Danny, and Le, Denise T.
$285,000, 71 Glen Valley Rd, KDLK Holdings LLC, to Condrate, Raymond K, and Kreidler-Norris, Joanne.
$242,500, 43 Dana Rd, Giannakakos, Louis, to Shea, Rachael M.
$221,900, 85 Main Rd, Mullaney, Jessica, to Wilder, Shelby J, and Wilder, Trevor A.
$100,000, 45 Blake Corner Rd, Gale, Robert, and Gale, Patricia, to Collins, Jeffrey W.
$800,000, 10 Clearings Way, Handy, George E, and Handy, Valerie A, to Johnson, Susan E.
$401,000, 2 Sharon Dr, Lucas, Shannon M, and Donoghue, Timothy B, to Musgrove, Teresa M.
$358,500, 33 Grow Ln, Baum, Jennifer, and Baum, Andrew, to Root, Kyle S, and Root, Corry A.
$351,500, 32 Redwood Dr, Obrien, Matthew J, and Obrien, Elizabeth, to Tremba, Jennifer.
$42,000, 163 Winchendon Rd, Plummer, Tina J, to Plummer, Robert R.
$439,500, 22 Walnut St, J M Soucy Contracting Inc, to Hayes, Robert F, and Hayes, Christine M.
$424,900, 97 Crawford Rd, Lamothe, Richard N, and Lamothe, Sharon A, to Haffly, Thomas A, and Haffly, Courtney A.
$270,000, 76 Charnock Hill Rd, Glynn, Francis G, and Glynn, Lee A, to Greenfield, Kristina C.
$165,000, 51 Pommogussett Rd, Lambert, Dorothy L, and Coulombe, Christine M, to Settlers Realty Group LLC.
$103,500, 5 Hope Way, Noonan, Charlotte P, and Selene Finance LP, to Laelia LLC.
$97,000, 176 Maple Ave #5-32, Anderson, Ronald D, to Worcester Korean United.
$40,000, Pommogussett Rd, Pray, Christopher S, and Pray, Timothy E, to Goldsmith, Gregory M, and Goldsmith, Tiffany N.
$865,000, 10 Coachman Ridge Rd, Garg, Asha, to Murray, William T, and Murray, Erin K.
$710,000, 140 Holman St, Marden, Charles H, and Marden, Karen M, to Zannotti, Robert.
$608,000, 5 Foxhill Rd, Maguire, Richard J, and Conlin-Maguire, Kathryn, to Kelly, Jonathan M, and Kelly, Kerri L.
$560,000, 14-A Old Faith Rd, Evangelous, Theodore J, and Evangelous, Cynthia L, to Negrin, Kimberly A, and Isele, Alex D.
$539,000, 22 Svenson Rd, Soderman, Roy H, and Soderman, Marylan A, to Franchito, Steven A.
$515,000, 99 Elm St #99, Whaley, Paul E, and Whaley, Courtney P, to Campagna, Marianne C, and Griffin, Derek J.
$475,200, 14 Eagle Dr #14, Shah, Gautam H, and Vyas, Sunita N, to Gandhi, Rahul A, and Gandhi, Grishma S.
$452,000, 8 Seneca St, Cahill, Joseph J, and Cahill, Denise, to Paul, Michael L, and West, Fatima R.
$444,000, 1 Cooper Dr, Wright, William G, and Wright, Cynthia J, to Doshi, Ishita, and Mandalia, Shivang.
$405,000, 18 Wilder Rd, Mcmenemy, Susan M, to Dellerba, Christopher J, and Rizzo, Andrea.
$370,000, 57 Harriet Ave, Fleming, Tracy, to Maloof, Samuel D, and Reilly, Katelyn.
$365,000, 9 Cabot Dr #9, Brothers, Jean E, and Mahlert, Linda J, to Ciaraldi, Michael J, and Cantrell, Angelina.
$350,000, 50 Purinton St, Vinciulla, Thomas G, and Vinciulla, Betsey L, to Vinciulla, Michael T.
$349,000, 28 Lebeaux Dr #28, Davis, Leo H, and Davis, Steven G, to Feldchtein, Felix, and Kareta, Margarita.
$337,000, 59 Gates Rd, Naples, Mary L, and Dumphy, Ralph J, to Gioules, Costas, and Gioules, Nicole.
$320,000, 21 Pond View Dr, Vulin, Lillian, to Lamberson, Johnathan C.
$315,000, 945 Main St #A, Tally Ho RT, and Ricker, Richard, to Stevens, Craig M.
$309,500, 36 Farview Ave, Taylor, James A, and Gosk, Bonnie L, to Kane, Travis J, and Kane, Madison P.
$300,000, 945 Main St #B, Tally Ho RT, and Ricker, Richard, to Stevens, Craig M.
$290,000, 19 Whippoorwill Dr, Dagostino, Maria J, to Panarelli, Frank J, and Panarelli, Pamela J.
$285,000, 602 Lake St, Wood, Suzanne, to Orlando Silva LLC.
$272,000, 114 Lake St, Anderson, Ralph W, and Anderson, Marcia K, to Anderson, Molly A.
$160,000, 18 Williamsburg Ct #21, Kane, Madison P, and Kane, Travis J, to Bilous, Michael.
$158,000, 10 Williamsburg Ct #13, Theriault, Christian J, to Saboya, Jaime E.
$150,000, 14 Old Faith Rd, 14 Old Faith RT, and Evangelous, T J, to Negrin, Kimberly A, and Isele, Alex D.
$150,000, 52 Shrewsbury Green Dr #B, Cai, Hongmei, to Pandya, Vaishali.
$772,500, 63 Carriage Hill Cir #63, Berman, Carole W, and Berman, Joel, to Connor, Paul, and Connor, Filomena.
$640,000, 4 Powdermill Ln, Dembkoski, Corinn, and Field, Ryan, to Pursnani, Harish M, and Tahaliyani, Seema M.
$640,000, 5 Darlene Dr, Melissa P Fountain INT, and Fountain, Melissa P, to Morton, Douglas G, and Morton, Mary.
$586,000, 7 Stonebrook Ct #4, Absolut RT, and Depietri, William A, to Wolfe, Robert B, and Wolfe, Deborah S.
$267,000, 61 Durfee St, Prifti, Ilirjan, to Suarez, Nilsa, and Lutta, Emmanuel.
$256,000, 468 Hamilton St, Velez, Juan I, to Belfort, Lynnette.
$243,000, 601 Charlton St, Darlene E Bashaw T, and Bashaw, Darlene E, to Guardado, James J.
$205,000, 28 Servant Way, Marquez, Angel, and Wells Fargo Bank NA, to Wells Fargo Bank NA.
$198,500, 22 Marsh Ave, Rockaway RT, and Gauthier, Ronald J, to Jubin, Mercy, and Jubin, Edward.
$127,203, 26 Forest Ave, Woodard, Matthew, and MHFA, to FNMA.
$122,299, 83 Pine St, Wells Fargo Bank NA, to Tran, Quoc B.
$85,000, 19 Mill St, Loconto, Ralph A, to Reya Ventures LLC.
$65,000, 99 Cliff St, US Bank NA Tr, to Germain, Brittany L.
$65,000, 993 N Woodstock Rd, Morse, Randal W, and Farm Credit East ACA, to Morse, Marshall P.
$270,000, 30 Donnelly Cross Rd, Patricia M Ensom IRT, and Ensom, Peter G, to Reyes, Rosa I, and Arias, Rudy R.
$227,000, 4 Summit St, Fontaine, Kimberly J, to Rutherford, Jordan.
$220,000, 20 Mcdonald St, Cook Suzanne M Est, and Cook, Justin M, to Martiros Realty LLC.
$220,000, 53 Maple St, Cook Suzanne M Est, and Cook, Justin M, to Martiros Realty LLC.
$130,900, 32 Maple St, US Bank NA Tr, to Miller, Ubaldo C.
$425,000, 233 Worcester Rd, Miracle, Charles E, and Miracle, Judith L, to Fournier, Shawn, and Noun, Norie.
$399,900, 3 Honeycrisp Way #3, Sorensen, Sharon F, to Boudreau, Thomas A, and Boudreau, Gloria M.
$275,000, 85 John Dee Rd, Troisi, Edward J, and Clinton SB, to Clinton SB.
$400,000, 218 Hemlock Path, Phipps, Scott W, and Phipps, Mary E, to Simpson, Kevin N, and Simpson, Dawn M.
$304,900, 168 Cedar St, Colognesi, Jesse R, to Belog, Joel, and Messier, Kathy.
$290,000, 68 Breakneck Rd, Talbot, Nicholas J, to Oksanish, Kyle, and Oksanish, Suzanne.
$220,000, 74 Clark Rd, Branniff, Arthur F, and Branniff, Carolyn A, to Branniff, Matthew D.
$26,250, 160 Cedar St, Richard, Charlene J, and Cote, Margaret A, to Rob Judson Contracting.
$26,250, 162 Cedar St, Richard, Charlene J, and Cote, Margaret A, to Rob Judson Contracting.
$404,500, 80 Highland View Dr, Marrone, Robert C, and Marrone, Cassandra R, to Riley, Brian J.
$295,000, 4 Jones Rd, Tharp, Loretta L, to Townsend, Jerry, and Haeberle-Townsend, Mary.
$160,000, 223 Manchaug Rd, Greenhill Properties LLC, to Dewolfe, Linda, and Dewolfe, Frederick.
$145,000, Dodge Hill Rd, A S Reynolds-Sheppard RET, and Paletta, A Barry, to Raymond, Anthony J, and Greene, Chelsea.
$105,000, 21 Colonial Rd, Robinson Pasture RT, and Renaud, Edward K, to Greene, Daniel, and Greene, Jennifer.
$250,000, 7 S Main St, Caplis, John C, to Dorsey, Brandon H, and Dorsey, Ashley.
$189,000, 15 Water Wheel Cir #15, Michael Popik RET, and Popik, Jean M, to Pereira, Natalie M.
$169,900, 234 State Rd, Farnsworth, Judith L, to Beauvais, Tammy M.
$144,000, 17 Gray Rd, Wariebi, Gina, and R C Rheault Constr, to Oxford Deleading Inc.
$64,000, Brooks Rd, KD RT, and Mchugh, Daniel J, to Asher Construction LLC.
$410,000, 19 Hillside Dr, Byrne, Jonathan E, and Ayers-Byrne, Hannah, to Silk, James, and Minckler, Jennifer.
$330,000, 190 Warren Rd, Jones, Kristen M, and Jones, Dennis E, to Doherty, Ryan J.
$300,000, 1 Fordway Rd, Virostko, Michael R, and Virostko, Anjum H, to Wong, Craig A.
$239,900, 230 Main St, Detore, Courtney M, and Detore, Anthony M, to Casey, Patrick D, and Coyle, Kelly A.
$236,900, 1 Squannacook Ter, Wyman, Frank L, to Arsenault, Herve R.
$159,000, 266 Wallace Hill Rd, MTGLQ Investors LP, to Cardillo, Maria.
$25,000, 142 N End Rd, Smith, Kevin S, to Pentedemos, Charles G.
$565,000, 10 Henrys Path, Floyd, Donnamarie, and Floyd, James L, to Ensko, Nicholas, and Ensko, Jenna M.
$565,000, 47 Southboro Rd, Picard, Kenneth E, and Picard, Elaine R, to Franzola, Michael P, and Speechley, Courtney E.
$560,000, 32 Shore Dr, Blum, David, and Blum, Eve, to Simpson, Ian B, and Bresnahan, Ryann E.
$482,675, 15 Shannon Way #8, Pulte Homes Of New Eng, to Butler, Robert A, and Butler, Linda J.
$441,995, 9 Shannon Way #5, Pulte Home Of New England, to Horohoe, William P, and Horohoe, Martha J.
$435,000, 2 Railroad Ave, Ensko, Nicholas J, and Ensko, Jenna M, to Rosendale, Patrick, and Rosendale, Kathryn.
$355,005, 4 Knowlton Cir #4, Park, Shin H, and Park, Gloria S, to Deliwala, Aakash, and Deliwala, Hetalkumari.
$235,000, 161 Milford St, Makepar Corp, to Lemes, Elianderson, and Lemes, Thatiany.
$510,000, 5 Maslows Way, TTK Real Estate LLC, to 5 Maslows Way RT, and Roberti, James L.
$390,000, 703 Blackstone St, Petitt, Mark A, and Petitt, Karen M, to Marra, Robert L, and Marra, Melissa.
$372,500, 42 Hyde Park Cir #42, Autumn Ridge Condominium, to Challa, Naveen.
$364,000, 44 Hyde Park Cir #44, Autumn Ridge Condominium, to Hornby, Richmond A.
$357,500, 46 Hyde Park Cir #46, Autumn Ridge Condominium, to Arduino, Robert G, and Arduino, Rosemary M.
$344,990, 40 Hyde Park Cir #40, Autumn Ridge Condominium, to Fournier, James, and Fournier, Nicole.
$332,000, 355 West St, Over The Bridge Invests, to Rappa, Kevin, and Rappa, Lisa.
$249,000, 649 Douglas St, Smoot, John M, to Smoot, Benjamin N.
$230,000, 2 Farnum St, Koopman RT, and Koopman, Robert E, to Tourville, Treffle M.
$96,600, Hathaway Ln #7, Herman R Hathaway RT, and Hathaway, Garrick, to Millville Investment LLC.
$361,000, 26 Pulaski St, Colletta, Matteo, and Colletta, Deborah A, to Warren, David C.
$270,000, 2-8 Ross Ave, Lynch, Chad T, and Rocca, James W, to Barry, Tim J.
$245,000, 3 Sczygiel Rd, GM Properties LLC, to Baker, Patrick.
$102,541, 41 Pine St, Ingeborg-Venditto, Tabath, and Wells Fargo Bank NA, to Wells Fargo Bank NA.
$50,000, Coldbrook Dr #30, MRT Development LLC, to Benchmark Custom Homes.
$213,000, 719 Southbridge Rd, Resilient Investments LLC, to Walters, Michael.
$188,000, 680 Old West Warren Rd, Fijol, John R, to Duval, Nicole M, and Campbell, Rory O.
$140,000, 625 Coy Hill Rd, Luberto, David, to Mckinney, Justin D.
$550,000, 15 Chestnut Hill Dr, Harned, David, and Harned, Amy, to Dinunno, Vincent, and Butler-Dinunno, Lynn A.
$497,000, 169 Webster St, Hayward Homes LLC, to Hedge, Derek M, and Arango-Perez, Sara.
$305,000, 52 Camile Rd, Gregoire, Barry J, and Gregoire, Lisa J, to Mayotte, Lori-Ann.
$292,500, 38 3rd St, Lawson, Delmos, to Chagnon, Dawn M.
$285,000, 6 Hall Rd, Beauregard, Randy S, and Beauregard, Janice L, to Thomas, Nicholas J.
$260,000, 6 Bernard St, Cullinane, Chris C, and Cullinane, Jane, to Grondin, Josh T.
$255,000, 42 Arkwright Rd, Wasiuk, Keith A, and Wasiuk, Emily J, to Donahue, Jeffrey P.
$252,000, 23 Klebart Ave, Bayer, David S, and Bayer, Kimberly J, to Diaz, Antonia.
$250,000, 7 Lower Gore Rd, Mitchell, Nancy, and Mitchell, Robert, to Campanile, Anthony J, and Campanile, Joseph A.
$235,000, 4 Eddy St, Wayne Street LLC, to Cintron, Joe, and Cuevas-Orengo, Lissette.
$173,000, 79 Myrtle Ave, Leclair, Christopher, to Turning Point Investments.
West Boylston
$385,180, 1 Osgood Ave, Powers, Richard P, and Foreclosure Commissioner, to USA HUD.
$345,000, 26 Lancaster Mdws, Gemma, Marissa A, and Gemma, Domenic F, to Donovan, Emily, and Brady, Brent.
$320,000, 20 Western Ave, Donati, Romeo, and Donati, Barbara A, to Sparacino, Frank, and Tarantino-Sparacino, C.
$305,000, 215 Fairbanks St, Doherty, John M, and Doherty, Marcelle, to Peloquin, Alyssa, and Nosek, Christopher.
West Brookfield
$315,000, 5 Birch St, Corbett, Melissa S, to Ducasse, Tracy, and Pond, Spyke.
$270,000, 61 Long Hill Rd, Roman, Reinaldo, and Roman, Amanda L, to Egan, George.
$100,000, 150 Shea Rd, Bartlett, Dennis E, and Bartlett, Judith A, to Bartlett, Dennis E.
$61,500, 83 Hunt Rd, Waible, Frederick P, to Wojcik, Philip S, and Wojcik, Nadine C.
$1,100,000, 4 Carroll Dr, Heims, Steven D, and Heims, Debra F, to Clancy, Michael.
$749,900, 20 Nash St, Blank, Jonathan L, to Hagen, Erin E.
$635,000, 130 Upton Rd, Berkshire Property Buyers, to Heald, Andrew M, and Heald, Julie.
$517,000, 9 Maynard St, Gure Margaret M Est, and Gure, Carolyn M, to Ryan, Patrick W, and Ryan, Sharon.
$467,000, 5 Smith St, Dooley, Kevin L, and Dooley, Debra A, to Ross, Evan L, and James, Kelly A.
$293,000, 81 Milk St, Spaulding, Margot P, to Chokshi-Fox, Shaphali.
$184,000, 13 Summer St #10, Taylor, Jennifer L, to Evangelista, Megan.
$172,500, 24 Steven Rd, Wolff Herbert Est, and Leclair, Gabriele E, to Leclair, Gabriele E, and Leclair, Duane.
$600,000, 32 Lanes Rd, Lucander Eleanor J Est, and Lucander, Kris V, to Normandin Group LLC.
$524,550, 14 White Pine Dr, Traditional Concepts Inc, to Montolio, Ross R, and Montolio, Kristi A.
$433,000, 5 Kirali Ct, Humphrey, Todd R, to Lewis, Peter E, and Lewis, Linda J.
$420,320, 96 East Rd #3, Normandin Group LLC, to Henley, Scott C, and Henley, Megan.
$400,000, 37 Kent Rd, Smith, Stephanie, to SWD Realty LLC.
$350,000, Blacks Pond Ln #6, Smith, Ryan M, and Smith, Shannon H, to Carlson, Peter W, and Carlson, Michele M.
$350,000, Blacks Pond Ln #7, Smith, Ryan M, and Smith, Shannon H, to Carlson, Peter W, and Carlson, Michele M.
$350,000, Davis Rd, Smith, Ryan M, and Smith, Shannon H, to Carlson, Peter W, and Carlson, Michele M.
$268,400, 62 Oakmont Ave, Boucher, Joseph J, and Boucher, J James, to Silvera, Jorge E.
$50,000, State Rd E, Moore, Jonathan S, to 7 Falls LLC.
$329,900, 323 Ash St, Thompson, William A, and Thompson, Patricia K, to Cardillo, John A, and Cardillo, Catherine E.
$325,000, 279 Holly Dr, Higgins, Kyle N, and Higgins, Wendy R, to Zweibel, Andrea.
$282,000, 20 Bosworth Rd, Stone Financing LLC, to Antetomaso, Damian.
$282,000, 20 Bosworth Rd, Greer, Benjamin, and Greer, Richelle, to Stone Financing LLC.
$260,000, 4 Hyde St, Leduc, Pamela P, to Bilodeau, Kaitlynne, and White, Christipher.
$150,000, 92 Maple St, Boutelle, Wesley R, and Boutelle, Dorothy A, to Lilac Homes LLC.
$130,000, Hale St, Gambardella, Theresa, to Dame, Shaunesy L.
$78,850, 71 Woodlawn St, Bussiere, John W, and Newrez LLC, to FHLM.
$50,000, Old County Rd, Patch, Rickey F, and Patch, Debra A, to Patricia Wolcott LT, and Wolcott, Patricia.
$34,900, Baldwinville Rd #A, Elaine M Frank RET, and Frank, Robert L, to Butler, Daniel J, and Butler, Diane M.
$1,550,000, 24 Charlton St, VanNguyen, Henry, to M Jemms Worcester I LLC.
$1,550,000, 39 Beacon St, VanNguyen, Henry, to M Jemms Worcester I LLC.
$1,100,000, 51 Harvard St, Whitcomb Hall LLC, to Whiting Building LLC.
$600,000, 340 Tacoma St, Ritter RT, and Ritter, Robert M, to JP RT, and Cronin, Lori.
$523,800, 28 Aylesbury Rd, Katzen, Marshall, and Boyer, Bari, to Martin, Anne, and Martin, Richard.
$423,000, 3 Gibbs St, Skrodzki, Antoni, and Skrodzki, Maria, to Ruiz-Rivera, Rey M.
$420,000, 171 Pilgrim Ave, 171 Pilgrim Avenue RT, and Solid Properties LLC Tr, to Hsu, Gilbert T.
$405,000, 1 Bay State Rd, Kennedy, Michelle, and Baskin, Lauren J, to Barrak, Farkid H, and Salman, Tamara.
$405,000, 85 Ingleside Ave, Gamble, James, and Gurgone, Antonio, to Campanale, Felicia.
$385,000, 40 Hitchcock Rd, Boston Residential&Cmmrcl, to Paris, Diana.
$380,000, 127 Austin St, A&A Realty LLC, to Huang, William, and Hsieh, Laura.
$380,000, 162 Ingleside Ave, A&A Realty LLC, to Matorin, Mitchell J.
$371,000, 11 Prouty Ln, Dean, Dennis, to Patsis, Lynn.
$370,000, 42 Richards St, Cardogno, Kathryn L, to XM Property LLC.
$363,000, 4 Ellis Dr, Urdan, Jennifer A, and Urdan, Jonathan M, to Flavin, Kerianne.
$354,000, 46 Grand St, Frias, Luis M, to Flister, Fabricio, and Depaiva, Matilde M.
$350,000, 1 Lorenzo St, Ryan C Martin Case T, and Goldsmith, Jonathan R, to Johnson, Aaron.
$345,000, 26 Onset St, Top Notch Transitional, to Russell, Jillian.
$340,000, 29 Bailey St, Madulka, Michael T, to Nieves, Jose.
$334,000, 59 Granville Ave, Rodriguez, Edward, to Greenwood, Kristie A, and Greenwood, Michael J.
$330,000, 29 Fairhaven Rd, C&N Real Estate LLC, to Rubin, Maria L.
$330,000, 39 Saxon Rd, Dellerba, Christopher, and Dellerba, Francesca, to Germian, Deborah.
$330,000, 47 Bellvista Rd, Baker, Linda E, and Baker, Lee, to Obrien, Lauren.
$319,500, 20 Sears Island Dr, Berger, Russ H, and Berger, Sherry L, to Schimmel, Steven.
$315,000, 53 Brigham Rd, Mayotte, Lori-Ann, to Smith, Joseph, and Karpowicz, Tia.
$311,000, 2 Polito Dr, Gallivan, Timothy P, and Gallivan, Devann R, to Gil, Erinson J.
$300,000, 29 Passway 5, Jean, Vivianne R, to Raphino, Justa K.
$295,000, 6 Forestdale Rd #101, Mobhair, Claire C, and Mahabier-Sheehy, Sibhita, to Saltman, Steven.
$295,000, 6 Forestdale Rd #201, Mobhair, Claire C, and Mahabier-Sheehy, Sibhita, to Saltman, Steven.
$295,000, 6 Forestdale Rd #202, Mobhair, Claire C, and Mahabier-Sheehy, Sibhita, to Saltman, Steven.
$284,500, 38 Sophia Dr, Gorski, Marcin, and Gorski, Lisa, to Obeng, Eunice, and Boateng, Frank.
$283,000, 31 Hartford Rd, JHD Properties LLC, to Vayda, James R, and Vayda, Lisa.
$280,000, 37 Angelo St, Downer, Brett, to Mercier, Jeffrey B.
$280,000, 7 Wilson St, Appelt, Gordon D, and Appelt, Antoinette L, to 7 Wilson Street RT, and Bonsu, Kwame.
$280,000, 9 Fir Ct, Aldridge, Sharon M, to Wright, Samantha.
$278,000, 40 Allston Ave, AKT Enterprises LLC, to Brueno, James H.
$276,000, 12 Chevy Chase Rd, Murphy, Rosemary, to Pisegna, Jillian, and Looney, Thomas P.
$267,500, 84 Brattle St, Worcester Real Properties, to Burns, Walter.
$262,000, 24 Wilbur St, Langley, Francis E, to Odonnell, Meaghan E, and Merluzzo, Laura J.
$261,000, 29 Sophia Dr, Sadat-Aalaee, Misagh, to Gomez, Hector J.
$260,000, 111 Moreland St, Carter, Bruce A, to Nugent, Emily J.
$257,000, 10 Angelo St, V&J LLC, to Connole, Tara A.
$255,900, 407 Cambridge St #E18, Gold Star Builders Inc, to Desouza-Santos, Renato L, and Vieira-Maranha, Mara P.
$255,000, 5 Sweetbriar Ln, Harutunian, David J, to Pujols, Jose.
$255,000, 6 Rice Ln, Rizk, Rene E, and Rizk, Pascale, to Roberts, Mary.
$253,000, 33 Calumet Ave, Mocerino, Michael A, and Mocerino, Elise M, to Hannon, Keith W.
$252,000, 11 Fenwick St, Goguen, Gloria J, to Reynolds, Stephen P.
$252,000, 27 Lanark St, Martinez, Yaritza, and Rodriguez, Oscar, to Leonard, Andrew, and Guzman, Vibiana.
$250,000, 1 Ladybank Rd, Shumski, Christopher C, to Morin, Scott M.
$250,000, 259 Lake Ave, Silver Tree Realty LLC, to Apogee Development LLC.
$250,000, 41 Hunnewell Rd, Cruz, Rafael, and Strickland, Lisa, to Nylen, Ben, and Dominique, Alexandra.
$248,000, 8 Anson St, Nader, Joseph, and Cicero, Jessica L, to Konstas, Catherine E.
$247,500, 17 Paris Ave, Barrows, Amanda J, and US Bank NA Tr, to US Bank NA Tr.
$245,000, 12 Orono St, Colon, Luis A, to Randolph, Hawah I.
$245,000, 128 S Flagg St, Karpowicz, Tia, to Flamuraj, Anjeza.
$245,000, 94 King Philip Rd, Raye, Patricia M, to Newell, Antone.
$240,000, 155 Moreland St, Arnold, Thomas F, and Arnold, Lauren S, to Murphy, Carla, and Maclean, Paula.
$239,900, 1 Envelope Ter #110, JRS T, and Smalley, Joseph R, to Shan, Shuo.
$239,900, 564 Chandler St, Wg-Soo, Eugene, to Binienda, Patrick, and Brennan, Briana.
$239,000, 22 Oakwood Ln #22, Ozcan, Dundar J, and Ozcan, Susan E, to Hamssatou, Atchine.
$230,000, 14 Merchant St, Xsell Realty LLC, to Baffour-Kvei, Evans.
$225,000, 14 Vincent Cir, Sierra, Israel, to Hervey, Kerri M, and Hervey, Leigha M.
$225,000, 81 Weatherstone Dr #81, Torkornoo, Eric K, and Torkornoo, Mary S, to Jefferson, David C.
$220,000, 53 Timrod Dr, Beamenderfer, Elizabeth M, to Zeqollari, Ilir, and Zeqollari, Teuta.
$215,000, 110 Farrar Ave, Flowers, Larry E, and Flowers, Sandra K, to Ortiz, Alexis.
$213,200, 202 Clark St, Bradley, Kristine M, and US Bank NA, to US Bank NA.
$206,111, 360 Mill St, Abramson, Beverly J, and Stebbins, Wendi M, to Brynjolfsson, Lindsey.
$200,000, 3 Westinghouse Pkwy, Nguyen, Cuc, to Diaz, Wilfredo.
$200,000, 37 Trowbridge Circuit, Clancey, Sean, and Clancey, Joseph, to Santos, Robervan S.
$200,000, 68 Tennyson St, Donahue, John M, and Donahue, Susan, to Dufresne, Matthew.
$196,500, 20 Oakview St, Novia, David M, to Attar, Yasin.
$195,000, 10 Paris Ave, Willette, Patricia A, to Thibeault, Lee D.
$190,000, 18 Pointe Rok Dr #18, Butala, Ankur A, and Zhang, Jiaying, to Murgo, Florence J.
$187,000, 1 Blithewood Ave, Tetreault, Lawrence R, and Murtari-Tetreault, P, to Tetreault, Lauren M.
$180,000, 40 Harold St, Worcester East Side Cmnty, to Porto, Elaine C.
$180,000, 50 Pasadena Pkwy, Meng, Bunkeath, to Essien, Jane.
$179,900, 41 Amesbury St, Peck, Donna M, to Phuntsok, Dhamchoe.
$178,500, 330 Sunderland Rd #24, Barbara A Smith 2009 RET, and Maynard, Margaret M, to Makhoul, Kevin, and Naufal, Carole.
$170,000, 5 Arbor Vitae St, Mccumber, Michael R, and Mccumber, Ruth A, to V&J LLC.
$169,500, 20 Milton St, Carrascal, Walter I, and Bank Of New York Mellon, to Milton Street Properties.
$158,000, 291 Hamilton St, Murgo, Florence J, to Properties Central Inc.
$155,000, 1195 Grafton St #4, Brassard, Felicia, to Gardner, Jillian K.
$155,000, 854 Grafton St, Joseph A Beriau T, and Beriau, Joseph A, to Grande, Nicholas J.
$150,000, 5 Stratfield St, US Bank NA Tr, to Khaled, Behram.
$143,500, 494 Burncoat St, Zenon, Harry, and Suntrust Bank, to Suntrust Bank.
$142,000, 44 Litchfield St, Ganshaw, Kirsten, to Vangella Real Estate LLC.
$135,000, 11 Gibbs St #54, Hinds, Todd A, and Hinds, Jessica, to Lima, Manuella D.
$133,000, 3101 Halcyon Dr #3101, Kihu, Josephine W, and MTGLQ Investors LP, to MTGLQ Investors LP.
$125,000, 15 Genessee St, Costa, Christine A, to Real Estate Scientific.
$117,500, 31 Elizabeth St #G6, Nugent, Thomas J, to Nydam, Henry A, and Vaillancourt, April E.
$115,000, 10 Hulbert Rd #13, Parmenter, Karen A, to Huo, Peng, and Li, Bryan.
$110,000, 12 Monmouth Rd, Master Declaration Of T, and Ojerholm, David R, to Baliva, Patrick G, and Baliva, Amanda K.
$90,000, 179 Beaconsfield Rd, Swanson, Arthur M, to Moore, Brian.
$90,000, 5 Richards St, All About Real Estate LLC, to Gold Star Builders Inc.
$80,000, 49 Green Hill Pkwy, Devens, Patrick J, and Devens, Linda S, to Peci, Julian, and Peci, Britta I.
$72,500, 6 Hyatt St, Southbridge Re LLC, to 28 Bond LLC.
$71,928, 36 Gibbs St #1, Mwaura, Bertha W, and US Bank NA Tr, to US Bank NA Tr.
$65,000, 70 Southbridge St #610, Wang, Miaomiao, and Zhang, Meng, to Trepanier RT, and Trepanier, Ralph D.
$40,000, 121 Whipple St #7, Middlesex Mfg Co T, and Demarco, Frank L, to Whipple Condos LP.


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