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The latest trailer for Jordan Peele’s Nope spoiled many plot twists after clocking in at a whopping three minutes, but it’s perfectly fine.
A major concern with the entertainment industry today is how much of a movie's plot gets spoiled from trailers. It's an issue fans have with comic book movies, in particular, as seen with some complaining how trailers spoiled the Illuminati's appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. However, it's not confined just to superhero flicks; this has been around for years now, especially with the rise of social media.
Interestingly, the latest trailer for Jordan Peele's Nope fell into this same category, clocking in at a whopping three minutes. However, while many plot twists were spoiled regarding a possible alien invasion in a farm town, given the nature of the filmmaker and the context of the scenes shown, it's perfectly okay.
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In the clip from Nope, fans learned why the Haywood siblings were disenchanted, as objects fell from a hole in the sky and killed their dad. Also, the zombified woman was shown in the crowd as the televangelist-like Ricky delivered his sermon about saving people through faith. Not to mention the heroic team was revealed, with OJ, Emerald, Antlers (a documentarian) and Angel (a camera/tech expert) all holing up in the Haywood home to record and also seemingly fight the alien threat.
The two biggest shots fans took umbrage over, though, were the hole seemingly pouring blood and guts on the farmhouse and the shot of a white flying saucer pursing OJ on his ranch. This seemed to confirm that UFOs were indeed terrorizing the dusty town, which people would have liked to find out in cinemas. However, Peele is the kind of director who keeps his cards close to the chest. In Get Out, he disguised the twist that white people were trying to inhabit Black bodies as part of an immortal scheme, even though trailers hinted Chris was a prisoner in Rose's family. Then, in Us, the trailers teased evil doubles were plaguing a family, but it wasn't revealed how the US government had contingency plans for its citizens in case society failed with these clones they never thought would break free to the surface.
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Clearly, Peele knows about sleight of hand, which can also be seen not just in his many comedy sketches on Key & Peele but in The Twilight Zone reboot that he helped oversee and write. In "Downtime," he cleverly hid how Michelle, a hotel manager in a Matrix-like virtual reality, was really a comatose man living out a fantasy as a woman. And while trailers showed chaos on an airplane in "Nightmare at 30,000 Feet," Peele didn't follow the original story. He surprised fans with the 'monster' on board actually being xenophobic humans misjudging others as terrorists.
In other words, he uses set-ups and misdirections to build the mystique. In the case of Nope, while the family's motives are obvious — survival — that doesn't mean aliens are indeed the enemy. There's still room for the townsfolk to be the real villains, whether via racism or religious beliefs. Alternatively, these occurrences could all be due to people imagining things — ergo, why the Haywoods are desperate for footage to use as scientific evidence.
After all, one would think that with so much havoc happening and aliens sucking up parts of town, the news would easily cover and transmit the tragedy. As it stands, this could all be cerebral warfare, with folks living in one big nightmare. Ultimately, Peele's a modern master of sci-fi and horror, bending viewers' minds with nuanced sociopolitical messages, so it's best to use what's shown in Nope's trailers as building blocks and trust that it's all part of a larger, enigmatic puzzle.
Nope hits theaters on July 22.
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