Moxee Gang Member Gets 12 Years for Drug Trafficking, Illegal … –

The 21-year-old man was a member of a well-known Yakima Valley gang.
The suspect, Alexis Sanchez-Gomez of Moxee, was actually 'discovered' during a drive-by shooting investigation in Yakima in 2021. On October 21st, a 34-year-old man wearing a red shirt was fatally gunned down while walking on a sidewalk. Federal officials say red is associated with the Norteno Gangs in the Yakima Valley, while blue is linked to Sotrteno gangs. It is believed the victim, who had no gang ties, was shot for this reason, likely by Sorteno.
During the investigation into likely Sorteno involvement,  the Sanchez-Gomez home was raided in November, and significant evidence of drug activity, including an illegal pot growing operation and meth, was found. Gomez was also illegally in possession of various firearms including an AK-47. They also found he had a significant previous criminal gang-related weapons record.
He was a well-known member of the LVL or Lower Valley Locals, a street gang in the lower valley area.
The charges he pleaded guilty to on Wednesday of this week were Possession of Firearms in Furtherance of a Drug-Trafficking crime.
Yakima Police and other agencies also arrested the alleged driver and shooter in the killing of the man, that case is pending in Yakima County Superior Court.



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