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By Jamie Jirak
There have been many iconic movie theater ads over the years, but nothing has been a bigger sensation than the AMC Theatres ad starring Nicole Kidman. Not only has the ad become a huge hit on the Internet, but it was also turned into a pretty hilarious SNL sketch. If you’re a frequent moviegoer, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen crowds cheer for the ad. However, some people are sick of hearing “heartbreak feels good in a place like this.” In fact, one Reddit user took to the r/movies subreddit to beg AMC to remove the ad, and it caused quite a debate.
“Can AMC Theaters PLEASE end that Nicole Kidman ad?” u/RunEd51 asked. “If you’ve seen a movie at an AMC Theater anytime in the last year and half you know what I’m talking about. I’ve seen it so many times now and it gets dumber with each viewing. Her accent goes in and out, her saying ‘going to places we’ve never been before’ as it shows a scene from Jurassic World. The whole thing is so schlocky and I’m over it.”
A lot of people in the comments agreed with the OP. You can check out some of the responses below:
“Why the hell are they showing us ads to generically watch a movie WHILE we are watching a movie?! It’s like those dumb ass Discovery channel commercials back during Mythbusters, every other commercial would be an ad for the Discovery Channel! I’m already watching it, I can’t watch it any harder!” u/ricktor67 wrote.
“I’m tired of that cringy ad myself. They have been playing it for over a year now and there’s no sign they are going to stop. The best way to avoid it is to go to Cinemark Theatres or Regal Cinema when seeing a movie,” u/ChrisCinema replied.
However, many people took to the comments to defend the ad:
“No because then I couldn’t loudly say ‘Somehow, heartbreak feels good in a place like this’ in sync with her every time. Don’t take this away from me,” u/mmp64son shared.
“Is there something I’m missing? People were clapping after it came on last time I went to a movie,” u/Imanaco wrote. 
“It single-handedly saved cinema, what are you on about,” u/shehulk111 added.
“You stand the f*ck up and salute when it plays,” u/Lapuzz declared.
You can read more of the comments on Reddit. 
Recently, it was announced that Kidman had renewed her deal with AMC and that she will be filming a new ad for the company. Billy Ray, the screenwriter behind the original ad, told Vanity Fair that he was recently asked by AMC to write a follow-up. Ray, who also wrote films such as FlightplanThe Hunger GamesCaptain Phillips, and Richard Jewell, confirmed that the new ad is already written.
“I got a text from the chairman of AMC about a month ago asking me if I would write the next one, and of course, the answer to that is yes,” Ray said. “It’s already written.” He added,  “I’m very, very excited about it … All I can tell you about it is we are not dumb enough to fly in the face of the one we’ve already done and try to top it. So, it’s a very, very different approach that is a little bit of a wink to the one we’ve already done.”
Ray also revealed that it was Kidman who asked him to write the first ad. “When Nicole first asked me to do it, I was just doing it as a favor,” Ray explained. “I said I would do it for free just because I’m a fan and a friend of hers. My agent said, ‘No, that’s not what’s happening here. You need to be paid for this.’ And it turns out my agent was right because it’s had real value.”
How do you feel about the Nicole Kidman ad? Tell us in the comments! 
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