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Film makers are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding stunning filming locations all across Britain.
Filmmakers are spoiled for choice when it comes to finding stunning filming locations all across Britain. From the rugged landscapes of the Scottish Highlands to quaint little country villages, and historical cities teeming with personality, many movies have been elevated by using British locations as backdrops for telling their stories.
To choose but a handful of the most beautiful movies shot across Britain is no easy feat. Many have used the abundant variety of the British landscape to their advantage in creating some truly memorable movie moments. Blending in whatever idyllic snippets they find into creating an almost dreamlike country, full of all the drama and personality you’d need to create the ultimate viewing experience to please any moviegoer.
Wuthering Heights is a book-to-movie adaption from the classic novel by Emily Bronte. The Earnshaw family rescue a young boy out of poverty and take him into their home. The boy develops quite an intense relationship with his younger foster sister, and that’s when this gothic romantic drama really gets going. The story was quite controversial when the book was first published as it challenged Victorian societal values and the morality of the time.
Filming for Wuthering Heights took place in several well-known North Yorkshire locations, including Cotescue Park and Thwaite. Any movie filmed in Yorkshire, also known as God’s Own Country, is going to be filled to the brim with the most gorgeous country scenes. Stunning images of the wind-swept moors highlight the dramatic British landscape which becomes as much a part of the narrative as the actors themselves.
Submarine tells the tale of the awkward teen romance of Oliver Tate. He’s juggling efforts in trying to be the best boyfriend he can be, all while trying to prevent the destruction of his parent’s relationship from an ex-boyfriend moving in next door. It was incredibly well received upon release and received many positive reviews.
The seaside city of Swansea wouldn’t be the first choice for beautiful spots in Britain, however, it’s the execution of this movie that really helps elevate its beauty. Through the immensely stylistic shooting decisions made throughout the production of Submarine, Swansea can almost be seen in a different light and perfectly placed as that location for Oliver’s story to thrive.
In The Duchess, Georgina Spencer quickly becomes disappointed with her marriage and obligation to produce a male heir. Due to the increasing pressures of her life, she finds herself falling in love with Charles Grey and the unfortunate series of events in her life just keeps adding to her desperate tale.
This movie is truly set in some of the most beautiful British locations such as Chatsworth House, one of the most famous stately homes you’ll find in England. Located in the Peak District National Park, Chatsworth is well renowned for its stunning 105-acre garden and lavish interior design. Furthermore, considered one of Britain’s prettiest cities, Batch also makes an appearance in the movie, adding more beauty to its heart-wrenching story.
The 2015 adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s novel, Far from the Madding Crowd, features the independently fierce and equally beautiful, Bathsheba Everdene, who is a little over-run by suitors. It’s a slow burner, but not so much so that it can’t draw you in to become fully invested in Everdene’s dilemma.
The movie does a great job at bringing to life Hardy’s vision of an elaborate England, using some amazing spots found in both Dorset and Somerset. Just a handful of stunning locations that grace this movie include Mapperton House and Sherborne, in West Dorset, England. Sherborne is a particularly pretty location and some of the top spots that found their way into the movie were Sherborne Abbey and Sherborne Castle as well as some of the particularly pretty streets that received a make-over to make them late-19th century market worthy.
Much like many of Jane Austin’s much-beloved novels, Pride & Prejudice has received its fair share of adaptations over the years. However, the most noteworthy one would be that from 2005, starring Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet. Five sisters are living in Georgian England when their quiet lives take a turn when Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy come onto the scene. The drama that ensues is quite typical of an Austen novel with plenty of suspenseful moments and more than one happy ending.
This movie was spoilt with the most stunning stately homes with both Wilton House of Salisbury, and Chatsworth House of Derbyshire, making their mark as the residence of Mr. Darcy. The beauty of the British countryside is matched by the stunning story Austin creates and the intricate love story tangled in with social class realities of the time.
Miss Potter is a wholesome and wonderful tale of the infamous British children’s writer, Beatrix Potter. There’s an interesting blend of real-world actors and little snippets of animation featuring some of her most beloved characters. It’s a whimsically unique movie for all the family to enjoy. The movie takes us on the journey of her life into becoming the writer and illustrator she is remembered as, both the sad times and the good times, it’s engaging from the start.
The most stunning of appearances in this movie would be that of the Lake District, a place the real-life Beatrix Potter adored just as much as the viewers of this movie will. Multiple spots around the Lake District feature in this movie and give you an incredible glimpse into why she chose to live there, and why you’ll be wanting to visit as soon as you can.
Downtown Abbey started off as a period drama and was so well received it’s since had two movie sequels made. The storyline focuses on the lives of an aristocratic family in post-Edwardian England. It’s got all the class and pizazz of the era and the most amazing costume designs are only slightly foreshadowed by the castle they call their home and the beautiful surrounding countryside and village.
Highclere Castle is a grade 1 listed country house built in the 17th Century and has proven to be the perfect choice for the Downton household, being a major feature of both the tv series and subsequent movies. Its grandeur is somewhat diminished by the vast expanse of lush greenery that surrounds it, but it’s impressive nonetheless.
Emma, starring Gwyneth Paltrow as Emma, is an altogether enjoyable character to watch as she tries so hard to untie men and women incompatible with each other, all while being completely unaware of her own love life in the process.
Emma was filmed in a diverse set of locations across England, while the novel is mainly set in Surrey. The mismatch of locations did not create dis-synchronization however. Even though concepts of the character’s home life were shot in multiple locations spanning Buckinghamshire, London, and Hampshire. The movie is also lucky to be able to feature the much-loved area of outstanding natural beauty that are the Cotswolds and the execution of blending these locations into one movie was surely successful.
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Mary Queen of Scots is a brilliant portrayal of the life of Mary Stuart. Finding herself married at 16 and then abruptly widowed at 18, she returns to her homeland, Scotland, to reclaim her throne. Mary’s life involves much sorrow as she comes to the end she’s met with rebellion, conspiracies, betrayal, and her ultimate and undeserved end.
Filmingwas shot all across Britain, however, it’s the moments within Cairngorms National Park that are truly the most stunning of the entire movie. Cairngorms National Park is a true treasure to Scotland, and a fine choice for any movie to feature. Considered one of the absolute best National Parks across all of Britain, the Cairngorms teams with life all year around, and added its stunning charm and personality to this movie for a genuinely pleasurable watch.
Calendar Girls is set in England’s largest county, Yorkshire. Yorkshire is rich with idyllic countryside settings and quaint little towns proving to be a perfect filming location with abundant variety in supply. It’s an easy-watch comedy about a group of middle-aged Yorkshire women who create a nude calendar for charity. Even the summary makes you giggle a little, and it makes for a thoroughly enjoyable watch.
The movie was filmed in several locations within Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Dales; however, its focal point where the characters hold their W.I meetings is set in the quaint little village of Kettlewell. Kettlewell sits comfortably on the banks of the River Wharfe and so easily blends into the rolling hills that surround it. This pretty village is an absolute gem of the Yorkshire countryside and suited the laid-back feel of the movie.
One of the most pivotal scenes in Skyfall is when Bond returns to his childhood home, providing the dramatic beauty that only the Scottish Highlands can provide. It’s an intensely dramatic scene, where Bond’s success seems almost hopeless as he desperately tries to keep M safe from Raoul Silva, the terrorist that’s come looking for trouble. The complete isolation of Bond’s ancestral estate, and the vast expanse of endless Scottish countryside, help create an even more nail-biting moment for the viewers watching the drama unfold.
In Skyfall, agents around the world find themselves exposed and MI6 is attacked leading it to fall into a compromised state. M finds herself in a pickle and the only agent she is able to trust is 007 himself. He takes to the shadows to follow Raoul Silva and discover his lethal motives.
Starring the likes of Sienna Miller and Kiera Knightley, The Edge of Love is a British rom-com filmed mostly in the beautifully rugged countryside of Wales. It’s very loosely based on a true story, with some poetic license given to create the movie and the scenic backdrop of Wales proves the perfect setting for this story to unfold.
Two teenage loves reconnect a decade later in London and still feel the spark, however, the man has since moved on and married someone else. However, despite the realities of their situation the ex-lover and the new wife become close friends. Filled with messy infidelity you can’t help but be drawn in as the characters fail to resist their desires and challenge the complications created by love and friendship.
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Another movie featuring the stunning Yorkshire countryside, God’s Own Country, features sheep farmer Johnny Saxby. We’re introduced to a young man dissatisfied with life, turning to binge drinking to numb away the days. The arrival of Gheorghe, a Romanian migrant worker arriving to help assist with lambing season, is just what Johnny needed. An intense relationship between the two follows and Johnny’s life is changed for good.
Spring in Yorkshire really is something incredible. In God’s Own Country, Yorkshire lives up to its title of the same name, in providing a suitably romantic backdrop for the blossoming romance between the two main characters. This only helped with the rave reviews the movie received upon release, even getting it as far as being the only UK-based production that managed to make it to the 2017 Sundance Film Festival in the world drama category.
Atonement is as beautiful a movie as it is sad. Through events that are beyond their control, the three main characters in Atonement find themselves on a bit of a whirlwind sequence of events that leads to a heart-breaking, twisted ending. It toys with your emotions as you become invested in the entwined fates of the three main characters and leads you on to false hope before cruelly snatching it away.
A number of different filming locations were used in a combination that resulted in some remarkable moments throughout this movie. The moors near the city of Bath and the University within the city itself were probably the most notable filming locations used in Atonement. Its wonderfully diverse setting flows well with the storyline. The execution of this movie seemed effortless and achieved a justified adaptation of McEwan’s novel.
Sense and Sensibility is a book-to-screen adaptation of Jane Austin that has been attempted many times, however, it’s the 1995 movie adaption that does it most justice. It’s a star-studded affair with the likes of Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, and Alan Rickman gracing the screen. It tells the story of the two Dashwood sisters with completely different personalities as they navigate their way through falling in and out of love.
Most of this movie was set in the undeniably picturesque Devon. The main family home in the movie, Efford House, is located in the wonderful port city of Plymouth on the south coast of Devon. The cast was noted to say that the beauty of this building, and the surrounding countryside, helped them through a grueling 6-day filming schedule. The idyllic scenery is enough to inspire the urge to live in the English countryside.


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