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An enormous vortex opened up above the Upper West Side on Wednesday, as seen in the photo above taken by Nilo Mitra on Wednesday morning from his apartment on Central Park West near 107th Street.
But it’s probably nothing.
The cloud-hole has opened above the Upper West Side, the setting of Rosemary’s Baby and Ghostbusters, a neighborhood where ghost tour guides take tourists around to feel the otherworldly energy emanating from the sidewalks.
Again, it’s probably nothing.
The ethereal sky-whirlpool was visible just blocks from where Dr. Clifford Bias, who claimed to be able to communicate with dead people, held services for mediums and psychics.
And it was seen not far from the Hotel des Artistes, where the spirit of stunningly handsome actor Rudolph Valentino is said to be visible as a blur in hallway mirrors — along with a whiff of his cologne.
But really, nothing to worry about here.
Yeesh, you guys really have wild imaginations!

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Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m issuing my final goodbyes to friends and relatives. This is the big one! This is it. Farewell fond and lovely world!
WSR, ad for next Ghostbusers flick?
I thought it looked like a spaceship
I feel like everything is going wrong. Could this be mercury in retrograde in physical form? I’m sort of kidding but maybe not…
Doesn’t it seem like Mercury is always in retrograde?
This is a wonderful example of a fallstreak! They sometimes happen when an airplane or other large disruptive force passes through a cloud. The disruption causes the air in the cloud to mix with surrounding air, reducing the relative humidity enough to produce an area of clearing. Isn’t science amazing? 🙂
Nah. It’s a hoax like Covid.
I dunno. In a world dominated by Photoshop wizards, I need to have verification from a lot of people that they all really saw this.
Looks more like something out of the movie Independence Day. But nothing to worry about!
Just De Blasio preparing to go home to Andromeda. (He couldn’t possibly be from here.)
the way things are going in our city and country lately, a vortex could be just the right escape hatch to…who knows?!
I guess Tom Bearden is correct.
I know!
I saw this in film “Independence Day”
The Great Gotham God of the sky is hungry for a few tourist helicopters. Burp!
Or maybe He just burped, or . . .
Looks like that’s what’s keeping the snowflakes away…❄️
totally saw this today, and thought, huh. that looks like something out of a movie
It’s more like the movie, The Day After Tomorrow, where giant hurricanes suck super cold air from the stratosphere into our cities and a Dick Cheney like President moves us all to Brazil. Some dingbat millennials take shelter in the NYPL and burn a Gutenberg bible to stay warm.
Why the fake news account of the movie?
The “Dick Cheney” president moves US survivors to Mexico, not Brazil, in exchange for forgiving all LatAm debt.
The millennials do indeed discuss what books to burn to stay alive, but ultimately show enough sense to save the Guttenberg Bible and focus on the Tax Code instead.
If they’re taking volunteers, beam me aboard, Scotty.
NO ONE above bothered to congratulate “West Sider” for her/his very clever writing.
So I will! Well-done. Definitely an “A+”
Now, just in case it’s not “nothing”, where DID I put my tin-foil hat and anti-space-alien cloak?
It was just God taking a peek at her favorite part of town.
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