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Calling all Hayden’s Maidens, Oli’s Dollies and full-blown Mabellines, Disney+’s charming crime-busting comedy, Only Murders In The Building, is back for a second season.
As much as I’m stoked to see our intrepid trio of unlikely sleuths-cum-podcast stars back, the thing I’m most excited about is getting to nose their building, The Arconia, and all those chic, quirky dreamy and above all cosy New York apartments again.
In real life, The Arconia is the 1908-built Belnord building, a 13 storey Italian-inspired mansion at 225 West 86th St in New York. It was added to the US National Register of Historic Places in 1980, and has been called one of the most beautiful apartment blocks in Manhattan.
It’s been home to artists, writers, actors and jazz singers in its day. It’s now high-priced condos, but it’s clear the show’s designers had the building’s bohemian and eclectic residents in mind when they designed the sets
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In season one, we were introduced to the quirky, 90s-infused, art-filled style of former TV star Charles-Hayden Savage (Steve Martin), the shambolic, lavish Hollywood regency-lux style of failed theatre producer Oliver Putnam (Martin Short), and the necessarily minimalist (she’s in the middle of renovating) Mabel Mora (Selena Gomez) with her comic-book-inspired murals of the building’s residents.
This season we also get a peek into the dearly-departed Bunny’s gothic-meets-Golden Girls pad, and we return to Sting’s dreamy penthouse, now home to kooky kookster Amy Schumer, too.
Production designer Curt Beech told The Spruce his designs are always pushing the story, authenticity, and visual content of a show and with Only Murders, he feels like he nailed it.
“For Steve Martin’s place, there’s a sophisticated playfulness to it. For Martin Short’s place, I would say it’s scattered and gentlemanly–a messy gentleman.
“And then for [Selena]’s place, it’s more of a cipher, it’s intentionally mysterious–it’s so weird and so strange.”
Bunny’s place is similarly telling about the character – on the surface, it’s the home of a stuffy old battleaxe, but behind the facade, there’s something slightly off – something our amateur detectives have to uncover.
At the grand old Arconia, every apartment has a vibe, a style and a story all its own. Here’s how to get the look:
Season two revolves around a slightly NSFW piece of art, and Charles’ place has very judicious investment art collection, including pieces by Alex Katz, Josef Albers, Ed Ruscha, and Saul Steinberg, as well as strong, colourful graphic pieces.
Etsy has a selection of Ed Ruscha art prints for around $60, plus postage. Kiwi print sellers Endemic world have a range of bold graphic screen print art, signed by the artists, that would suit Charles’ style to a tee: two favourites: Oslo’s Tangaroa Screen-Print ($120,) and Weston Frizell’s (Mike Weston and Otis Frizzell) It’s Just A Jump To The Left ($380).
Oliver’s walls are dotted with posters from his shows, much like the ones sold by UK firm King and McGaw.
Kiwi theatre bills are harder to come by, but you might find some at vintage stores if you keep your eyes open.
Charles has a West Elm Curvilinear pendant in the kitchen, and it’s to die for.
Stacks has a Replica Serge Mouille Ceiling Lamp for $550.
The first thing you notice about Bunny’s home is the cute hydrangea wall paper in her lobby, with blousy white flowers against a black background. A good match is Hydrangea black by Wallpaper From The 70s, $126.47 per roll.
The Inside’s Bouquet Floral Wallpaper in black is also a good option, at $140 per roll. Resene’s Kent wallpaper Ken001 is a more affordable option with the same soft on hard look.
Inspired by Mabel’s pop art mural? You could try a comic-book influenced stick on mural from Society 6, or Etsy. This one by Wallphy comes as either stick on or traditional wallpaper.
Hovia’s Steps stick on wallpaper in grey is a great match for the geometric cube wallpaper in Charles’ lobby. It’s $86.25 per sqm.
There’s a cane lounge suite in Sting’s penthouse – now home to his sub-let tenant, Amy Schumer for season 2 – that says understand elegance and pots of cash in a very subtle way. While the Jungalow thing is a little passe now, that bent cane is never going out of style.
The Rattan Mahalo Occasional Chair from Boho Bara ($849) has the perfect blend of 30s style, and resort chic. Add velvet cushions for an extra dash of lux. The Inside’s Truro Chair has a similar vibe, for $499.
Tn Oliver’s apartment there are a pair of vintage, green velvet armchairs that make me want to reach through the screen and stroke them every time I see them. Wellington brand Stacks’ Delta Armchair in olive velvet is a great colour and luxuriousness match ($1295)
Charles’ apartment is a colour-lover’s haven, from the orange and teal kitchen to the dove grey and caramel lobby.
Oliver’s home is darker and more hectic, but that bold colour is there, still. Even Mabel’s mid-reno palette is out there, with her candy pink bathroom.
Resene’s Java is a nice cipher for the green of Charles’ jewel tone kitchen cabinets, and it contrasts well with orange Hyperactive, for a little heat
Resolution Blue is royal enough to appease Oliver’s fizzy ego, especially with spice warm coral pink like Memphis Belle to contrast it with.
Only Murders in The Building is streaming on Disney+ now.
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