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28 September 2022, 16:35 | Updated: 28 September 2022, 16:37
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There is a huge plot twist at the end of Don’t Worry, Darling starring Harry Styles and Florence Pugh – but what exactly happens in the ending?
Don’t Worry, Darling is the film no one can stop talking about thanks to the star-studded cast and unique plot.
Harry Styles and Florence Pugh star in the movie as a 1950s married couple called Jack and Alice, as they live in a utopian community and are taking part in the Victory Project led by Frank (Chris Pine).
Since the film dropped on September 23, people haven’t stopped talking about the levels of jaw-drops to the movie and the plot twist ending.
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But what exactly happens at the end of Don’t Worry, Darling?
Keep scrolling – we’ve got you covered…
*Major spoiler alerts ahead*
So, if you’ve watched DWD, you’ll know that throughout of the movie, Alice has suspicions about the Victory Project after feeling that everything was not as it seemed.
After seeing a plane crash into the desert, she then heads out to investigate the wreckage.
Instead of finding the plane, however, she finds a building where the Victory employees work – which is a forbidden area for the non-workers in the community.
Alice goes on to confront Frank about her suspicions later in the film but is then kidnapped and sent for electric shock therapy.
After undergoing the therapy, she starts to remember memories of her life before Victory, where her life was completely different and lived in modern day.
Although she and Jack appeared to live in the 1950s picturesque community, she realises she actually lives in the present day and works as a doctor, while Jack signs up to Victory whilst struggling with his earnings.
During the flashbacks, we see Jack getting reeled into the idea of Victory by a podcast followed by the couple strapped into their bed at home as they’re transported to the simulation, operated by virtual reality technology.
Once Alice eventually figures out what’s going on after her memories came back to her, she confronts her husband which leads to a big fight, resulting in Alice hitting Jack over the head with the glass and killing him.
She then speaks to her fellow Victory wife and best friend Bunny (Olivia Wilde), who confirms her suspicions about Victory and tells her that once a man is killed in the virtual reality world, they are killed in the real world.
Alice then manages to escape finally, where she ends up waking up in her bed IRL.
Talk about a plot twist!
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