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With many nods to other classic Sony games like Uncharted, The Last of Us Part 2, etc., discover Redditors’ favorite God of War Ragnarok Easter eggs.
After years of eager anticipation, God of War: Ragnark finally chopped its way to the masses on November 9, 2022. As soon as the game was released, ardent gamers on Reddit began noticing a host of cool Easter eggs that can be found in the action-adventure RPG, most to all of which reference other popular Sony video games such as Horizon, The Last Of Us, and others.
While the hidden crossover Easter eggs come in the form of poems found in God of War Ragnarok, all of them are sure to provide gamers with an amusing self-reflexive thrill.
In a recurring theme found in the acclaimed action-adventure game, most of the Sony tie-in Easter eggs found in GoW Ragnarök can be found in Kvasir's notebook, where the Norse god's poems are kept. According to Redditor Dbaus in a thread he started, a clear homage to Horizon series can be seen via the poem "Sunrise of Nothingness," which many believe is a reference to Horizon: Zero Dawn. 7Armand7 cracked the code, adding, "The sunrise (Dawn) of nothingness (Zero)…"Zero Dawn."
Dbaus states, "So I began playing GoW:R today and stumbled upon this Easter egg which references Horizon in the form of an in-game collectible (a poem). I always enjoy it when Sony's first-party studios reference one another." What's even cooler is how Horizon Forbidden West featured God of War Easter eggs as well, including totems, buried axes, and face paint.
According to Redditor Xenoslayer2137, a clear nod to Sony's The Last of Us Part 2 can also be spotted in Kvasir's poem book, using antiquated semantics to articulate the same title. In a poem called "We Who Remain, Part The Second," the poem actually comments on the story action of the game, referencing Joel as a cruel father and Ellie as his surrogate daughter.
With several supportive comments confirming the in-game reference, the discussion on Reddit devolved into an argument regarding how Joel deserved a better fate in the game and how he's misunderstood as a cruel father. Another Redditor on the previous Horizon thread notes, "There was one (Easter egg) for Last of Us pt 2. Specifically Part 2, Joel is framed as the bad guy in that poem."
According to Razkal719, a silly shoutout to Sony's beloved non-Mario platform game Ratchet and Clank can also be found in Kvasir's poem book. Located under "Tool and Bang," the obvious nod is yet another in-game Sony exclusive tie-in that continues to add amusement to GoW Ragnarok. Like the other in-game poems, the text references Ratchet and Clank characters and plot points.
In response, Thedudeinabox adds, "I love how every one of Kvasir’s poems is about another Sony IP," with HopBender adding "Clank is also on the book that's found. I freaked out when I saw it." Even more amusing, one Redditor asked why the end of the poem cut off, with another responding that the obvious end of the rhyme is the word Lombax, the recurring species in Ratchet and Clank.
According to SnowFever01, GoW Ragnarok also features a clear homage to Sony's Death Stranding game, which also comes in the form of Kvasir's poems. Beyond the droll titular play on words, the "Afterlife Abandonment" poem makes a slew of references to the beloved 2019 action game. Another Redditor started a new thread after spotting the same reference, all but confirming its veracity.
In what's arguably become the funniest in-game Easter egg so far, many Redditors are rolling on the floor laughing at the last line of the poem, which states "Bomb, p*ss," a clear ode to the Ex Grenade made of human urine in Death Stranding.
SnowFever01 is hard at work spotting the highly anticipated 2022 game's Easter eggs, noting how the "Visions After Rest" poem in Kvasir's book is an overt nod to Sony's Dreams, the music-centric GSC game released in 2020. In response, heartsongaming speaks for most by adding, "Never expected a Dreams reference in GoW Ragnarok."
With such a bizarre reference, many Redditors began wondering if there is some kind of GoW reference in Dreams as well, with JubJubExtreme adding, "I wonder if there is a Kvasir maker in dreams to look up. Maybe it is the name used by someone on the God of War team that made some surprises." As Sony intended, gamers are bound to go back and visit several games referenced in GoW Ragnarök.
According to mirocaro, there's also a "cute lil Easter egg poem about Journey in GoW Ragnarök," an indie-adventure game released by Sony Interactive Entertainment in 2012. Simple and synonymously titled "Trip," the poem also speaks to the characters and events that transpire in the beloved video game that turns 20 this year.
Although Journey may not be as popular as Horizon Zero Dawn or The Last of Us Part 2, Sir_Chirpsalot is impressed with the find, adding "wow, that's super cool!" while sezdawg7 simply adds "Beautiful" for how touching the poem is.
According to mirocaro as well, GoW Ragnarök also features a glaring reference to Bloodborne, Sony's 2015 dark-action RPG. While the term "Sanguinity" is old-time slang for blood-red, the fact the book containing the poem in GoW Ragnarök bears the Hunter's Mark on the cover all but proves the reference is accurate and authentic.
A fellow Redditor on the same thread goes deeper, adding "This must be on purpose, it would have made logical sense to use the Berzerk Rune as it’s an actual Norse rune, but they opted for the hunter's mark for sure."
Not even unrelated sports games are immune from being referenced in GoW Ragnarök. Many Redditors, including Arizona Diamondbacks, have noticed how Sony's popular baseball game MLB: The Show is alluded to in Kvasir's poem "Large Society Ground Orb, The Performance," which is a ridiculous play on words sure to make every gamer chuckle.
(Warning: This video contains flashing lights)
The poem essentially details the rules of baseball, including 9 warriors using tree branches to swing at a "ground orb" in front of a crowd of spectators. MLB Reddit is all over the reference, with Jadad18 adding, "More specifically, it's about MLB: The Show video game developed by Sony…I smiled pretty hard when I found this one."
Redditor mirocaro is back at it after spotting a hilariously verbose Easter egg referencing Sony's epic action-adventure gaming series Uncharted in GoW Ragnarök. In Kvasir's poem "Upon Pursuing A Place Not Marked On Maps," the sonnet essentially describes Nathan Drake's life work as a daring adventurer in search of valuable treasure."
BlazingInferno4343 is more excited than most over the find, adding, "Yooo that’s amazing, such a great Easter egg. The 'From small beginnings, 'A Lure of Adventure', and 'Everything he touched would end up breaking.' are my favorites bits of the poem."
According to taken1012, "There’s an Easter egg of The Order: 1886 in the new God of War." While the Redditor doesn't provide photographic evidence like the others, the reference has been confirmed by YouTuber xGarbett, who notes how Ksavir's poem "An Organisation: In The Future" perfectly describes the events of Sony's beloved 2015 vampire/werewolf game. Remember, there was also a God of War Easter egg in The Order: 1886 as well (below).
In describing "sword from the stone, fur from the bone, armorless knights and supernatural fights," the poem clearly points to the events in The Order: 1886, marking yet another Sony tie-in Easter egg sure to amuse players to no end. As a bonus, the "Celestial Construct" is said to be an Astro Bot reference, while the "Eastern Spectre" poem is believed to be a clear nod to Ghosts of Tsushima. While Reddit threads have not yet been dedicated to the latter Easter eggs, they are referenced time and again in the various posts linked above.
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