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Mayor of Kingstown has returned to Paramount+ for its second season. Here is everything that happened in Kingstown between season 1 and season 2.
Warning! SPOILERS for Mayor of Kingstown season 2. Despite there being only a brief time jump between Mayor of Kingstown season 1 and season 2, plenty happened during the interval. Mayor of Kingstown is a fast-paced drama with a million moving parts, so it's no surprise that things have changed so rapidly. The end of Mayor of Kingstown season 1 saw the end of a massive prison riot, leaving behind hundreds of bodies and untold pain for season 2 to sort through. However, with the show's greatest antagonist back on the streets again, there's no telling what Mayor of Kingstown season 2 has in store.
In the time between Mayor of Kingstown seasons 1 and 2, the city has become unrecognizable: the prisoners are living in a tent city built on land where almost 200 of their peers were shot dead, the gangs have fallen apart in a pool of blood, and even leaving Kingstown behind hasn't been enough to remove its influence from Kyle McLusky's psyche. Just because the prison riot is over doesn't mean it's finished, as it's likely the entirety of Mayor of Kingstown season 2 will be spent navigating the fallout and trying to put the city of Kingstown back together again.
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After the prison riot of Mayor of Kingstown season 1 comes the fallout. Bodies still litter the prison and the Kingstown morgue, with many remaining unidentified or undiscovered. Putting the prison back together is a massive undertaking, even for Mayor of Kingstown's Mike McLusky — to the point that the prison system didn't even realize its most prolific criminal had escaped. Because the building still hasn't been cleared, the prisoners are forced to sleep in tents situated across the yard of the prison, with only the bare basics to keep them alive. With so many dead, those inside are struggling to find any kind of power structure or stability.
Mayor of Kingstown season 2 is also positioned to explore the emotional fallout of the traumatic prison riot. Those who survived certainly did not come out unscathed. The guards are attempting to forget their trauma, but instead they are breaking down in fits of fear and anger. Living in the tent city has driven the prisoners to retaliate against one another, with beatings and murders happening multiple times a day. Even Miriam McLusky's history lectures in Mayor of Kingstown have been stripped of their cozy classroom, as they are instead being held in a monotonous room with armed SWAT officers. In Mayor of Kingstown season 2, the fallout of the riot can be seen everywhere.
Just as it is on the inside, so it is on the outside. The gangs of Kingstown have entered utter bedlam: territory wars and senseless shootings are tearing Kingstown apart by taking out gang members and innocent civilians without discrimination. In the time since Mayor of Kingstown season 1 came to a close, everything outside the prison seems to have fallen apart as fast as everything on the inside. Even Bunny, Mike's connection and leader of the Crips, doesn't seem to know what's going on — instead of sitting in the comfort of his front lawn, he's sitting on rooftops to avoid drive-by shootings.
The downfall of Kingstown's gangs in Mayor of Kingstown season 2 is all connected to the riot inside the prison. Every call in the city is dictated by the leadership inside the prison, and when the riot leaves the prison structure in shambles, no one on the streets knows how to handle it. Men low on the totem pole have started calling their own shots in a bid for power, leading to mass killings just for the sake of killing. In an attempt to maintain some stability, two of the four major gangs in Kingstown — the Bloods and the Mexicans — have joined forces in an attempt to keep control of the streets.
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The beginning of Mayor of Kingstown season 2 sees Kyle McLusky settling down into a new career — at least, as much as he can settle after experiencing the trauma of the prison riot. A cushy new job as a Michigan State Trooper sounds like a dream after the nightmares Kyle faced in Kingstown. Still, the youngest McLusky brother in Mayor of Kingstown may not entirely be ready for the easy life of chasing down maple syrup dealers who are trying to escape the tariffs at the Canadian border. "I think he's a little confused by his new job," said actor Taylor Handley, who plays Kyle (via UPI).
While Kyle had been good at his job back in Kingstown — and still holds pride in what he did in his hometown — it was clear he needed to get out. His mother, Miriam, spent Mayor of Kingstown season 1 pleading with Kyle not to get wrapped up in the mess his brothers dabble in. Kyle is still young, with a wife and a baby on the way, and there is still time for him to leave Kingstown and live a happy life. Kyle made the decision to become a state trooper before the riot, but the trauma associated with the event cemented his decision to leave Kingstown PD behind in Mayor of Kingstown season 2.
While there are very few good guys in Mayor of Kingstown cast of characters, Milo is the worst of the worst. Having spent Mayor of Kingstown season 1 pulling the strings behind bars, Milo still managed to cause Iris unimaginable pain while orchestrating multiple murders. Now that he's escaped into the free world, there's no telling what Milo can be capable of. With all of his resources at his disposal and no prison walls to stop him, Milo is poised to become an even bigger antagonist in Mayor of Kingstown season 2. Milo also has a bargaining chip to use against Mike once again, as Iris has returned to him.
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