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From Fast and Furious to Jumanji, there are several movies in Dwayne Johnson’sfilmography that Reddit users continue to praise.
Dwayne Johnson has recently spoken about the tricky tonal balance of his new movie Black Adam, and his words have given many Reddit users newfound respect for the actor-turned-producer. He's already changed the face of the DCEU's future with his latest movie, and he doesn't seem to be stopping there.
Dwayne Johnson's career might have started in WWE, but his name is now a household one thanks to the many blockbuster movies and franchises to which he's dedicated his time over the past few years. He's starred in some of cinema's most commercially-successful projects, with his name becoming arguably the biggest draw in the business.
Although it might not be Dwayne Johnson's most critically-acclaimed movie to date, Southland Tales remains a fan favorite thanks to its dedication to style and creativity. It doesn't take itself too seriously but still manages to keep the story engaging and captivating thanks to Johnson's lead performance and the film's intricate plotting.
Reddit user raekwaan cites Southland Tales as "the film that made me decide [Johnson] can act." Most of his projects had been fairly comedic and lighthearted before this point, but Southland Tales marked a clear turning point in his career.
Many fans consider Moana to be one of Disney's greatest animated movies to date, filled with catchy music and a powerful story that will resonate with countless audiences across the globe. Johnson shines as the protagonist's powerful sidekick, Maui.
Redditor jenbie171 cites Moana as "the best" movie in Johnson's filmography, even if it's completely unlike anything else he's made since. It was one of the first projects that pushed his acting career into a new wave of mainstream popularity, and it's been difficult to beat ever since.
Dwayne Johnson stars opposite Emily Blunt in Disney's Jungle Cruise, a movie loosely inspired by the Disney World attraction of the same name. The movie offers a traditional high-stakes adventure that harks back to the classic days of Disney's filmmaking.
Redditor kito-ri calls Jungle Cruise a "fantastic" movie, praising its entertaining performances and "fun" story. Johnson and Blunt work excellently together in this kind of narrative, and it's their innate chemistry that makes the film shine as brightly as it does.
The Rundown was one of the earliest films in Dwayne's Johnson's transition from wrestler to actor, and it actually holds up surprisingly well. The story follows a bounty hunter who finds himself lost in the depths of the Amazon rainforest as he seeks a valuable treasure.
Many people consider The Rundown to be one of Dwayne Johnson's best movies, even though it came at a very early point in his career. Redditor solomongrundy labels the movie as "pretty entertaining" thanks to its overwhelming dedication to style and drama.
Anybody looking to lose themselves in one of Dwayne Johnson's early dramas doesn't need to look any further than The Scorpion King, which sees the actor transform into a powerful assassin named Mathayus, who is hired to take down the dangerous King of a dark land.
Redditor chemical_actuary_190 admits that The Scorpion King isn't the kind of movie that would "win an Oscar," but that definitely doesn't stop it from being a thrilling story that ranks among Johnson's best. It's injected with an early 2000s style that gives it an entertainingly nostalgic kick.
There are very few actors with such innate chemistry as Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, so it really shouldn't come as a surprise that Central Intelligence manages to fully capitalize on their comedic dynamic. It's one of Johnson's funniest movies to date and one that many audiences consider his most rewatchable.
One Redditor enjoys "when [Johnson] plays against the action hero type," which is exactly how he navigates his character in Central Intelligence. It's consistently funny to watch and marks a nice change from the several action movies in the actor's repertoire.
The Fast and Furious franchise has become notorious over the years thanks to its over-the-top set pieces and melodramatic storytelling, and that engaging style is arguably at its best in Fast Five – which also happens to be Dwayne Johnson's introduction to the saga.
One Reddit user claims that Johnson is "in his element" throughout Fast Five, as he's given a chance to truly have fun with the role and let loose. His character Luke Hobbs might make a few questionable decisions in the film, but he's admittedly never boring to watch.
Johnson might not play the biggest role in Adam McKay's The Other Guys, but that certainly doesn't make him any less valuable. His character Danson is one of the funniest additions to the cast, and the film itself is one of the most entertaining in Johnson's filmography.
Reddit user person884 says that The Other Guys "definitely comes to mind" when considering Johnson's biggest movie accomplishments, even if his part is only a small one. It was The Other Guys that truly put Johnson's name on the map for more modern comedies of its kind.
Gridiron Gang was a fairly different kind of movie for Dwayne Johnson, and one of the first (and only) times that the actor ventured into the sports genre – which is a shame because he proves countless times in this film that he's a perfect fit.
Reddit user iz_the_illest argues that "Gridiron Gang was probably his best acting performance" up to this point, marking a clear improvement over the few movies that he'd appeared in before this. Thanks to its timeless story and skilled filmmaking, Gridiron Gang still holds up as a great sports movie for all audiences.
Johnson appears opposite some hugely talented names in the rebooted Jumanji franchise, including stars such as Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and Karen Gillan in the film's lead roles. The group has impeccable chemistry together, and it's their unique dynamic that really makes this story work so effectively.
Reddit user bearymco was initially "terrified" of a potential Jumanji remake, but admits that they're "thankful" for the many storytelling decisions that the film handles so well. The film is both a hilarious comedy and a touching exploration of young friendships, which makes for an excellent family flick.
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