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After that ending, I need answers.
*Major spoilers from Only Murders In The Building below!*

Hulu‘s comedy-meets-murder-mystery series, Only Murders In The Building, just left fans with a crazy cliffhanger at the end of its latest episode. Not only do Charles, Mabel, and Oliver find out they have fans camping right outside the Arconia, but there have also been some major developments in the case they’re trying to solve while documenting it for their podcast.
Charles’ girlfriend, Jan — who’s another tenant in the building — has also weighed in on the investigation, providing her own insight and leads. However, Oliver and Mabel are quick to dismiss her input as it ties back to unrealistic theories surrounding Howard and his cat, Evelyn. At the end of the episode, Jan was threatened with a note (much like Oliver was when his dog, Winnie, was poisoned) and ultimately stabbed. If you’re reading this, you’re probably trying to process what just happened and if Jan is actually dead. Ahead, find everything we know so far.
Amy Ryan, who you may recognize from The Office or the 2015 Goosebumps film, plays Jan on Only Murders In The Building. Jan is a basoonist who lives a few floors below Charles at the Arconia. They first met in the elevator, but ultimately bonded over playing instruments through their windows overseeing the courtyard. Charles even went to dinner with Jan and shared details from his last relationship when she wanted him to let his guard down. At this point in the series, it seems like they’re casually dating.
You may be wondering why the killer targeted Jan instead of someone who is more involved in the case, like Mabel or Charles. While Jan came into the investigation a little later, it doesn’t mean that she hasn’t been following it from the beginning. In fact, she may know something that the audience or the true-crime trio doesn’t. Only Murders *is* a mystery, after all, so there may be some twists and turns we haven’t even thought of.
We already know that a second season of Only Murders In The Building is in the works, which means that there may be — yep, you guessed it — another murder that goes down at the Arconia. At the end of episode 8, Jan is threatened with a note on her door before being stabbed. The last we see of her is when she collapses to the floor of her apartment. Because of the final shot, we’re not sure if she’s dead yet. Could it be a Sarah Cameron instance where she ends up being alive? Or did she get the boot for good? Only time will tell when the answer is revealed in next week’s episode.
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