David Harbour Haunts Anthony Mackie and Jennifer Coolidge in "We Have a Ghost" Trailer – POPSUGAR

Most haunted house-related horror movies follow a particular blueprint: a family moves in, they find out their house is haunted, and they are terrorized until they either move out or die.
Not many movies see the haunted house’s new inhabitants catching the ghost on camera, going viral, and then developing a friendship with their resident specter, but that’s what happens in “We Have a Ghost,” a new comedy from Netflix. The story, and the movie, follow a family who manages to go viral on social media when they post videos of their home’s ghostly inhabitant, but they wind up catching the attention of the CIA in the process.
The feature, which premieres on Netflix in February, will be directed by Christopher Landon, who also directed “Paranormal Activity” and “Freaky.” He’s also the screenwriter and adapted the script from a 2017 Vice Magazine short story by Geoff Manaugh called “Ernest.” It also has a star-studded cast including Anthony Mackie, Jennifer Coolidge, and David Harbour, who plays the movie’s central ghost.
Ahead, check out what we know about the movie’s plot, cast, release date, and more.
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