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Comedy Central offers a nostalgic take on scary movies perfect for the season. Here’s what to know about Cursed Friends.
Comedy Central has paired with Will Arnett to come up with a rather unique and comedic look at growing up and playing with forces as teens that we probably shouldn’t be doing. Cursed Friends is a nostalgic look at growing up that examines our adolescence through our dreams and goals and balances that with the reality of what we might have been.
Comedy Central’s official trailer gives us a look at some truly funny lines and situations. With all the old horror film tropes, such as camp cabins and burning game boards, Cursed Friends doesn’t take itself too seriously. One might consider this a homage to the late '80s and '90s horror films with a definite tongue in cheek. Here's what we know so far.
The story of Cursed Friends starts with four Millennials who were childhood friends waking up from a drunken reunion on the morning of Halloween. Coming to the realization that a game they played in 2002 is actually predicting their future, they try to change their destinies. As Deadline explains it, they had played "M.A.S.H. (Mansion Apartment Shack House)," With some of them expecting to have 100 kids with the local loser, someone leading a cult, and even one of them marrying NSYNC’s Joey Fatone (expertly played by Joey Fatone).
“Mansion, Apartment, Shack or House,
Predict your job, predict your spouse
The key’s in what friendship takes,
Read this poem and unlock your fates!’
Mikayla (Nicole Byer) is predicted to get in the Guinness Book of World Records with the world's longest fingernails. From the trailer, it seems that she is also destined to be married to Joey Fatone. Joey calls her nails freaky and then says, ‘Zaddy likes!’ Erica (Jessica Lowe) does NOT want to become a plumber, yet she plunges into a toilet only to be attacked by a snake. Josh (Andrew Lewis Caldwell) is to die by smudge… cause there’s a smudge on the paper from 2002, and they can’t read it.
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So in a style similar to Final Destination, the audience is constantly on edge, waiting for the next accident to befall him – which one will be fatal? Andy’s (Harvey Guillén) fate is not quite obvious in the trailer, but digging into the press release, one might deduce he becomes a cult leader.
As the fates would have it, they need to make a human sacrifice in order to break the hold this cursed game has on them. Luring a victim to Camp Wannabangme’s cabin 69 doesn’t seem to do the trick, so they go for the horror film trope of burning the game. Erica questions this and states that she wouldn’t know as she only watches documentaries. Yeah, they all call her on this. Doesn't everyone know that one person? Does burning the game work? This is where the trailer ends, and the date and time pop up… a perfect hook.
As mentioned above, Nicole Byer plays Mikayla. Nicole has a long list of credits including hosting Netflix’s hilarious baking competition show Nailed it! She received not one but two Emmy nominations, one for Nailed It! and one for BBW Big Beautiful Weirdo. However, if one listens closely, you might recognize her from playing Lucy on Rugrats. The enigmatic Andy is played by Harvey Guillén, who has also known for his animation work on Archer and, most recently, from What We Do In the Shadows as Guillermo.
Keeping with the animation theme, Jessica Lowe, playing Erica, has voiced several characters for Bob’s Burgers and Star Trek: Lower Decks. She, like her co-stars, has a long list of credits on a variety of television series. Andrew Lewis Caldwell plays Josh and might be recognized from several Nickelodeon shows, Danger Force and Henry Danger. He was also seen in The Matrix Resurrections.
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As for cameos and special appearances, the aforementioned Joey Fatone plays himself with what seems like great timing, and he does not take himself too seriously. Nicole Richie drops in and plays the character Lizzie Lennox. From the trailer, it appears that she is in a mental institution and has been cursed by the same game. She gives the foursome the suggestion that they need to make a human sacrifice to remove the curse.
Not to be outdone is Kathy Griffin. She plays Stacy Friendship, the maker of the game and, from the trailer, a character much like the urban legend of Bloody Mary. Rob Riggle pops his head in, as well as executive producer Will Arnett. Arnett is known for his many comedic roles, including the critically acclaimed Arrested Development, BoJack Horseman, and 30 Rock.
Cursed Friends is set to debut on October 8, 2022, on Comedy Central.
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