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Paramount Pictures is expanding the Quiet Place Universe with the new spin-off prequel Day One. Here’s what we know.
Shh, they can hear you. Paramount's wildly successful A Quiet Place franchise is expanding with the new spin-off A Quiet Place: Day One, set for a 2024 release.
From director and star John Krasinski, the first two films in the series won acclaim for their use of tension and almost total lack of dialogue to craft masterfully suspenseful horror adventures. The series has also been praised for including deaf representation. The accolades led the original film to be nominated for a variety of awards, including a Golden Globe, Academy Award, Writer's Guild of America award, and a Screen Actors' Guild award. Given the massive success, it's no surprise that a sequel was released to similar rave reviews.
Now, A Quiet Place: Day One will expand the hit universe, following a new cast of characters in their battle against the sightless alien invaders. So what do we know about the spin-off film? Will it build on the story established in the original films, or will we go in a completely different direction? Will any cast members return, and what new faces will join the franchise? When and where will the film be released? And what else should audiences know about A Quiet Place: Day One?
As of this writing, specific plot details remain sparse. Could we say that to build anticipation they're keeping things… quiet? We can gather what the film will likely be about from the title and what little information there is. First, it is described as a spin-off rather than a "threequel," meaning that it will focus on new characters and storylines and not continue the story of the Abbott family. The title of Day One lets us know that the film will likely be set in and around the first day of the alien invasion.
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The original film opened months after the invasion, later jumping ahead to roughly a year in. Part II did begin on the first day, showing the Abbotts enjoying a normal day with their friends and neighbors before a mysterious meteor hurdles toward Earth. While we do see the immediate aftermath of the invasion, it is limited to the opening minutes of the film. We still learned very little about the aliens and why they came to Earth. Afterward, Part II jumps ahead to where the first film left off.
There are several ways that the spin-off could approach the first day. Perhaps it will show other characters enjoying their lives just before the invasion in a similar vein to Part II. Maybe we will see various leaders around the world reacting to the invasion. The spin-off also has the chance to explore the lore behind the creatures. How did people find out that they could not hear? We could see the population racing to understand the creatures before they destroy everyone on Earth. Likely, this would not all take place on the first day, but beginning on the first day of the invasion would be a great jumping-off point to teach us more about these hostile invaders that plagued the Earth.
Specific plot information will likely be revealed as production continues.
With Day One focusing on a new cast of characters, it is unlikely that John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, or any of the cast members from previous installments will return. However, Deadline notes that a return appearance from Krasinski or Blunt is unlikely but not out of the question.
So, who is gracing the silver screen in Day One? Actress Lupita Nyong'o is set to star in the lead role. Nyong'o is no stranger to horror, having starred in the lead role in Jordan Peele's Us in 2019. She is also fresh off a starring role in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever as Nakia.
Starring alongside Nyong'o is Eddie Munson himself, Stranger Things breakout Joseph Quinn. Shedding the Upside Down for the Quiet Place, Day One will mark Quinn's first starring role in a major production.
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Currently, Nyong'o and Quinn are the only two cast members attached. There is no additional information regarding their roles or storylines. We can expect additional casting information in the upcoming weeks and months of the production process.
Krasinski will not return as director, though he remains in the Quiet Place family as a producer on Day One. He is producing alongside partner Allyson Seeger, Andrew Form, Brad Fuller, and even Transformers hitmaker Michael Bay. Michael Sarnoski of Nicolas Cage's Pig is attached as writer and director.
A Quiet Place: Day One is set to be released by Paramount Pictures in theaters on March 8, 2024. It was previously set for release on September 22, 2023, but was moved back to avoid competition with Disney and Universal releases.


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