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Not every movie can be a hit, but what films do Redditors actually think shouldn’t have been made at all?
So many exciting sounding movies unfortunately never escape development hell, but there are other movies that audiences wish had been left to linger. Loads of incredible original screenplays won’t ever get produced, and instead, shot-for-shot remakes of classic thrillers and fourquels that nobody asked for are pumped out of movie studios.
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Redditors have their own opinions about which movies should never have been made. And between several unfunny comedies, terrible reboots, and even a couple of beloved movies, the users make some great arguments.
Psycho is a cult classic and considered one of the greatest thriller movies of all time, and it came from the mind of one of the greatest filmmakers ever, Alfred Hitchcock. But that obviously isn’t the version that a deleted user is referring to. In 1998, a Vince Vaughn-starring, Gus Van Sant-directed remake of the classic was released to extremely negative reviews.
The movie is simply exactly the same as the original, as it’s shot-for-shot identical, only this time in color. The Redditor makes a great point by rhetorically asking, “if you have no message but echoing a better one what is the point?” General audiences agreed, as the movie only made half of its budget when it was first released.
Embalmmedaddy regrettably saw the comedic retelling of the iconic detective, Holmes & Watson, in movie theaters, and they note that “most people walked out before it was even halfway through.” Just like Psycho, Holmes & Watson also failed to make back its budget, which is completely down to how terribly received it was. And though movie delays are a regular thing now due to COVID-19, Sony pushed it back in 2018, and instead of being a summer movie, it was quietly released over the holiday season.
According to Deadline, Sony knew how bad of a movie they had on their hands, and it was pushed back because the studio tried to sell the distribution rights to Netflix after bad test screenings and foreseeing the box office result. The movie was a wasted opportunity, as Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are usually great together.
The Dark Tower is one of countless Stephen King novel movie adaptations, and despite the potential and its existing fanbase, the film was criticized to no end. Triflazion notes that “they absolutely butchered everything about the story.” The film was too convoluted and pulled from each of the books instead of simply following the first book and then moving on to the second book with a sequel.
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Though the user thinks the movie should have never been made, it would have been great to see a faithful adaptation of the first novel, but the studio just got it completely wrong. The book series has so much potential, as it comprises eight novels, all of which are exciting and full of adventure. And with the sci-fi western aesthetic, it could have made for the next blockbuster franchise like Harry Potter.
Toy Story 3 has the most perfect ending, as it sees Andy grow up and move to college, and the reason it’s so perfect is because it reflects the kids who grew up with the first two movies. The film had grown adults sobbing more than children, and that’s why there was a slight backlash when Toy Story 4 was announced.
It turned out that there was no reason to worry, as Toy Story 4 was just as entertaining and heartfelt as the rest of the series. But BeeCee139 believes that “even though it’s actually good, Toy Story 4” should have never been made. But while the first three movies make up a perfect trilogy, it doesn’t mean Toy Story 4 shouldn’t exist, and it’s more like an epilogue than anything else.
The Matrix Resurrections was released 18 years after the series seemingly ended with The Matrix RevolutionsBedlamcitylimit argues that the “film that never needed to be made, but was forced into production by greedy studio executives trying to cash in with nostalgia.” It had a much different tone from what the series is known for, as it’s full of meta-jokes about how Neo is forced to create the fourth game in the popular Matrix video game series. And with that in mind, writer-director Lana Wachowski might agree with the Redditor.
Though The Matrix Reloaded is only bad compared to its predecessor, many would argue that the third movie and even Reloaded should have never been made. With each consecutive release in the series, The Matrix is continuously looked at as a lesser movie compared to its phenomenal reception in 1999.
Beardymo notes that the only reason The Godfather Part III was made “was because they were short on cash and knew it would be a money-spinner no matter how crap it was.” Many people involved with the gangster movie would probably agree too, as many have confessed that Part III was only made for the money, including visionary director Francis Ford Coppola. The director was in huge debt after his musical, One From The Heart, bombed at the box office.
The Godfather Part III is commonly referred to as being the bad movie in the trilogy, but that’s simply because of how the first two films are considered two of the greatest films in history. And that’s why the gangster threequel is underrated.
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is one of the most negatively received movies of the 2000s. A deleted user calls it a “completely unnecessary sequel. Absolutely ruined by Shia Labeouf and aliens.” Others think Crystal Skull should have featured dinosaurs, and that would have been a lot better than the extraterrestrial beings.
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However, an Indiana Jones 5 is scheduled for release in 2023, and though a fifth movie in the series is the last thing some people would want to see after Crystal Skull, it might put the franchise back on course. Indy 5 is directed by James Mangold, the mind behind Logan, and like the 2017 superhero flick, the new film could be the very swan song that Indy deserves.
BlueberryDuctTape points to A Serbian Film as the movie that should never have been made, claiming that “if I learned anything from the experience, it’s that some ideas can be kept to yourself.” A Serbian Film literally only exists to repulse people and to get a reaction out of audiences, as there’s barely a narrative that strings together all of the violent and disturbing scenes.
The movie goes above and beyond the realms of torture to the point that it makes the Saw and Hostel series look tame by comparison. The movie has been banned in several countries and even in the countries where it hasn’t been banned, it has still been heavily censored.
Ocean’s 8 is an all-female soft reboot of the beloved Ocean’s franchise, and Pulp-fictional reckons that studios should “just make an original movie for women! Don’t take something already great and just do it again with all women, it’s awful and pandering.” However, there are some great things about Ocean’s 8, as the casting was perfect, and the chemistry is just as great as it was amongst the men in the original trilogy.
The only thing that was missing was a cameo from Danny Ocean. As the movie revealed that Danny had died in the time between Ocean’s 13 and Ocean’s 8, the final scene sees Debbie sitting by his grave. It would have been so exciting to see Danny randomly sit next to her, as faking his death is totally in character.
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