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Looking for a movie that’s a little off the map? Try these ones, per the folks of Reddit.
Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, Peacock, and Amazon Prime Video have a wide selection of movies. Searching for the ideal movie to watch takes a significant amount of time. Sometimes viewers might come across movies they might not have even remembered a commercial, trailer, or other advertisements. These are considered hidden gems or underrated movies.
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The 2018 crime drama American Animals, the 2021 musical Annette, and the romantic film Candy (2006) are some of the films that require the viewer a bit more searching for on Amazon Prime Video. Luckily Reddit users under the r/MovieSuggestions thread and r/AskReddit thread had proposed their recommendations for a great film that might not have been as popular when it was released.
Reddit user u/bryanhbell suggests viewers should watch is Twice Upon a Time. The film centers on nightmares and dreams. In the film, nightmares are controlled by Synonamess Botch (voiced by Marshall Efron), and his goal is to continue giving those who sleep nightmares. Ralph The All Purpose Animal (voiced by Lorenzo Music) and Mumford wanted to prove that they could be better employees, but their next actions mistakenly help Synonamess Botch with his master plan.
Twice Upon a Time is an animated film that doesn't rely on computer-generated graphics such as Pixar films or a combination of 2D animation with 3D animation such as the creators used for the movie The Mitchells vs. the Machines. Instead, Twice Upon a Time uses a style called "lumage" or "cut-out" animation, where animators move pieces of plastic (resembling characters) by hand on a table. Each movement of the character illustrated in the film had to be moved by hand. Twice Upon a Time is available on Vudu.
Among the movies that Reddit users recommend, Reddit user Ok_Lengthiness_2590 advises audiences to watch the 1989 film The Burbs. There aren't many unusual events in the Mayfield Place neighborhood. The Klopeks recently moved into the neighborhood, and several neighbors, including Ray Peterson (Tom Hanks), grow suspicious of them. Their bizarre behavior makes the neighbors wonder if they can actually be murderers.
Could it be that they are paranoid, or is it possible that the neighbors are committing evil deeds? Many viewers might enjoy not only Hanks's performance in the film but Bruce Dern's performance as Mark Rumsfield is enjoyable as well. The 'Burbs is one of the few films that is a cult classic as it was a box-office success despite receiving poor reviews. The Burbs is available on Peacock.
Those searching for a comedic action film might want to watch Oscar (1991), recommended by Reddit User u/DobRex, who compared the film's tone to Clue (1985). For Eduardo Provolone's (Kirk Douglas) dying wish, he wanted his son, Angelo "Snaps" Provolone (Sylvester Stallone), to leave his gangster life behind. Angelo is unfamiliar with becoming a regular businessman but agrees to fulfill his father's promise. However, earning money legally is the least of his worries when he finds out that his daughter, Lisa (Marisa Tomei), is pregnant.
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Angelo portrays the overprotective father similar to Steve Martin's character, George Banks, in Father of the Bride (1991). Except Stallone's character, Angelo, insists on finding a husband for his pregnant daughter, but none of the contenders seem to pass the test. The movies include hilarious banter between Angelo and his daughter, along with unexpected situations that seem to affect Angelo dramatically. Oscar is available on YouTube.
Viewers who've watched satires such as Don't Look Up (2021) and I Care a Lot (2020) might enjoy the 1995 satire Living in Oblivion. Reddit User u/vhs_punk suggested that viewers watch the movie Living in Oblivion. Living in Oblivion points out the struggles of being an independent filmmaker. Steve Buscemi stars in this film as Nick Reve, a filmmaker working to put together a low-budget movie. During the production, he runs into some technical and non-technical complications.
The complicated relationships and the tensions between cast members might differ from those that the characters from the 2022 film The Bubble had to navigate while trying to film a movie during the pandemic. Living in Oblivion is available on the Roku Channel.
Among the several recommendations that Reddit User u/CinemaCity lists, one of the films they mention is Smoke Signals (1998) for its intriguing narrative. Thomas (Evan Adams) and Victor (Adam Beach) viewed Arnold (Gary Farmer) differently. When Thomas was a child, Arnold saved him from a fire, but despite his heroic efforts, Arnold's son, Victor, only saw his father's alcohol and violent behavior. After hearing about Arnold's death, Victor and Thomas take a road trip to retrieve his remains.
During their road trip, they approach the feelings toward Arnold, both the positive and negative ones, a theme typical for movies that feature two characters going on a road trip, such as the film Fandango (1985). Smoke Signals is the first film that featured a Native American cast of directors, producers, and writers, according to Variety. Smoke Signals is available on Pluto TV.
The 1998 psychological thriller The Interview is the film Reddit user u/Apellosine recommends that viewers should watch for the interactions between the two lead characters. The film stars Hugo Weaving as Eddie Rodney Fleming, who is accused of stealing a car. This was the charge initially presented to him when the police entered his apartment and arrested him.
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The majority of the film takes place in the interrogation room. Flashbacks and dramatic camera angles are incorporated into the narrative as police officers ask Eddie a set of questions. As the story continues, the viewers realize the police officers' true intentions. The Interview is available on the Roku Channel.
Reddit user u/where_is_my_nose suggests that those looking for an underrated movie watch might consider The Sapphires (2012). The Sapphires is based on a true story about four young women who desired to become famous singers. The story is set in 1968 Australia, where Cynthia (Miranda Tapsell), Kay (Shari Sebbens), Gail (Deborah Mailman), and Julie (Jessica Mauboy) met Dave Lovelace (Chris O'Dowd). Dave searched for his next stars and saw potential in the Indigenous women. He needed to train them so that they could sing to American troops in Vietnam.
The Sapphires is a comedy and a biography. The most notable part of the film includes the catchy, upbeat songs The Sapphires sang. The Sapphires is available on Hulu and HBO Max.
Reddit user greenhedgehog9 suggests viewers see the 2013 film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty for a feel-good story and to see its emphasis on scenery. Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller) sees his life passing right before him and decides that he needs to embrace his sense of adventure and discovery. Instead of daydreaming about the places he could have visited, he is tasked with capturing the last photo that would appear in the magazine.
Viewers who have seen the 2022 drama Severancestarring Adam Scott as Mark might have noticed some similarities between the show and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, like the issues it tackles. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is available on Hulu.
Viewers interested in finding a war film might consider Reddit users u/arteffect_avi's suggestion to watch the action film 1917 (2019). The film centers on Lance Corporal Tom Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman) and Lance Corporal Will Schofield (George MacKay), tasked with delivering a message to Colonel MacKenzie. The message they have to deliver warns Colonel MacKenzie's troops to retreat since the Germans are planning an attack.
Time is the enemy for both soldiers as they have to deliver the message in time as the lives of their comrades are in their hands. 1917 won three Academy Awards in 2020 for Best Achievement in Cinematography, Best Achievement in Visual Effects, and Best Achievement in Sound Mixing. 1917 is available on Peacock.
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