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I think our list of suspects just got longer.
After a successful first season, Season 2 of Only Murders in the Building will launch on Hulu Tuesday, June 28. The first block of episodes follows an unlikely group of three armchair detectives striving to solve a strange death in the Arconia, their opulent apartment building. Charles-Haden Savage, a semi-retired actor best known for his syndicated television show from the 1990s, is played by Steve Martin. Martin Short portrays Oliver Putnam, a struggling Broadway director. Mabel Mora, played by Selena Gomez, is an artist with tangled ties to the Arconia and the mounting number of homicide victims.
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Aside from the murder-solving trio, fans also adore the fascinating and colorful cast of supporting characters, from the homicidal Jan to the softly ominous Theo Dimas. Season 2 may include a slew of new characters, but these eight must return with more deserving screen time.
Bunny’s (Jayne Houdyshell) part in the show must solely be the pain on the journey of the central protagonists. As Arconia’s board leader, she did everything in her power to evict Mabel, Charles, and Oliver. She also threatened Oliver with expulsion if he didn’t pay his building fees. On the other hand, Bunny stole every scene she was in with her sassy demeanor.
However, with the unexpected ending of season 1, fans may see more screen time for Bunny in a different role. In the final minutes, she had an altercation with Mabel and Oliver, promising to kick them out. Later, the trio was apprehended as the prime suspects in Bunny's death, presenting a promising opportunity for Houdyshell's talent to shine brighter.
Despite Detective Williams' (Da'Vine Joy Randolph) initial skepticism and contemptuous attitude toward the trio, she eventually warms up to them and becomes a valuable resource. Fans also got a glimpse into her personal life as she discussed the podcast with her wife and their upcoming baby in season 1. Her eagerness to rejoin the fray makes her someone fans want to root for.
The warning text Oliver received at the end of season one is assumed to have been delivered by Detective Williams, implying that Randolph would play a more prominent role in the next season. If not, season 2 should bring her back because she thrives as the trio's aid and mentor.
Sting receives the shortest screen time of the show's prominent characters. He's an example of a celebrity portraying a unique version of themselves on television, as he was one of the first tenants suspected of murdering Tim Kono. In addition, he was suspected of poisoning Oliver's dog.
On the other hand, Sting was declared innocent and never appeared again in Only Murders in the Building. Consequently, the prospects for his return are limitless. Sting is a great scene-stealer who could return in season 2 with a broader role than just a humorous subplot; he could be a prospective witness or the main protagonists’ helpful assistant.
Tina Fey plays Cinda Canning, whose true-crime podcast ‘All is Not OK in Oklahoma’ has taken the globe by storm, in an obvious satire of the Serial podcast phenomenon. Not only are the three enamored with her podcast, but they've also managed to meet with her in person to seek her expert advice.
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The last time the audience saw Canning was outside when the trio was hauled out of Arconia's building. Fans are eager to witness Canning in action as the matriarch of her podcast empire. As we know, Tina Fey excels in a leading role.
Poppy, a.k.a, Canning’s assistant, whose ideas are often capitalized on by her boss. Poppy is last seen with her boss outside Arconia at the finale, played by Adina Verson, who had only appeared in a few minutes of the show.
Poppy is more than just a nervous, overworked assistant, as audiences can see. With the possibility of Canning's return in the next season, fans may anticipate seeing more of Poppy, who may reveal more about herself, which is enigmatic and intriguing to fans.
Jane Lynch plays Sazz Pataki, who appeared in the 1990s smash sitcom Brazzos as Charles Haden-Savage’s doubles. They're old pals with a bit of hatred and competition between them. Sazz brings fresh eyes to the case and points the investigators in the right way to investigate Tim Kono's murder.
Sazz's wit, snarky demeanors, and ability to physically and vocally replicate Charles's every move are reasons for her return in season 2 with more screen time. Perhaps the trio will require a new set of eyes, or maybe Lynch's fans want to see her dazzle in every scene she is in.
Even though Ursula (Vanessa Aspillaga) plays a small role in the plot, the Arconia building manager makes an impression with her attitude and willingness to speak her thoughts. But it's when Ursula pushes Oliver and Charles to invest in Gut Milk in exchange for information on Tim that she makes the show's funniest and longest-lasting contribution.
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Although Ursula has only featured in six episodes and has had minimal screen time, it is evident that she has cemented a place in fans’ hearts. It would be fantastic to learn more about Ursula in Season 2 and perhaps her relationship with the season's victim, Bunny.
Lucy is known as the 7-year-old daughter of Charles' ex-girlfriend, Emma, who is now a grown-up, yet she never appears on Only Murders in the Building. If you've ever wondered why Charles makes omelets so frequently, they remind him of Lucy, with whom he has a fatherly relationship.
Lucy's plotline in Season 1 concludes with her rekindling her connection with Charles via text messages, implying that she will appear in the next season in person. Because her tale is barely written, there are many possibilities for her character to grow. Fans would love to see her reunite with Charles as well.
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