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We’ve got some big questions to dip into before Season 2 arrives.
It’s safe to say that Hulu’s breakout hit of the past year was the Steve MartinMartin ShortSelena Gomez mystery comedy Only Murders In The Building. While it didn’t quite become the water cooler moment the streamer's previous hit The Handmaid’s Tale did years ago, it did cement a place for itself amongst the increasingly crowded pantheon of comedic TV on air right now. The show became Hulu’s most watched comedy series and ended on one heck of a cliffhanger. With Season 2 coming our way June 28, now is the best time to dive into all the loose threads left in the series’ freshman season.
As great as Martin and Short are, they’ve had decades to prove that they’re the reigning kings of comedy, so it was a welcome surprise to see pop star Selena Gomez hold her own against the duo, at times even stealing the show. She's also the most mysterious character of the three. Gomez’s Mabel is a puzzle box of a character, not giving herself away until necessary.
While Tim Kono (Julian Cihi)’s murder gave us a chance to get to know her more, we still don’t know much about her wealthy aunt who occupies such a large residence in Arconia and who Mabel is renovating for. Currently, we don’t even have a name for her, let alone any idea of whom she could be, but with the series’ penchant for featuring star actors in guest roles, whenever she does pop up she could be played by a famous face. The series also hasn’t delved into Mabel’s relationship with her aunt. In Episode 6, we learn that her mother was never happy with the idea of Mabel spending time at Arconia at her aunt’s residence. While this could be chalked up to Mabel getting up to trouble there, there could possibly be more underlying tensions between Mabel’s mom and her MIA aunt.
A welcome surprise the first season was Tina Fey’s turn as Cinda Canning, a podcasting pro who the trio are obsessed with. She later frames a podcast of her own on their arrest entitled “Only Murderers In The Building”. At the night of Bunny’s (Jayne Houdyshell) murder, we see Cinda present with her assistant Poppy (Adina Verson). What they were doing in a building they don’t live in, minutes after Bunny’s murder is certainly curious, but rather than jump the shark and assume they are the killers, it makes sense that they were also called up by Bunny’s killer to the scene of the crime to further implicate Mabel, Oliver (Short) and Charles (Martin). After all, a mysterious text brought Oliver and Charles down to where Mabel and Bunny were and had the police show up just in time for them to be arrested at the scene of the crime. If so, Poppy and Cinda could be instrumental in bringing down the actual killer once the three are released.
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It never made sense why Tim Kono’s death wasn’t investigated properly. The police were quick to write his death off as a suicide and even pressured Detective Williams (Da’Vine Joy Randolph) into dropping the investigation which led to her helping the three podcasters. This suggests that there could be more to Tim Kono’s death than just Jan (Amy Ryan) murdering him. Only Murders seems to have a large bench of notable talent at their disposal and who is to say that there isn’t some big conspiracy at play, at the center of which is some big name actor that we haven’t met. With Only Murders In The Building, the possibilities are endless!
One big secret that we’re still not privy to, is the identity of the person blackmailing Jan. While she turned out to be the big bad of the show, the show seemed to imply that there was someone else pulling the strings. This is shown in the scene shortly before she’s stabbed where we see an “I’m Watching You” message on her door. It’s also possible that Jan knows who the blackmailer is and actually holds the key to the question of who killed Bunny.
Charles’ backstory is one of the saddest parts of the show, with the series revealing that he was dumped by getting abandoned on a family cruise by a woman named Emma. We also learned that Charles felt very attached to Lucy, his stepdaughter, and would make an omelet a day just because he was used to making those for them, and it was his private ritual in her remembrance. Set photos for Season 2 seem to suggest that Charles will indeed be taking a trip down memory lane for the sophomore season, and it stands to reason that we will meet Emma and Lucy sooner rather than later. Charles seems to think that he was dumped for being too boring, but we don’t know how he feels about Emma now and or what Lucy thinks of her stepdad now that he is solving crimes.
The burning question remains, who killed Bunny and framed Charles, Mabel and Oliver? We’ve not met every resident of the large Arconia yet, so for all we know, it could be a yet unknown member of the Arconia family. But, it could also be someone we’ve met like Oscar (Aaron Dominguez), Ursula (Vanessa Aspillaga) or Teddy Limas (Nathan Lane). After all, Mabel did proclaim that Bunny was the most hated resident of the building, with there being tensions between the occupants of Arconia and the board president of the building. Whoever her killer is could have set up the three amateur sleuths to take the fall for the crime.
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